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From 28.04 to 01.05, the Berlin-based art association THE ART UNION presents WHAT THE WEEKEND IS GALLERY, a group show featuring artworks by 58 Berlin based artists at the Urban Spree Galerie.

The title of the exhibition is a humorous reference to the official Gallery Weekend Berlin, which takes place at the same time. Urban contemporary art is one of Berlin’s defining characteristics, but will hardly be on display at the official Gallery Weekend whose official map doesn’t even cover the area where Urban Spree is located, albeit quite central. THE ART UNION aims to bridge this gap by presenting diverse artistic perspectives following the idea of ONE CITY – ONE WEEKEND – ONE GALLERY – 58 ARTISTS.

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The exhibition WHAT THE WEEKEND IS GALLERY is thematically created along the lines of different subgenres and styles of this young genre of art in a non-representative way. The work of all the artists presented in this group show can be found in public spaces, as well as in galleries. Other binding elements are their global citizenship and their generational experience. While all the artists shown at WHAT THE WEEKEND IS GALLERY. are Berlin-based, not all of them are German. Some artists originate from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Chile, Japan and Canada, while others come from the Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Spain, Hungary, the USA and the UK. Apart from a few exceptions, all were born after 1980. The exhibition aims to display the richness of urban contemporary art in Berlin. Female artists will not be marginalized, but are in fact a vital part of the group show WHAT THE WEEKEND IS GALLERY.


44Flavours – ABOVE – Addison Karl – Alaniz – Andrea Wan – Anna Taut – BASE23 – Bene Rohlmann – Bert Van Wijk – Billy – Björn Heyn – BLO – Bruce – Christoph Rode – Dave the Chimp – Duncan Passmore – DXTR – Ed Bats – EMESS – Falk Land – Felix Gephart – Gogoplata – Herr von Bias – James Bullough – James Reka – JAW – Jim Avignon – Johannes Mundinger – Joseph Loughborough – Julia Benz – Kenan Kera – Klub7 – Lake – Look – Low Bros – Mario Mankey – Matthias Gephart – Mina – MKMX – MYMO – Niels de Jong – Nils Leimkühler – Pablo Benzo – PlusMinus3 – Polina Soloveichik – Quintessenz  – Rein Vyncke – Rylsee – Sandra Rummler – Stand der Dinge – Sokar Uno – TWOONE – Untune – Various & Gould – Vidam – Wesr – XOOOOX – ZEBU



The non-profit association THE ART UNION is run by key players in the fields of art and culture with expertise in the communication of art, art funding and visual communication. Daily working practice has exemplified a gap between artists, their audience and the art market, which is difficult to overcome. THE ART UNION intends to build a bridge between these aspects and create formats to professionalize artists and initiate discourses within the scenes. The organization of exhibitions and participation in festivals are as much a vital part of the concept as are artist residencies, funding and exchange programmes.

THE ART UNION was founded in 2015 and will receive an entry in the National Register of Associations in the first half of 2016.




Urban Spree Galerie

Vernissage: Thursday, April 28th, 19:00


Friday, 29th of April: 12 -19 h

Sunday, 1st of May: 12 – 18 h

Free entry





In Spring 2013, LE BOCAL hosted KLUB7 art collective in Lyon. Strong links were forged between both crews and the idea of carrying the work elaborated together naturally popped up. In order to experiment together and push further the graphic exchanges, both collectives came up with the idea of setting a second meeting, on KLUB7’s ground in Berlin.

For their two forthcoming shows @ URBAN SPREE, they don’t choose a gallery to show that, what is no street art. They invite you to a mix of drawings, illustrations, music, drinks and a family-like come2gether.
One event is an live art performance – integrated into the concert of MIRAMODE ORCHESTRA. The second show is an exhibition focused on the graphic interactions between KLUB7 and LE BOCAL.


Concert: MIRAMODE ORCHESTRA // + large string ensemble + live art performance by KLUB7 x LE BOCAL
The Mira Mode band counts twelve musicians; three brass-, five strings players and an entire rhythm section. Together they introduce an urban mix of genre spanning acoustic sound. Electronic influences are clearly audible, yet jazz, pop, funk and hiphop based grooves provide the breeding ground on which the spaciously arranged Songs of Mira Mode unfold.

4.10.2013, 09:00 pm

FB-event: https://www.facebook.com/events/557782840954179/
Tickets: http://www.koka36.de/miramode%20orchestra_veranstaltung_56147.html

After the concert we recommend another cool event in the same location:


An exhibition by the german and french artist collectives KLUB7 & LE BOCAL.

Both collectives work on drawings and artistic illustrations, yet using very different medias, and showing different graphic identities. They use drawing as a writing, and text as a graphic element. There is always a narrative content under the surface of their graphics, created by the juxtaposition of their styles. Despite or because of these differences, their work blends very consistently.

