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Jex Thoth


Named after the band’s striking female vocalist, Jex Thoth take their cues from the metallic strains of Black Sabbath and the retro experimentalism of Amon Düül II. Jex Thoth (formerly Jessica Toth) and bassist James Jackson Toth (leader of the experimental outfit Wooden Wand, and credited here as Grim Jim) form the core of the group, which originally took shape under the name Totem. After issuing an EP with that moniker, the group rechristened itself Jex Thoth and set to work on a full-length album, with guitarist Silas Paine and drummer Johnny Dee joining the lineup during the process. Keyboardist Zodiac completed the lineup, and Jex Thoth debuted in 2008 with a self-titled album of thudding, psychedelic acid rock.


Sabbath Assembly (US – Ajna Offensive, Svart) + Uzala (US – King Of The Monsters)



Sabbath Assembly is the musical embodiment of the teaching of the Process Church of the Final Judgement. Their compositions are partly based on the original hymns of the Process from the 60´s and 70´s and partly are original compositions inspired by the teachings of the Church.
The duality of good and evil, Christ and Satan, reflects itself in the music: the folkier, gentle tones and the solemn, doomy gloom.
Many have been part of the cult in its musical form (Jex Thoth, Kevin Hufnagel, Genesis P-Orridge), many others will join in the future, « for all must participate; none can shake off The Process. »
Unleash the Beast.



Uzala is a three headed monster hailing from the mysterious cornfields of Idaho. The three heads are called Fuzz, Acid and Doom. If Electric Wizard would have a woman singing, they would probably sound something like this.

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