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Lily of the Valley #4: Season Finale

::◇ Lily of the Valley Festival – 4th Edition & Season Finale ::◇ 


::◇ GARDEN ( Afro, Brazil, Balearic)::◇

18:00 – 21:00 Cher Monsieur (Lily of the Valley)
21:00 – 24:00 Aroma Pitch (APR, Cologne Sessions)
24:00 – xx:xx Cher Monsieur b2b Aroma Pitch

::◇ MAIN ROOM (Downtempo,Tribal,Techno) ::◇
00:00 – 03:00 M.rux (YnfnD, DE)
03:00 – 06:00 Martha von Straaten (Laut & Luise,Thc DE)

::◇ BASEMENT (Bass,Outernational,Experimental) ::◇
23:00 – 00:00 Renzo (Lily of the Valley)
00:00 – 06:00 Don´t Dj b2b Esclé

Tattoo from Amor de Madre #Berlin

::◇ ::◇:: ◇:: ◇:: ◇:: ◇:: ◇:: ◇:: ◇:: ◇:: ◇::

As summer slowly fades out we will celebrate the last warm days of this year, at our 4th and last installment of the Lily of the Valley festival series at Urban Spree.

Martha van Straaten will fill the main floor with heart warming downtempo beats incorporating intercultural sounds, percussions, field recordings and bird songs.
M.Rux, who is known for his remixes and his DJ sets around the German capital, is more than just “a sample guy”.
The musician, originally from Rostock, has an interesting and chequered musical history and says he’s often torn between real instruments and the digital world.
His sets travel through time and continents, eclectic, electronic but always organic.

In the basement Don’t Dj´s rhythmelodic grooves & Escle´s outernational gem archive will keep your body and soul moving.

The garden as always invites you to chill and listen to beautiful international grooves and laid back electronics, selected by your hosts Cher Monsieur & Renzo joined by Aroma Pitch.
These chaps from Cologne certainly know how it’s done. Their unique dj sets lure hundreds of music lovers to their gigs all over Europe !

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Lily of the Valley #3

::◇ Lily of the Valley Festival – 3rd Edition ::◇

::◇ MAIN ROOM ::◇

Heap (Neubau, Discus Throwers, AT)

Bad Boy Baader (Disco Dilettante, AT)

::◇ BASEMENT ::◇

LordByron Styropor (US)

::◇ GARDEN ::◇

Tobi Tobsen (celeste, AT)
Cher Monsieur (Lily of the Valley, IT)
Renzo (Lily of the Valley, IT)
::◇ ::◇:: ◇:: ◇:: ◇:: ◇:: ◇:: ◇:: ◇:: ◇:: ◇::

For our third edition of Lily of the Valley at Urban Spree we are proud to host some of the most forward thinking producers and music selectors out there.

Upstairs Bad Boy Baader & Heap will keep your feet busy with their unique sound, incorporating eclectic continental disco sounds, crude but heart-warming Turkish-German immigrant ballads, as well as dark but nonetheless funky electronics.

In the Basement Lord Byron Styropor will induce serious head banging with his slowed down approach to dirty south hip&hop and rap. Mellow but In a ruff mood, seems perfect to describe his mixes.
After that, outlandish art collective Voodoohop is taking over with live sounds resulting of polymorphic positions, acoustic instruments, crazy clothes and masks. Sensorial explosions, colors, movements, instincts without technique.

The garden as always invites you to chill and listen to beautiful Dub, Disco, Ambient and Outernational Music, selected by your hosts Cher Monsieur & Renzo. Joined by their Special Guest Tobi Tobsen, booker of the club Celeste in Vienna!

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You can get some beautiful ink at Amor de Madre #Berlin wich is the new Tattoo Studio at Urban Spree !

Lily of the Valley Festival #2

::◇ Lily of the Valley Festival – 2nd Edition ::◇

Still stunned by the amazing vibes from our debut night we are happy to announce the second edition of the Lily of the Valley Series.

The lineup consisting of some of our favorite music selectors and producers out there, will guarantee you a day and night of genreblind musical rapture.

From Don’t Dj´s rhythmelodic grooves & Escle´s outernational gem archive upstairs, to the sublime Dub Techno excursions of Maxim Wolzyn in the basement, every floor will soothe your ears with exquisite musical selections.

If you don’t feel like going crazy on the dancefloor, the vast garden area will be perfect to sit back and enjoy the summer with music by your hosts Cher Monsieur and Renzo joined by Special Guest Menqui.

::◇ GARDEN ::◇

Menqui (Non Dogma, Planet Almanac)

Renzo (Lily of the Valley)

Cher Monsieur (Lily of the Valley)

::◇ MAIN ROOM ::◇

Don’t Dj (SEXES, Berceuse Heroique)
Escle (Pracht, Sinstruct. Ein Festival der Art art.)

::◇ BASEMENT ::◇

Maxim Wolzyn (SVS Records, Paradise Now)

::◇ ::◇:: ◇:: ◇:: ◇:: ◇:: ◇:: ◇:: ◇:: ◇:: ◇::

5 Euro nice price

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Lily of the Valley ::◇ Karneval der Kulturen Afterparty ::◇

::◇ Lily of the Valley Festival ::◇ 

Invites you to the first edition of a new monthly event series taking place at Urban Spree.

Join us for a day & night full of pure musical bliss.

From Desert tunes, Japanese acid folk, African trance, obscure 80s gems to dusty new Russian techno in a eclectic mix.

The two indoor floors will show you the most diverse facets of dance music, while in the big garden we invite you to hang out, have a beer and enjoy a chilled selection of ambient electronica and outernational music.

::◇ GARDEN ::◇

Thomash (VOODOOHOP))]
Renzo (Lily of the Valley)

::◇ MAIN ROOM ::◇

DJ Nomad (Africaine 808VULKANDANCE)

Tom Bolas (Dancing for Mental Health)
Cher Monsieur (Lily of the Valley)

::◇ BASEMENT ::◇

Günther Lause (SVS RecordsParadise Now)

::◇ ::◇:: ◇:: ◇:: ◇:: ◇:: ◇:: ◇:: ◇:: ◇:: ◇::


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