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EAV@Urban Spree / CTM Vorspiel Dark Music Night

EAV@Urban Spree

Music Event part of the Transmediale / CTM Vorspiel program


Come down in Urban Spree’s basement for a night focusing on dark aesthetics & sounds with an ethereal folk concert, a cello noise sound performance and a party with three djs playing 80’s dark music, Post Punk, EBM, Acid House, Electro & Techno.

VENA WARD (Berlin) – Ethereal folk concert

BYRON REZA AFSHAR (BRU/T – Berlin) – Cello Noise Perfo

DANIELE COSMO (Lux Rec – Zurich) – Electro / Acid House / Techno

AV SKARDI (BRU/T – Berlin) – 80’s / EBM / Techno

COBEIA (EAV / Inner Rhythm – Geneva / Berlin) – No Wave/Post Punk / Chicago / Acid / Ghetto House / Bass / Techno

In resonance with CTM’s New Geographies thematic, we have invited for this Vorspiel program, artists, musicians & djs that share a link with the multi-cultural cities that are Geneva and Zurich in Switzerland.

With this event we want to point out a little fraction of what comes out of such melting pot and will continue in the future to highlight the long existing link between artists, cultural activists, musicians and djs from Switzerland and their counterparts in Berlin. Very rich and varied in its cultural outputs, we have chosen for this night to focus on a program looking at a spectre of dark aesthetics and sounds taking advantage of Urban Spree’s grim and sombre two rooms basement.

EAV is a 10 year old music project in Geneva putting on diverse kinds of quality electronic and non electronic musics. It’s curator and organizer Cobeia, has been deeply involved in the Geneva underground music & cultural scenes since 15 years. He’s living again in Berlin since 4 years after several long stays and visits to the city since 1999 and is now working as a DJ and promoter here as well.

VENA WARD (Berlin)

An enigmatic persona, musician and songwriter, indulging herself into litterature, poetry and films, she lives in Berlin since 2012, after having grown up in Geneva and lived in London. Playing on this night with a second guitarist, Vena Ward explores ethereal and meditative soundscapes through repetitive reversed guitar layers inhabited with haunted vocals.



Byron Reza Afshar was born In the States, raised in Geneva and lives in Berlin since 2009. His practice incorporates diverse interests and activities in the fields of language & linguistics, photography and fine art. Through a sensitivity to concepts and aesthetics paired with his uncompromisingly critical personality, Afshar’s musical compositions take on the form of a response to contemporary conditions of consumerist homogeneity. Drone driven, passionately minimalist and with a keen historical awareness of modern and experimental music forms, Byron Afshar channels these various stimuli into his sound performances and techno. Characteristics of his musical productions include multiple repetitions, the use of electronic cello, 4/4, hi-hats, reverbs, echo, and delays. An aesthetics of obsession comes to color his sonic practice, translating into DJ sets that favor acceleration: high speeds that maintain intensity without dealing violence. EBM, techno (deep, acid, contemporary as well as old-school), house, new beat, and rave are registers he moves through and between, juggling what has preceded him with an awareness of today’s current approaches. In the past two years he has curated the monthly Thursday night BRU/T techno party at Schwuz.


DANIELE COSMO (Lux Records – Zurich)

Daniele Cosmo comes from Italy but lives for many years in Zurich. Together with Faber he runs Lux Rec (and launched recently the sub-label MRT), a record imprint that uncompromisingly explores various shades of the underground, acidic, obscure and intense. Favorites on I-F’s CBS then IFM radio channels, they have released music by Murphy Jax, Jared Wilson, Helena Hauff, Echo 106, Drvg Cvltvre, Joe Drive to name a few and share common tastes and aesthetics with labels like Traxx’s Nation, Hyerogliphic Being’s Mathematics, Clone, Berceuse Heroique, L.I.E.S. and others. Daniele Cosmo is also part of Savage Grounds, the analog techno outfit he plays live together with CCO.

luxrec.net / soundcloud.com/luxrec / facebook.com/luxrec

COBEIA (EAV / Inner Rhythm – Geneva / Berlin)

Cobeia is a music passionate from Geneva based in Berlin, with wide tastes across the sound spectrum spinning several kind of musics depending on the situation he’s booked in and events he sets up. In Geneva he runs the 11 year old music Festival Ecoutes au vert and organizes concerts and parties in Berlin.



