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Die Letzte Metro 1st anniversary with Sick Horse + The Diegos + Rancune + Park + Dj Lobotomy

To celebrate our one year anniversary putting together parties @ Urban Spree’s basement (remember 22nd of January 2015 with Charlie Megira & The Beginning of the End!)

We organise a bigger party in the Upper Room on Urban Spree’s big stage with

–> Sick Horse – >The Diegos –> Rancune – > Park & The Great Dj Lobotomy + a 5th band to be announced in the next days,

Come numerous to party with the bands you liked in the basement and that you will LOVE on the stage of Urban Spree’s Upper Room – It’s gonna be Loud – It’s gonna be Wild – It’s gonna be Fun – It’s gonna be 6 euro, so it’s gonna be Cheap : )

Die Letzte Metro: Sick Horse




Die Letzte Metro present:


Sick Horse – Live @ Urban Spree’s basement


Q: Have you ever ride a sick horse?


A: This is your chance to get it right, in a r’n’r rodeo with those punks!


Dirty and pretty sick, those boys already demonstrated on Berlin stages how wild and free they are.


Join the great escape from boring daily life, and get you a Sick Horse on the 3rd of December @ Urban Spree’s basement!





Die Letzte Metro: Kulku Live




Die Letzte Metro present:


Kulku – Live @ Urban Spree’s basement


Those pipers at the gate of dawn will charm all the kids and rats to follow them in Urban Spree’s basement for a tasty Krautrock & primitive performance with unusual instruments like strange flutes and home made xylophone.


Q: Are you experienced?


A: Let’s check that out with Kulku the 26th of November @ Urban Spree’s basement!!!!





Die Letzte Metro: Bronze (US) live




Die Letzte Metro present:


Bronze (US) – Live @ Urban Spree’s basement 


This San Francisco based synth – new wave band is coming to town in our favourite crypt, guaranteed free of sunlight.


A perfect setting to be immerged into synthetic waves & reverbs as long as the tail of a comet, pulsed with Silver Apple drum style.


A tasty chemical Californian cocktail free of sun & oranges, to be heard in the shadow of a r’n’r basement! Forget what you learned about vitamins and get yourself amphetamines to “turn on / tune in / drop out” the vampire way!


Personally I feel like there is something from 80’s Berlin new wave underground to be found in here, a musical experience to be heard in a concrete shelve: “Berlin Beton” call from our San Francisco guest, Bronze!