09.10.2013, 07:00 pm, free entry

DJ-sets: Efalive of the Jazoburbs & Lupo aka Conrad Ostwald

LE BOCAL is a gallery and a studio space in Lyon in France, which hosts Lucie Albon, Delphine Perret, Tian and Matthieu Perret, authors and illustrators for publishing and press. Their work is mainly about narrative forms, either as images, illustrated books or comics.

About KLUB7:
KLUB7 is an Berlin-based artist collective developing their own trademark. The style ranging from illustration to typography and from handcrafted to editorial. KLUB7 creates murals and illustrations in a collaborative group performance, always interacting with each other’s skills.

Mira Mode is an emerging collective of young musicians teaming with the Berlin based saxophonist and music composer Ede Merkel. The Mira Mode band counts twelve musicians; three brass-, five strings players and an entire rhythm section. Together they introduce an urban mix of genre spanning acoustic sound. Electronic influences are clearly audible, yet jazz, pop, funk and hiphop based grooves provide the breeding ground on which the spaciously arranged Songs of Mira Mode unfold. In various concerts, Miramode has featured a variety of vocalists from the Berlin scene.


Praha-Berlin Barter

In March/April 2019, Urban Spree Galerie invites Prague-based Trafo Gallery for a group show and gallery exchange.

“Praha-Berlin Barter” will take place from 28.03.2019 to 21.04.2019 and will display the works of 8 prominent Czech artists from the Trafo gallery.

Curated by Trafo Gallery Director Blanka Čermáková, the group show oscillates between contemporary urban arts (Jan Kaláb, Michal Škapa), pop surrealism (Jan Vytiska), contemporary drawing, sculpture, digital art, animation (Jakub Janovský, Michal Cimala, Jakub Nepraš), and geometric abstraction paintings (Robert Šalanda, Ira Svobodová). All artists have been involved in the old Trafacka space in Prague before its destruction and are actively involved into the new Trafo Gallery.

This group exhibition marks the first exchange between 2 independent European galleries sharing the same values and a similar history.

Trafacka was created in 2006 as a gallery and residential space located in an old power station in an industrial district of Prague.
After a couple of years, the place was occupied by more than 100 living and working artists in 36 studios, exhibiting in Trafo Gallery. More than 200 projects took place over the course of 8 years, until the place was finally destroyed in 2014. In 2016, the gallery managed to relocate in a former slaughterhouse (Vietnamese market of Prague, across the river from the historical center). Trafo Gallery was reborn with a 200 sqm gallery space and 4 artist studios. The artist-run gallery presents six exhibitions and six books per year with a focus on the new contemporary Czech art scene and the genres of street art, sculptures, abstraction painting, and digital art.

In the words of Blanka Čermáková, Director of Trafo Gallery: “One exhibition per year is a sort of barter with international projects and galleries which this year leads us to Berlin, city of art, angels and friends. Eight artists based in Prague, united with a long term bond to Trafo Gallery and our history, – Ira Svobodová, Jan Kaláb, Jakub Nepraš, Michal Cimala, Michal Škapa, Jan Vytiska, Robert Šalanda and Jakub Janovský – represent strong personalities and different art expressions. Ira Svobodová paints exact architectural compositions and builds perspective with colors and shadows, Jan Kaláb, a well known artist to Urban Spree with strong street art roots and perfect color and shapes styles, Jakub Nepraš shape sculptures as a platform for his vivid videocollages of microscopic worlds of nature and human babylons, Michal Cimala composes sculptures made often from collected material to existentialist compositions. Graffiti legend Michal Škapa works with urban scenery, apocalyptic and architecture destruction or using expressive colors when writing his crypted rune texts on canvases. Jan Vytiska is a painter of zombie romantic and surrealistic stories often based in forest neighbourhood or in postapocalyptic times. Robert Šalanda works with paper collages of abstract color shapes and transpose it to canvases where playfully upgrades new compositions with gradient colors. Last but not least Jakub Janovský is recognizable with his figurative drawings and often black and white coloring, silicon, enamel or airbrush outlines and ironic reflecting of society problems and characters.

All of these artists, whether picturing abstract motives, displaying the view of their world around or in their visions, are the subatomic particles bonding Trafo Gallery fluidum together. Without them, Trafo Gallery would never exist”.

In June 2019, Urban Spree’s artists will be hosted in Prague by Trafo Gallery.


Praha-Berlin Barter

Urban Spree Galerie

Opening: Thursday, 28.03.2019 from 19:00

Exhibition: 29.03.2019 – 21.04.2019

Tu-Su: 12:00-19:00

Revaler Str. 99

10245 Berlin

Info & Catalogue: galerie@urbanspree.com

Closing: Krake Festival 2014

1966853_10201425363456966_1830337286_nWelcome to another great festival deep down!

