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Fête de la Musique

Open Air // Urban Spree
16:00 XLNT (HipHop) www.facebook.com/xlnt846
16:30 Dazzle (HipHop) – www.dazzleberlin.de
17:00 DO I SMELL CUPCALES (Indie) – www.doismellcupcakes.de
17:30 Meilenweit (Deutschrock) www.wirsindmeilenweit.de
18:00 Teflon & Barney Millah
18:30 Ganjaman (Reggae/HipHop) www.ganjaman.info
19:30 Jahcoustix (Reggae/HipHop) www.jahcoustix-music.com
20:30 Riders Connection (Reggae/Pop) – www.ridersconnectionmusic.com
21:00 Tanga Elektra Live (ElektroSoul) – www.tanga-elektra.com
21:30 Schatten & Helden

Indoor // Ambulatorium
16:00 M.J. and the students (Kidsrock) www.traumstation.net
17:00 Kinderprogramm « Die Suche nach dem Ich » (Kinder/mitmachzirkus) http://vuesch.org/zack/
18:00 Theo Phil (Singer/Songwriter) – keine Seiten
18:30 Filmriss (Deutschrock) – www.facebook.com/filmrissband
19:00 Phase X (Crossover) – www.phase-x.de
19:30 Felidae Trick (Alternative Rock) www.felidaetrick.bandcamp.com
20:00 AFTERTHERIOT (Alternative Rock) – www.aftertheriot.com
21:15 Stop Eating Robots (Alternative Rock) www.stopeatingrobots.com

All Areas
17:00 Pirates of Percussion & Afojuba (Samba) www.percussionspiraten.de



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La fête triste de la musique by aufnahme + wiedergabe

Blac Kolor (live)
(aufnahme + wiedergabe, HANDSBasic Unit Productions)


Current 909
(aufnahme + wiedergabe, aka Pure and 1/2 of Ilsa Gold)

Lapse of Reason b2b Templər
(aufnahme + wiedergabe, KhemiaX-IMG)

Philipp Strobel
(aufnahme + wiedergabe)

(aufnahme + wiedergabe, FleischBody Theory)

Spit Mask (live)
(aufnahme + wiedergabe, Clan Destine Records)


tickets: http://aufnahmeundwiedergabe.de/tickets




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Cooking Brazilian Beats 41st Edition Open Air feat. Afojubá Live

This is a special edition party for the Fête de la Musique 2017.

We are celebrating this day with some heavy Maracatu Drums.

Afojubá Berlin its going to start playing at Urban Spree at 9.30 pm sharp till 10 pm, after that the party continue with the sounds of DJ Hp76 for the 41st edition of Cooking Brazilian Beats.
Please spread the event to all people and come have fun with us at this special day.
more information soon

100% vinyl




Jungle Syndicate European Tour 2015

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Line up:

// Shitwife //
Live Breakcore Electronica Punk Drum duo. Ladyscraper vs Henri. London.



// Smyla //
Drum & Bass – The Amen Break – Jungle – Teck – Atmospheric Experimental




// Dr Bastardo //
Hardcore, Jungle, Breakcore, Experimental

Contrary to popular belief, Dr. Bastardo has no formal medical training but is a respected academic professional in the world of techno science.
Dr. Bastardo’s first practical experiments were made available to the public in 2006 on the 2×12 « When Dub Plates Attack » on Peace Off. He has since had work released by Ad Noiseam, Proboscus, Rancourous, and Our Fucking Jungle. He is also well known for his live practical demonstrations of techno science at events around the UK and Europe.


// Ghost //


Ghost is a musician/producer based in Cambridge, England who has spent most of his life writing music.
Ghost’s organic beats are truly one of kind. As a crucial member of the LIFE4LAND collective and the local rave scene, he remains a highly respected producer by his peers who’ve come to recognize him as one of the leading forces of LIFE4LAND.
Ghost has recently released two CDs ‘Mu Fu Da Jiang Jun’ & ‘F.I.S.T. ep’, which can be found, along with his other releases, on


// Anorak //
mutant jungle// rave / idm for your face

transduction ep cover art

The ANORAK, originally the code name for a secret military experiment that sought to create the ultimate killing machine. Part of the Akira project that focused on integrating man with machine, project ANORAK was the only successful prototype. However the scientists could not isolate and remove human emotion and thus their creation turned on them, realising their evil intensions for creating him, killing them all and destroying everything in his path. ANORAK them came to Bristol and applied his genetic predisposition for destruction into producing the heaviest rave music ever made.


// RaggaMuffin //


London Co-Founder / DJ / Producer / Promoter / Label ManagerRaggamuffin, a founder of Jungle Syndicate, started promoting jungle and Drum’n’Bass from a very young age, being involved in running several local nights.
Raggamuffin has had a few releases to date outlining his passion for intricate beat patterning and the love of all things break based, from Jungle to Breakcore and to the darker side of Amen Drum’n’Bass. With the launch of Jungle Syndicate Recordings you can expect much more in the future from this JS main man.


// Sketch //

Bildschirmfoto 2015-09-23 um 15.08.01

A vinyl DJ through and through – Sketch holds a passion for the art of DJing, believing that mixing should be about creating as well as transition. Having played in London for a number of years, 2007 saw a move to Bristol where Sketch and Resinate founded Jungle Syndicate’s Bristol Faction. Sketch’s sets combine a variety of styles ranging from reece driven amen darkness to drum funk, jungle and rolling beats.

Influences are too numerous to list in full but you can expect to hear tunes from; BKey, Technical Itch, Limewax, SPL, Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch, Paradox, Fanu, Equinox, Dub-One, Nebula, Dom & Roland, Black Sun Empire, Trace, Smyla, Evol Intent, Gein, John Rolodex, Noisia and Raiden… Still playing as a solo DJ and rinsing regular back to back sets with Tiny Taste.

// Doomham //

Bildschirmfoto 2015-09-23 um 15.13.31

Bristol DJ / Producer / Promoter / Label Manager
Doomham has always lurked in the depths of the Jungle Syndicate. Doomham tears out ridiculous Ableton live sets mixing around 20 billion tracks all at once combining heavy amens, fat disgusting reece with beautiful melodic passages in a heavily mashed up style.

// Cervical snare //

Bildschirmfoto 2015-09-23 um 15.17.23

Co runs amenstrual an all female night in Bristol/Brighton UK.
She returns to Berlin to rinse out for the second time after her debut show at fete de la musique, we had to get her back for more amen warfare! Expect hardcore, riot girl power


// Beyz //

Dj / Promoter / Party organizer all alternative kinds of electronic music such as breakcore, jungle, dub or free-tekno. Co-founder and coordinator of ZŁO-tEk.AV.6tem – tekno-gang from Poland. Also, he’s a part of Jungle Syndicate crew from UK – he’s in charge of the jungle events in Poland. Inspired of free-party and jungle scenes, he organises the parties there since 2005.

// T!LT //
DnB / Drumfunk / Jungle / Amen DnB



// Seraphim //


Conceived on the misty waters of the Amazon river, and born at a VIP room of an abandoned dusty disco, Seraphim had since an early age an inclination to the life changing aspects that music and organized sound can provoke on a human soul. Xamanism, musique concrète, conceptual art, extremism, aroma therapy, tantrism, culinary, hedonism … are all elements that contribute to, and influence his sound.

Each set take us on a journey around sonic universes, going from every possible style and musical influences. From anonymous musique to Motown, from Exotica to experimental jazz, from cheesy eighties disco to unexpected mash ups, from jumpy Klezmer to Burlesque old-timers.. Each upcoming track is a surprise, and will expand the boundaries of the listener ears, bringing sometimes joy and luxury, sometimes drama and fear.