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Redlake Circus New Album THELEMA Release Show

The wait is over!! After almost 5 years of been around Europe, U.S.A and Mexico, Redlake Circus now set home at the German and World’s Art Capital “BERLIN”. Where they have recorded their new album “THELEMA” , mixed and mastered by Peter Tamborini at Red Raven Recording Studios.

THELEMA is a conceptual album that will take you into differents passages of the history, full of Sex, Bondage, Rituals, Wars and Blood all created by Religion.

THELEMA includes tracks like LAND OF OZ ,that talks about a True Story of a Priest in the States who was found out dealing Metampethamine and buying a Porn Shop for Money laundry named Land of Oz and the Dorothy’s Place, then you can enjoy SHIVAKTI which goes more into the spiritual Tantra Sex Healing or BETHEL a 9 mins lenght track that will make you enjoy a nice inner travel experience.

HANDGAZER will be the opening act of the nite, One of the best new Berlin Stoner Rock band in the scene.

Elsiane + Santana ft Ona Tzar

RockSvirke.com & Gibelin proudly present:

elsiane LIVE @ Urban Spree / 28.11.2018
Special Guests: Santana ft. Ona Tzar


19:00 – Doors open
20:00 – Santana ft Ona Tzar
21:00 – Elsiane

28 November 2018

Urban Spree (Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin)


*Tickets / Entrance: 11,50/16,- € (Reservix): https://gibelin.reservix.de

**Doors: 19:00 / Start: 20:00


ELSIANE was formed in the year 2000, when singer/musician/composer Elsieanne Caplette met drummer Stephane Sotto in his hometown of Montreal. Their instant rapport belied musical and cultural backgrounds which couldn’t have been more different: Sotto, a gifted drummer, was self-taught and instinctive, where Caplette’s multi-instrumentalism and extraordinary keening voice emerged from a classical training in Lima, Peru. Yet for all their divergent experience, the pair’s shared sensibility was undeniable, with common influences passing through jazz, rock, electronic and world music, with an intriguing nod to the Trip Hop of Massive Attack, Portishead and Tricky—influences which, while pleasingly evident in the ethereal beauty of the music they continue to make together, would be constituted in an entirely unique way.

In early 2017, that studio work will see light in the form of their most ambitious and eagerly awaited works to date: a third album, Death of the Artist.



SANTANA is the Frontman (Singer & Guitarist) from the psychedelic rock band REDLAKE CIRCUS, whose theatrical performances have been igniting stages worldwide, becoming rapidly a must seen live act.

Santana has been well known by his unique psychedelic style of playing guitar; from the mix of groovy Hard Rock riffs, smooth Blues licks & mystic oriental atmospheres, creating hypnotic melodies that will take you into a mind-traveling experience.

” Santana’s guitar sound will take you into a journey in time & space, a blend of Jimi Hendrix & Pink Floyd ”
– Urban Cultures , NY, USA

” Mind Blowing Performance ”
– Newcomer Szene, Berlin, Germany


Ona Tzar

Ona Tzar’s vocals traverse us through an emotive kaleidescope. Blending and fusing the likes of noir, trip hop, blues, neo soul, world, and rock, she takes us on an otherworldly voyage deep into the bellies of the ocean, through the guttural hearts of fire, and up into the aerial ethers of the heavens.




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Dark Buddha Rising + Fuoco Fatuo

Dark Buddha Rising exhales psychedelic black fumes from a parallel dimension. Drones of malevolent waves number the days until total blackness take over.

“As the dust of centuries has settled on pages unwritten, the gates are opened only within.”

This Finnish coven has been spreading aural deformities for over a decade. A new album will soon see the day of light on Neurot Records before the year 2018 comes to an end. Accompanying them along the journey in support of this malevolent artefact is the italian funeral doom/death quartet FUOCO FATUO, who released their second album on Profound Lore Records in 2017.

FUOCO FATUO was born in 2011, in the middle of the ghastly lakes of Varese, Italy. Starting out as an occult and oppressive death/doom band with an eerie and gloomy atmosphere, their debut LP “The Viper Slithers In The Ashes Of What Remains”, which followed several EPs, was an exploration of the darkest and most desolate spaces through a sickened development of sound, making it like a flood of impenetrable black magma.

Their new album “Backwater” is a massive and suffocating funeral doom opus, the distressing awareness of the nothingness, transcending in the oblivion, and feeding on the black void. The relationship between state of mind and nature, the desolation and vast sense of distance are the main themes. An introspective, mournful journey, deeply rooted into the unknown.


