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Monumenta Leipzig: Intelligence-of-Many

Urban Spree will be associated to the first Monumenta that will happen in Leipzig for 6 full weeks starting on 01.09.

Hosted on the post-industrial grounds of Pittlerwerke, a former ensemble of machinery factories developing 36.000 sqm, the playground of Monumenta will unfold on 6000 sqm of pure industrial bliss with many artists invited in the field of urban art, contemporary art, music, performances, talks and workshops.

Martha Cooper, 1UP Crew, Hendrik Czakainski, Victor Ash, Various & Gould, Marina Zumi, are among the 140 artists invited by the curators Denis Leo Hegic and Jan Fielder for the first edition.

This edition’s main theme is “Intelligence-of-Many”, a collaborative approach to the interactions between the urban landscape and art, urban art and contemporary art, and of course amongst the artists themselves, culminating in the giant installation “Monument-of-Many”.


Monumenta 2018 – Intelligence-of-Many
1. September to 13. October 2018
Monumenta in den Pittlerwerken Leipzig
Am Börnchen 2
04159 Leipzig



Various & Gould: Identikit Generator

In 2007, the Berlin-based artist duo Various & Gould launched the Identikit series, a reflection on multiple identities, through a choice of faces & words composing endless variations and contradictions.

10 years later, the duo is invited by the Leipzig Book Fair 2018 to introduce an updated version of the series, focused on Europe and its numerous crises and issues.

This project discusses the topic of immigration, identities and clichés. Identities are highly complex and always diverse whereas clichés are the embodiment of simplification.

To visualize this issue, Various & Gould have chosen a technique known from children’s books. Portraits of prominent personages and words are horizontally cut into strips enabling to rearrange them in endless variations. There are numerous different options – some make sense, some do not, but most invoke images confronting the viewer with own stereotypes and clichés.

The duo has developed a digital version, where users can compose their own motives and then publish online. So far, the version uses only german words but an english version should be available soon.

You can access the generator here: http://variousandgould.com/identikit-generator/

Wolf City presents: Sortilegia Sinmara Almyrkvi II

Sortilegia is the reaper that hides in the fog. The devil chant on a desolate plateau of darkness. The Canadian duo gives minimalistic, raw black metal a new meaning while producing a mesmerizing ritual on stage which has no comparison. On this tour, they are paired up with Iceland extraordinaire Sinmara, their atmospheric side-project Almyrkvi and Leipzig’s own war machine I I. A night of graveless souls, right into the mouth of winter.


Knotenpunkt 17 x Urban Spree

Das KNOTENPUNKT Festival 2017 startet zusammen mit und bei Urban Spree in Berlin-Friedrichshain.

Marcel Walldorf, Alexander Trattler, Pascal Kerouche, Johan Schäfer, Björn Holzweg, Elmar Lause Art, Doppeldenk, Alex Heide, Philipp Herfeldt, Nina Maria Küchler, Tizian Baldinger, Jan Kaláb, Michal Škapa

Das KNOTENPUNKT Festival, das die vergangenen vier Jahre mehr als 10.000 Besucher in Hamburg zusammenbrachte, wird 2017 erstmals zu einer städte- und länderübergreifenden Veranstaltungsreihe: An den Knotenpunkten Berlin, Wien, Köln und Leipzig wird ein wechselseitiger Austausch zwischen den verschiedenen Akteuren des aktuellen Kunstgeschehens entstehen. Vielfalt, Kunst und Dialog stehen im Fokus der Zusammentreffen.
Neben der Präsentation von zeitgenössischer Kunst, werden temporäre Installationen, Performances oder vor Ort gemalte Fassaden das Programm abrunden. In jeder Metropole wird darüber hinaus mit örtlichen Galerien und Kunstinstitutionen zusammengearbeitet. Mit den Kooperationspartnern der jeweiligen Städte URBAN SPREE (Berlin), RABBIT EYE MOVEMENT (Wien), CityLeaks Urban Art Festival (Köln) und krudebude (Leipzig) soll es zu langfristigen Vernetzungen kommen, die über die eigene Stadt hinausgehen. Kunst und Kultur wird im Sinne des Festivals als ein dynamisches Gewebe verstanden, das geografische und disziplinäre Grenzen überwindet und allein in Verbundenheit gelingt.

