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Wolf City presents: Pissgrave, Necrot, Undergang

The rotten wood gives way, once exposed again to the fresh air of the cemetary, many years after being interred. A purulent ejection of filthy liquids pours out from the open casket. The river of sickness trickles down all the way to the garden of Urban Spree, where it coalesces to form a bunch of creatures, human only in shape. They take the stage. They seal the doors. Trapped in the venue, everybody is consumed by the hellish noise. Only Death is real!

Pissgrave and Necrot crossed the Atlantic to fill these lands with the stench of death, Undergang were summoned from Denmark to accompany them in this horrible journey. Pestilent death metal is the key to the gate. Rise, and join!



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Wolf City presents: Demilich, Spectral Voice


Perverted aeons gave birth to Demilich in the early 90’s, the creature swiftly disappearing back into the bowels of putrefying earth after dropping the deformed masterpiece “Nespithe” in 1993 – guttural geometry of hell.
Since a few years they’re back to bludgeoning audiences with stellar results and finally we can lay them a place at our table – please bring enough guts to devour, for it is a historical occasion.

The other passengers on this train of death are none other than Spectral Voice, death-doom most beloved current artisans (also twin to monster death metal extraordinaire Blood incantation), finally crashing into Berlin on their second European tour.

Seldom will you experience a more apt show to sacrifice your aural senses and your flesh to. The gods of the abyss await with hungry fingers.



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Wolf City presents: Sortilegia Sinmara Almyrkvi II

Sortilegia is the reaper that hides in the fog. The devil chant on a desolate plateau of darkness. The Canadian duo gives minimalistic, raw black metal a new meaning while producing a mesmerizing ritual on stage which has no comparison. On this tour, they are paired up with Iceland extraordinaire Sinmara, their atmospheric side-project Almyrkvi and Leipzig’s own war machine I I. A night of graveless souls, right into the mouth of winter.


Wolf City presents Night Viper + Indian Nightmare

Night Viper is among the best new trad heavy metal bands you can witness on stage in the current age. Time and again they preyed upon the city of Berlin with their chainsaw guitars, and now it’s the time for the horde to come rumbling down from the North for another round. And once again they will be joined by that motley crew of speed metalpunks which goes under the name of Indian Nightmare. Loosen up your neck muscles to initiate the banging, there will be no mercy on bystanders. Welcome the Exterminator!


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Wolf City presents Procession † Evil Spirit

And then, three years later, Procession came again. Bringing doom, fire and destruction from the North. They struck the City with unknown fury, the piles of corpses reaching heights of epic proportions. Above the ruins, they built a new city called Death with the skulls of the fallen, and among these walls the necromancers of Evil Spirit were dancing wildly with mad laughters.

† Sound the funeral bell and call for Doom Decimation †


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Urban Creative City-break at Urban Spree

In July 2017, Urban Spree had the chance to receive the visit of Luca Ballarini and a group of creative professionals, architects and designers from Turin in a tour to discover the underlying creative forces behind the success of the german capital.

Places visited and interviewed were: Internationales Design Zentrum (IDZ) / Berlin TXL / Urban Spree / Gestalten / TOA-Festival Tech Open Air / Bureau N / Michael Fuchs Galerie / SAP Data Space / Florian Dohmann (YQP) e Roman Lipski / Gonzalez Haase AAS / p98a (Erik Spiekermann) / Moniteurs / Ikono Tv.

Here is a video rendition of the 3-day tour: