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Alex Zhang Hungtai / David Maranha / Gabriel Ferrandini

Alex Zhang Hungtai – Saxophone, Percussion
Vocals David Maranha – Organs, Percussion
Gabriel Ferrandini – Drums, Percussion

Starting with an invitation from the legendary Blue Note to create new music based around a jazz figure for the Blogoteque website, this trio comprised of Alex Zhang Hungtai on saxophone, vocals and percussion, David Maranha on organs and percussion and Gabriel Ferrandini on drums and percussion chose John Coltrane as their guiding light for a couple of performances well remembered by those fortunate enough to catch them.

‘Âncora’, released last year through Grain of Sound, has all the sense of urgency of Coltrane’s most far out recordings while tapping into a new subconscious level of communication full of lyricism. Since then, the trio’s been developing his own language into something completely their own, taking those free jazz cues into a new path that manages to avoid any trappings of genre, channeling the Arkestra spirits through No Wave’s sense of physicality, in a mäelstrom that’s fiercely and intensely rhythmic in its approach, a ritual-like vortex of communal and elevated percussion, freeform drones and solemn war cries. Primordial hymns of the future from this intercontinental working unit.

Einlass: 19:00 Uhr, Beginn: 20:00 Uhr


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