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Anthony Lister’s solo show until 20.10.2018

Anthony Lister‘s solo show at Urban Spree Galerie – « Sneaky Bit In » – which opened last week in Berlin, will be on display for 1 month until 20.10.2018 and will be our flagship exhibition during the Berlin Art Week (26-30.09.2018).



The exhibition is the outcome of 3 weeks of an intense residency in Berlin, during which the Australian artist produced a painting cycle based around the 1973 cult movie « The Holy Mountain » by Alejandro Jodorowski and incorporating mythological & biblical elements, as well as clear references to Picasso and Damien Hirst. Lister has been obsessively confronting himself to Picasso during the last 6 months and his new production marks a step away from his most famous cycles (superheroes, ballerinas), albeit retaining some aspects of the recent flower cycle (sunflowers in the « Pan As Pimp » painting), and incorporating some lister-esque elements and details, which makes a Lister painting a Lister painting.

3 very large paintings (each 280 x 300 cm) compose the backbone of the exhibition, including a revisitation of Picasso’s « Les demoiselles d’Avignon » (« Pan As Pimp« ). 3 medium-sized portraits of women complete the painting cycle. Besides this new series of paintings, Lister produced a sculpture and a short movie hacking the Jodorowski film by incorporating the artist’s face, voice-over, subverting it, self-editing on his cell phone.


In addition to the exhibition, Anthony Lister painted the Urban Spree Artist Wall (15 x 8 m). The mural tells of an alternative narrative to the painting « Tearing at the Bit » whereby the two characters of the ram and the tiger are being cast in a different manner, as well as in the painting style, this time reminiscent of Egon Schiele, painted only with a small roller fixed on top a a 6m extension pole. a paint-fueled fire extinguisher, and touches of spray paint.

The residency itself implies a lot of uncertainties as the artist is brought out of his comfort zone and the creative alterations, urgency, and risk-taking thereof are part of the process. For this residency, Lister created a studio full of references, sketches, citations, while numerous canvases were laid on the floor and painted, expanding the initial corpus set by the 3 major paintings. None of these paintings made it to the exhibition but were an essential part of the creative process and part of the artist’s universe for a part of the journey.


The gallery is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 12:00-19:00 or by appointment (galerie@urbanspree.com).

The catalogue of the show is available here.

The video has been filmed and edited by Gabriel Sousa (Devir Producoes, Sao Paulo) while photographs are shot by Gabriel Sousa and Lara Beins.

Great article/recension by BSA here.

Last week to see Rylsee’s Solo Show

This is the last week to see Rylsee’s solo show « Other Inbox » at Urban Spree in Berlin. The Swiss artist delivers a playful journey into modern typography and glitches. Signed copies of his monograph, « How To Play With Letters, are also available in the Urban Spree Bookshop.

The exhibition is open from Tuesday until Sunday, September 3rd (12:00 – 19:00). Video by Gabriel Sousa.

Jim Avignon’s solo show and Spectacular Festival in video

Jim Avignon was the guest of honor in July 2017 at Urban Spree Berlin.

The German artist had a successful solo show called « Permanent Jetlag » at Urban Spree Galerie for the whole month and was co-curator of the 4-Day Festival « Spectacular’ with a line-up featuring among others Cheveu, Infecticide, Jacques, Felix Kubin, Gangpol and Mit…


The video was shot and edited by Gabriel Sousa of Devir Produções.

« Other Inbox » by Rylsee: Pictures of the Opening

« Other Inbox« , the first german solo show of the Swiss-born and Berlin-based artist Rylsee opened at Urban Spree Galerie last Friday 04.08.2017.

« Other Inbox » is conceived as a journey into experimental typography and the world of new technologies through a series of large installations.

Rylsee’s first monograph – « How to Play with Letters » – was also released on the opening night as well as the artist’s new urban clothing line called « Sneeer ».

The show runs until 04.09 in Berlin (Tu-Su 12:00/19;00).

Photographs by Gabriel Sousa

Rafael Sliks in Berlin

Rafael Sliks is a graffiti and street art artist from São Paulo, Brazil. He’s been doing his works in the streets and showing some of his studio works since 1997. Sliks had participated in festivals and group exhibitions all around the world, such as in Paris, Geneve, Miami, Taiwan and many other places. In March 2017 the artist started a 2-week art residency at Urban Spree Galerie.

The project culminated in Sliks first solo show, « Ambivalence« . The exhibition comes together as a representation of Sliks’ artistic universe, which reflects on the balance between the city chaos and the serenity of nature as the most important sources of inspiration for the artist.

Video artist Gabriel Sousa accompanied the whole process of the exhibition and produced this video as a partnership between Devir Produções – SLIKS – Urban Spree.

Rafael Sliks – “Ambivalence”
16/03 – 26/03
Urban Spree Galerie