Tickets available directly through us: https://wolfcityberlin.bigcartel.com/product/dark-buddha-rising-fuoco-fatuo-urban-spree-23-11-2018
or at KOKA36: https://www.koka36.de/event_site.php?event=105305

Big Ups

On May 18th, 2018, Brooklyn’s Big Ups return with their third full-length via Exploding in Sound Records. After forming eight years ago, the band comprised of Brendan Finn (drums), Joe Galarraga (vocals), Amar Lal (guitar), and Carlos Salguero Jr. (bass) continue to tackle dualities in the aptly named Two Parts Together. If 2014’s Eighteen Hours of Static was a brash screed about faith versus science, and 2016’s Before A Million Universes an introspective look at the individual against society, then Two Parts Together lies in the liminal, attempting to make sense of unknowable and basking in uncertainty.

The album’s title track finds vocalist Galarraga searching for meaning in ritual through the examples of a wedding and a funeral. “I just wanted to feel/just how it would be,” he states, hoping for some sort of self-discovery through these human institutions. This emotional inquisition is echoed throughout the album, often in opposition to the omnipresent “lake” mentioned in several songs. What rests below its surface, or bubbles up from the bottom? Throughout Two Parts Together, Big Ups wrestles with the power of mystery both tangibly and metaphysically.

And the band does so often through its signature dynamics. Lal’s biting guitar work is bolstered by Finn’s crashing and Salguero’s booming, and together they can tightly settle into a lull. But Big Ups is not simply employing its old tricks; Two Parts Together sees the quartet utilizing the studio more than ever. Their normal sonic palette has been supplemented with additional strings, harmonium, field recordings, piano, and more. The album is paced through thoughtful instrumentals and interludes, as if to offer the listener a breath of fresh air or – perhaps – a walk around the lake.



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Faitiche Record Release (Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek, Andrew Pekkler)

A label launched in 2008 by Jan Jelinek with his mysterious Ursula Bogner release and project, Faitiche has provided a release platform for the prolific artist’s solo and collaborative releases both under his own name, or under his house-oriented Farben moniker. This evening celebrates the new collaborative release Schaum with Masayoshi Fujita.

Since Jelinek’s debut collaboration with vibraphonist Masayoshi Fujita, titled Bird, Lake, Objects (faitiche03, 2010), the duo have played improvised concerts around the world. The collaboration sees Japanese vibraphonist Masayoshi Fujita prepares his instrument with various percussion elements as well as metal objects and toys, while Jan Jelinek layers loops made using small-scale electronic devices.


The evening also celebrates a recent release by Andrew Pekler, an artist that experiments with found materials, be they samples, instruments or genre conventions. The man behind Sad Rockets and a member of Bergheim 34, Pekler began recording under his own name in the early 2000s. Following releases on labels such as Staubgold and Kranky, his latest work for Faitiche, Tristes Tropiques, is an album of synthetic exotica, pseudo-ethnographic music and unreal field recordings.

The night is rounded out by DJ sets from Jan St. Werner and Mo Loschelder (Heroines of Sound, EMD).

Jan St. Werner of Mouse on Mars will create a special DJ set based on his “Felder” (fields) album, referring to conceptual frameworks and sound fields. Werner recorded the album in Marfa,Texas, Berlin, and around the world while touring, such that both the album’s sounds, creation and production cannot be tied to a specific setting or time.

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SubRosa + Sinistro

Profound Lore Records gehört zu den geschmacksichersten Labels im anspruchsvollen Metal, kein Wunder also. dass hier solche Acts wie Yob und Agalloch ihr Zuhause fanden. Das nächste Highlight stammt von Salt Lake Citys Experimental-DoomerInnen SubRosa. Die haben sich überlegt: Sludge geht auch ganz anders und revolutionieren nicht nur mit einer ordentlichen Frauenquote sondern auch mit der Auswahl der Instrumente das Genre. Fast könnte man das ganze als Kammermusik of Doom bezeichnen, auf der Bühne stimmen zwei der Bandmitglieder nämlich erst die Violine bevor es losgeht.

“For This We Fought The Battles Of Ages” heißt der neueste Erguss der progressiven Band und knüpft nahtlos an den Vorgänger “More Constant Than The Gods” an, der bereits zeigte wo der Progressive Sludge Hammer hängt.

SubRosa sind durch das viele Touren mit Bands wie Kylesa eingespielter denn je, wir freuen uns sie auf ihrer Headliner Tour im Urban Spree zu haben.

Im Vorprogramm sehen wir die portugiesischen Sinistro, die gerade als der totale Geheimtipp gehandelt werden. A new genre is born!

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