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BERLIN MUSIC WEEK | CTM present Berlin Current @ FWTB

CTM FESTIVAL BERLIN CURRENTCTM is proud to present a Berlin Current showcase at First We Take Berlin (FWTB), featuring six artists from the initiative’s ever-growing roster. The new sound of the city – Berlin Current presents young, unconventional, and experimental pop music from Berlin. A two-day showcase presented by and within the Berlin Music Week, FWTB has invited different promoters and agencies to present their newest up-and-coming talent within diverse showcases within its programme.

Berlin’s reputation as a world music capital is undisputed. Creative minds from around the world have long flocked to the city in search of advantageous conditions for their work, radically expanding Berlin’s musical diversity. But what truly adventurous sounds and musics are currently arising from the city’s maelstrom of simultaneously sounding musical styles and cultures? With Berlin Current, CTM Festival puts an ear to the scene and presents new, future-oriented musical ideas from Berlin together with Berghain, Boiler Room Berlin, BLN.FM, No Fear of Pop, ICAS, and the Musicboard Berlin.

Sarah Farina (DJ): https://soundcloud.com/sarahfarina
Ketev (live): https://soundcloud.com/ketev
Moon Wheel (live): https://soundcloud.com/moonwheel
Lief Hall (live): https://soundcloud.com/lief-hall
Phoebe Kiddo (live): https://soundcloud.com/phoebekiddo
Opium Hum (DJ): https://soundcloud.com/opiumhum

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T’ien Lai • Xenony

GreyZone Concerts & Promotion and Dawn of the Dance are happy to present

T’ien Lai (PL, band comprising Stara Rzeka) + Xenony (PL)

T’ien Lai is an electronic/organic band playing dirty rhythms. The quartet is comprised of musicians from Innercity Ensemble, Hati, Stara Rzeka, Alameda 5. The band played such festivals as CTM (Berlin), Phono (Odense), Mutek (Montreal), Luminato (Toronto) and Unsound (Krakow). T’ien Lai are known for their extraordinary live shows in which they combine radio sets, samplers, sythesizers, effects and vocals with congas, gongs, bells, horns and cymbals.

They are coming along with Xenony, an electronic trio conducted by Piotr Bukowski (Hokei, Stwory, Duży Jack) exploring the pioneer and imaginative fields of electronics of the early 80s and 90s. This will be the band’s promo tour for their upcoming record out on Instant Classic.

Guido Möbius New LP “Batagur Baska” Release Party, group A, Debmaster, DJ Marius Reisser

MILK ME präsentiert:

Record Release Fest anlässlich der Veröffentlichung des neuen Albums „Batagur Baska“ (Shitkatapult) von Guido Möbius




Auf dem neuen Album von Guido Möbius ist alles organisch verwoben, versetzt oder verkantet. Häufig wechseln die Stücke des Berliners mit den rheinischen Wurzeln subtil die Stimmung, kippen etwa vom Freundlich Milden ins Düster Morbide. Oder umgekehrt. In seinen Konzerten entwirft Möbius nur mit Gitarre, Stimme, Trompete und einer Batterie von in Reihe geschalteten Effektgeräten eine hyperaktive Club-Variante seiner Musik. Unvorhersehbar mutiert etwa ein ausuferndes Techno-Funk-Stück zur Lärmwand, um dann vielleicht von einer a-capella-Passage oder Acid-Bassline abgelöst zu werden. Straff organisierte Arrangements und ausschweifende improvisierte Passagen wechseln sich ab. Jede musikalische Bewegung liegt offen, jeder Tritt auf ein Fußpedal kann vom Publikum mit vollzogen werden.



Das japanische Avant Synth Duo group A war die Überraschung des diesjährigen CTM Festivals. Tommi Tokyo (Synthesizer, Gesang, Perkussion) und Sayaka Botanic (Geige, Tapes) wurden für ihre hypnotischen Schleifen aus dunklen Synth-Bässen, digital verzerrter Stimme und scharfen Akzenten auf der Geige frenetisch gefeiert. Konzerte von group A sind Trips aus Neo-Wave, Neo-Boogie und japanischer Performancekunst. Begleitet von verstörenden Visuals nimmt die Musik der beiden Frauen aus Tokyo vom ersten bis zum letzten Moment gefangen.

Einen Tornado aus bleeps und blonks entfesselt Julien Deblois aka Debmaster in seinen Liveshows. Der Meister der tanzbaren Wackel-Bässe findet Inspiration sowohl in HipHop als auch in obskuren Genres wie Moldavian 8bit oder African Accordion. Seine Konzerte sind immer überraschend, mitreißend und durchzogen von schrägem Humor. Wie ein kräftiger Tritt in den Hintern langweiliger Bassmusik.