Zum Ende der Festivalserie, laufen die gewobenen Fäden in der Hamburger Affenfaust Galerie zu einem bunten Knoten zusammen.


Das Kunst- und Kulturhaus URBAN SPREE widmet sich auf 1.700qm urbanen Kulturen mit einem vielseitigen Programm. Hier finden neben Künstlerresidenzen, Konzerten und Workshops jeden Monat wechselnde Ausstellungen statt. Gemeinsam gestaltete Projekte und ein lebendiger Austausch zwischen KünstlerInnen bieten viel Raum zum Experimentieren.

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Live In Berlin Warm-Up Show // Division Speed, Saturnine, Barrow Wight

Starting the celebrations in style on Thursday before committing to the apocalypse weekend, we give you the LIVE EVIL BERLIN WARM-UP PARTY!

Executing the devil’s music live and in the flesh:
Division Speed: Carpetbombing thrash metal from Leipzig! Burst command til war!!
SaturninE: doom commando from Italy’s distant witch caves
Barrow Wight: Venom worship from Mordor, Canada

DOORS: 19:30
START: 20:30
AFTERPARTY with DJs No Class Nick and Barefaced Ben from 00:00 till the wolves stop howling


1st Berlin Risofest at Urban Spree

Urban Spree is proud to host the 1st Edition of the Berlin Risofest, the first event to bring together the city’s top Risograph printers, artists and studios, in a day of exhibitions, workshops, performances, booklaunches and parties.

The Risofest will be held at Urban Spree Galerie on Friday, May 5th from 14:00.

Organized by Berlin-based book designers Vetro Editions, the Festival exhibits and features the works of artists, printers and studios involved in the Risograph movement. Germany is the country in Europe where Risograph is the most developed and the Risofest intends to reflect the diversity and creativity of the scene.

Risofest will showcase the work of:
Drucken3000 Risografie
Lucky Punch Press / Die Brueder
PogoBooks / Outer Space Press
We make it
Penthaus für schöne Formate / Kunst Werk Stadt Berlin
Riso Club Leipzig
Inkwell Press

The events confirmed so far include:

– a Riso-printed wallpaper installation curated by Luca Bogoni Design Studio, with guest artist Bene Rohlmann, Guillaume Kashima, Anna Niestroj

– the launch (at long last) of the English version of the book RISOMANIA, a project by Vetro Editions, published by Niggli Verlag

– a live mimeograph printing/poetry reading performance by poet Martin Jackson, among many other things the author of what may be the only poem ever written about the Riso

Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee‘s mimeographed artworks

– DJs Stella Zekri and Dj Die Soon playing during the day and night, as well as more special guests. Live music performance by Infinite Livez (Big Dada).



14.00: LIVE VINYL SETS from Stella Zekri and LaGazo.

15.00: RISOGRAPH WORKSHOP 1 with Drucken 3000 and Colorama.

15.00: LIVE DRAWING from Guillaume Kashima, fusing illustration and Riso printing.


1700: LAUNCH of Spektrum Crush zine 2, a Riso-printed visual anthology of artists working with video games or digital garbage as a medium.

18.00: RISOGRAPH WORKSHOP 2 with Drucken 3000 and Colorama.

19.00: BOOK LAUNCH the English version of the book RISOMANIA, a project by Vetro Editions, published by Niggli Verlag.

19.30: MIMEO/POETRY with live mimeograph printing and poetry reading performance by Martin Jackson.

20.00: RISO PRINT AUCTION, all proceeds going to The Source Berlin – Sustainable Food Projects.

21.00: LIVE MUSIC from the legendary Infinite Livez (Ninja Tune/Big Dada)

22.00: DJ SET from Dj Die Soon.

23.01: DJ SET from DJ Scotch Bonnet (Small But Hard)


Subscriptions for the Riso-printing workshop here:

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