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Magic Life: A Group Show

For our last show of 2015, we have crafted a group show featuring some of the best free-spirited painting talents in european contemporary urban arts.

‘Magic Life’ unites under one roof the magic wizards of Vienna, aka the Irga Irga Crew (Mik Shida, Fresh Max, Mafia_Tabak and Knarf), the Western Germany spirits of Nartur Kunstgruppe (Henning Bischof, Nils Leimkühler, Moritz Neuhoff und Stefan Wiesnau) and our free electron Resident Artist Johannes Mundinger.

All the 9 invited artists are painters, using walls to express their energy and talent with scale, and are characterized by free brush strokes, extreme free flow, disdain of conveniences, and abstracted graffiti.

The exhibition will open on Saturday 24.10.2015 and will run until 27.11.2015.

Please refer to the Galerie page here for more info about the show. Please request the catalogue of the show to galerie@urbanspree.com







Nartur Kunstgruppe




Group Show: Magic Life



For our last show of 2015, Urban Spree Galerie is proud to invite you to a group show featuring some of the best free-spirited painting talents in european contemporary urban art.

‘Magic Life’ unites under one roof the magic wizards of Vienna, aka the Irga Irga Crew (Mik Shida, Fresh Max, Mafia_Tabak and Knarf), the West Germany free spirits of Nartur Kunstgruppe and our Resident Artist Johannes Mundinger.


Wall painted in Germany by Fresh Max and Shida – Summer 2015


All the 9 invited artists are painters, using walls to express their energy and talent with scale, and are characterized by free brush strokes, extreme free flow and disdain of conveniences.

Irga Irga

The Irga Irga Crew is a collective of 4 artists based in Vienna. Beside painting, drinking and working together, they also publish the handmade magazine called ”WANDBLATT whose 3rd and latest edition was sold out pretty fast.

Irga Irga are: Fresh Max, Knarf, Mafia/Tabak und Shida


















Johannes Mundinger

Coming from a Graffiti/Urban Art background, the interaction between his work and a specific site has always been a central aspect of Johannes Mundinger’s work. In fine arts, he developed a visual language between abstract and figurative painting.
Born in 1982 in Offenburg, he has studied in Münster and Brussels. Since 2011 he is living in Berlin and is an Urban Spree Resident Artist since 2012.


Nartur Kunstgruppe 

Nartur Kunstgruppe is a german art collective based in Osnabrück, Berlin and Münster. The 4 artists seek to challenge the traditional forms of art and image conception. Their paintings are often used as part of installations in large formats.


Any use of material is hereby welcome which often creates a form of art characterised by bright colours, cut outs and generous overpainting. Nartur Kunstgruppe aims to combine abstract painting with graffiti, everyday life, naive wisdom and research. The artists of this collective are Henning Bischof, Nils Leimkühler, Moritz Neuhoff und Stefan Wiesnau.

Nartur Kunstgruppe



Henning Bischof

Nils Leimkühler

Moritz Neuhoff

Stefan Wiesnau


Urban Spree Galerie
Revaler Str. 99
10245 Berlin  

Opening Saturday, October 24th, 2015
Exhibition: 25.10 => 27.11 (Tu-Sa 12:00 / 18:00)

Info, Press, Catalogue: galerie@urbanspree.com

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Radioday Streetlife with radioeins

rendition=teaser_980x300_Copyright_imago_HohlfeldOn Monday/Pfingstmontag, we host a special radioeins live transmission at Urban Spree.

The radioeins bus will have a big broadcast with Thema “Street Life”: street art, street food, street music, street photography, Freiluftkino…

At Urban Spree Gelände. From 15:00 bis 21:00. Outdoor + Galerie

Live Painting, Panels, Mobile Kino…

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“Have You Seen the Listers?” on Netflix

Have You Seen the Listers?” is a poignant documentary about the life of the artist Anthony Lister, whom we had the privilege to host during a 3-week art residency in Berlin in September 2018.

Directed by Eddie Martin and using mainly the artist’s home video footage, “Have You Seen the Listers?” is a harrowing tale of the rise to artistic fame of the Brisbane-born artist, from the first happy family moments to a very unstable lifestyle, crises, drugs, and a crushing separation.

It is as much about parenthood and family life as making it as a great artist, moving from conservative Australia to NYC, challenging the codes of art, leaving his mark in galleries and on the street, being free, oblivious and focused, but being unable to maintain a normal family life, and enduring severe breakdowns.

The movie is now available on Netflix.


Tutti Frutti Fest #4


December is approaching and thus the fruity time of the year. At least in the house  pøj pøj , with its fourth edition of the Tutti Frutti Fest on 08.12. make the  Urban Spree  colorful again. Welcome to the Tutti Frutti Festival # 4.

OY  (DE / CH)
The two Swiss have been living and working in Berlin for several years, where their current album “Space Diaspora” (Crammed Discs) was created.
Avantgarde Electronica meets jazz, pop & world music – the album sees itself as a kind of “space opera”. The listener goes on a crazy journey to a planet between dream theater and future disco.
OY have already traveled to this place, discovering strange customs, interesting political processes, artistic practices, and never-heard sounds. https://www.oy-music.com

Sea Moya  (DE / CA).
Recently emigrated from Germany to Montreal, Sea Moya released their debut album in October 2018. After their EP “Baltic States” from 2016, songwriting and recording in the Italian Alps went wild with elements of funk, afrobeat, krautrock and electronic music. Now based in Montreal (CA) and after several North American tours including concerts at the SXSW in Austin and the Canadian Music Week in Toronto, she is leading her trip back to home in Europe this fall.

Vague  (AT)
In June 2018 the Wiener Gruppe Vague presents their second album Land. The band plays dreamy, light-footed indie pop, sometimes the five in the arrangement to Jazz and Bossanova-Fusion.
Especially as their songs change between soft, complex soundscapes and subversive post-rock bonds.
An album that looks forward and thus expresses a self-conscious aging of the band.

Modern floor coverings  (DE)
Modern floor coverings have been devised by Joshua Gottmanns and Niklas Wandt at the relevant Berlin corner counters and bulky waste collections.
The vinyl single “I never fall in love / care for myself” (Themes For Great Cities, 2018) was the first sign of life on four-track tape and musically sets the course towards synthpop, cool NDW and herb repeater. Drums heavy, dublastig and at the same time scary pop – sweeter the needs and crises were probably rarely heard.

Bechamel  (DE)
Bechamel is a Europunk trio from Berlin, which was founded in 2017. With their new EP “Mucho” in their luggage, the band are currently touring Europe on a tireless basis.
Classic bass drum / guitar instrumentation creates a hybrid of bone-dry punk, garage rock and humorous psychedelics. https://bechamelband.bandcamp.com

CV Vision  (DE)
Odd Couple s Wüterich plays under his pseudonym CV Vision early electronic kraut-music (live)