Wer die Boiler Room Session mit DJ Marius Reisser miterlebt hat, der weiß, dass wir es hier mit einer Club-Fachkraft erster Güte zu tun haben. Reisser besticht durch extrem wandelbare, frische Sets, die fordernd, aber nie überambitioniert daher kommen. Ein Garant für eine schweißtreibende Nacht.

Mit Videopremiere „Batagur Baska“ von Bernd Luetzeler !!!


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Cummi Flu record release

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-24 um 14.41.35
cummi flu :
cummi 5 kleiner

There was once a pop music genre that was not actually a genre. It emerged in the late nineties and early 2000s. It was called ‘electronica’. This genre was no more a genre than ‘indie’ or even ‘pop’. Electronica was a term simply used to define club music, ambient or noise. It referred to a compartmentalized and, for the most part, friendly listening music that was not good to dance to. As a result, a wide range of musical styles came to be classified under this non-genre just because there was no other suitable classification at the time. And now Oliver Doerell is putting out an album that sounds like a late electronica manifesto.

As CUMMI FLU, Doerell mainly does sound design. There is not a sound on Z that has been included by chance. Each acoustic event has been painstakingly carved, demonstrating its creator’s attention to detail. The squeak of a computer, the sound of a door shutting, the drawn-out hum of a cello – everything here is of equal importance, positioned democratically side by side. Each track feeds on a wide variety of sound sourc- es. And even when there is a lot going on, there is immense transparency. Every one of CUMMI FLU’s pieces develops in measured, coherent steps into a dense and, at the same time, clearly delineated sound puzzle.

A puzzle whose pieces do not always fit seamlessly together. Some go over the edges a little bit, giving an overall impression of unevenness. And this blurring or ambiguity is what makes Doerell’s music so special.

In combining these sounds, Doerell prefers the ones that do not fit together at first. Sound loops running in opposite directions rustle and squeal. A woman’s voice sings a meditative mantra in an unidentifiable lan- guage, accompanied by the clang of percussion that is apparently played on an array of kitchen utensils. And in the end, a groove emerges from the tightly woven layers of sound, suggestive of Afrobeats. It bounces and springs to all conceivable heights and depths. Doerell plays his most beloved percussion instrument: rubber bands. There is not a drum computer in the world that can offer such a variable range of sound.

On Z, Doerell pulls out all the stops in terms of every possible and impossible sound: from field recordings of all kinds, including children’s voices and street sounds, to kalimba patterns and elusive fragments of melo- dies. All of these eccentric sounds, in all their waywardness, add up to something resembling songs. Some- times dreamy and faded, at other times concrete and driving, giving rise to a very special kind of loop-based music – intimate, meditative and timeless.

Originally from Brussels, Doerell is a multi-instrumentalist and has been living in Berlin since 1990. He is a member of the bands Dictaphone, SWOD and Raz Ohara & The Odd Orchestra, with which he has released a total of eight albums to date. He has played concerts throughout the world and at festivals such as CTM (DE), Unsound (PL), Mutek (CA) and Benicassim (ES).

cummi 6
The Anglo-German DJ-Team SpatzHabibi spent years working together in a ramshackle bar in Kreuzberg before deciding that their record collection could offer Berlin something hitherto unheard. They DJ an utterly diverse range of music, from upbeat Arabiana to psych meltdowns and Asian filmscores, including just about everything in between.
daniel meteo:
Jack of all Trades, Daniel Meteo (born 1973 in marburg , grown up in essen, moved to cologne and escaped finally to berlin in new year 1997) splits his time up between many artistic activities. Along with Tom Thiel, he’s one-half of the dub / hip-hop electronica duo Bus (released 2 albums and 3 x12″ on Pole´s ~scape label).  He also runs alongside Marcop  Haas (aka T.Raumschmiere) and Florian Schmieg Random Noize Musick GmbH incl. labels as Shitkatapult, Musick and his own dub experimental imprint Meteosound aswell as the Random Noize publisher company.On top of all this, Daniel frequently plays DJ sets to accompany Bus shows or with Shitkatapult, Oceanclub Radio or Scape, in which he spins a variety of music. This can include everything from abstract elecronic or mellow reggae, roots and hip-hop early in the night to dancy techno and house music at the end of the night. DAniel Meteo released his solo debut album „Peruments“ (Meteo 20) in 2006 and several club vinyl 12“ on the labels kalk pets and meteosound.
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