For 2014 Krake Festival is coming up with a totally new set up. For the main event on saturday Krake Festival cooperates with the Urban Spree Gallery, which area is combined with that of Suicide Circus to offer you a massive festival place to wander around between several floors full with music and arts. A thing like this offered in the centre of the city is extraordinary and will make this year’s edition an unforgettable event. For now, here is a rough outline of the festival as a whole. More details to follow. Stay tuned!

KRAKE is an annual Berlin based fes­ti­val for chal­leng­ing elec­tronic music. Krake means octo­pus and the fes­ti­val is organ­ised in a com­pa­ra­ble way: reach­ing out to selected loca­tions dur­ing one week pre­sent­ing the best in elec­tronic music, what­ever style it is.

 Tick­ets are avail­able online:
Con­tact: +49 30–89759460

Sat­ur­day, Aug 9th
Sui­cide Cir­cus & Urban Spree Gallery // doors open: 22.00 // cost: 15€ Advance, 18€ Ticket Box

The Sat­ur­day night will be a four dimen­sional blast full with great music, out­stand­ing visual art and every­thing that goes in between categories.

On the Urban Spree floor we have our very spe­cial of this year’s edi­tion going, the TERMINATOR TOURNAMENT, the robot bat­tle of the cen­tury. Sci­ence fic­tion now!
Rag­ing com­bat machines built by low tech robot tin­ker­ers meet in the ulti­mate bat­tle at the fight­ing arena dur­ing the Krake Fes­ti­val. The audi­ence bets which robot will be the last sur­vivor, and which ones will bleed all elec­trons out of their wires. The coolest fight­ing style and the most sophis­ti­cated way of dying are also judged and rewarded by a jury, which is recruited ad hoc at the spot. Come and wit­tness the bomb — astic show!

This spec­ta­cle will be accom­pa­nied by the biggest synth nerds Berlin has to offer: The TRANSISTORS OF MERCY will blwo your mind with the meters and meters of synths they will bring to jam on FOR HOURS!

The Urban Spree Con­cert Room will be hosted by a new out­stand­ing label from Athens, Modal Analy­sis, pre­sent­ing their label artists YVES DE MEY (part of SENDAI with Peter van Hoe­sen), KONDAKTOR, ANFS and 3.14 along­side a mind-blowing and recently heav­ily acclaimed noise techno act AnD from Manchester.

On the Sui­cide Club Floor we present a fine selec­tion in elec­tro. DMX KREW with his hilar­i­ous live show using drum machines, synths and mic shall is a must, OVUCA from Aphex Twin’s label Rephlex and FELIX KUBIN with his dadaist Kraftwerk-influenced elec­tro are as well. Killer!

The Sui­cide Open Air Floor shows off with POSITIVE CENTRE with his slowmo dub, PATRIK SKOOG aka AGARIC and RECURSION with their vivid ana­log techno sets, and sev­eral out­stand­ing local djs.

Krake Fes­ti­val col­lab­o­rates with Antic Teatre for the third edi­tion of B2B–Barcelona 2 Berlin. An inter­na­tional exchange of elec­tronic music between Barcelona and Berlin set up by Antic Teatre, B2B will have three artists from Barcelona’s elec­tronic music scene. The artists tak­ing part in this 2014 edi­tion – Pina, Spear and Spy Dj – will per­form at the apex of the Fes­ti­val, on Sat­ur­day August 9th at Sui­cide Cir­cus and Urban Spree Gallery.

line up:

Urban Spree Gallery Hall:

Sui­cide Club Floor:
DMX KREW (rephlex, breakin) — live
OVUCA (rephlex) — live
FELIX KUBIN (gagarin records) — live
DEAD FADER (small but hard, tiger­beat) — live
PINA (lap­sus) — live
ALIENATA (kat chan­nel, snuff trax)
MISSAW (cen­trifuge)
SPY DJ  (elec­tro­club)
+ more to follow

Sui­cide Open Air Floor:
POSITIVE CENTRE (Our Cir­cula Sound)
GRIZZLY (voodoo rhythm)
RESOM (//about:blank)
DR.NOJOKE (Klangscheiben, Archipel, UNOIKI)– live

+ more to follow

Urban Spree Con­cert Hall:
Modal Analy­sis Label Show­case
AnD (and, modal analy­sis) — live
YVES DE MEY (sendai, modal analy­sis) — live
ANFS (modal analy­sis) — live
KONDAKTOR (modal analy­sis)
3.14 (modal analysis)

Urban Spree Open Air Floor:
SARAH FARINA (through my speak­ers)
ELISABETH (leaves)
+ more to follow

Urban Spree Base­ment:
SPEAR (twd, black hor­i­zont) — live
OSCAR DRAGON (mød­ule)
I.NOMAC (da da revolution)

Tran­sis­tors of Mercy: http://​www​.youtube​.com/​w​a​t​c​h​?​v​=​T​D​U​C​w​-​I​W​4qU

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