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This is Nowhere / Able Bodies / Jealous

Einlass: 20:00 // Beginn: 21:00

Baby Satan Records are a minute before releasing their first compilation and having a night of 3 bands that will take part in the compilation:

This is Nowhere (Thessaloniki, GR)
Able Bodies (Berlin, DE)
Jealous (Berlin, DE)

this is nowhere (Nasoni Records)
Starting in 2009, lost in a no man’s land among psychedelia, noise, blues, experimental and desert rock, This is Nowhere released their first recordings via their collective label « Hands in Sand ».
Fast forward a few years and after several recording sessions and live shows, in January 2014 their first full length LP « Turn On/ Tune Down/ Drop D » was released by the legendary « Nasoni Records » label in Berlin.
Their sound has evolved a bit since then, incorporating elements of noise rock, dub and shoegaze through delays, bass and more bass…
The band’s second album “Music to Relapse” was released in 2016, also by Nasoni records.
The same year, their live reproduction of The Velvet Underground’s “White Light / White Heat” was released by Lotus Releases and Melotron Recordings for the 2016 Record Store Day.
At the end of 2017, moving towards even noisier soundscapes, the band recorded their new album « Grim Pop ».
The band, now with the addition of synths and theremin by new member Eva Duru, is mixing their acid rock with dance rhythms, minimal basslines and pop elements.


Able Bodies (Baby Satan Records)
Four apathetic, noisy men with a general disdain for doing anything the easy way, Berlin four-piece Able Bodies came together at the end of 2016. Writing punk-informed noise-pop jams that are equal parts sing-along melodies, equal parts droning motorik-repetition and equal parts feedback, the band put out a well-received 3 track demo in Spring 2017 before issuing their first 7” single on Berlin-based Baby Satan records in January 2018.


Jealous (Baby Satan Records)
A fresh new Berlin based band from the edges of the desert (Phoenix / Tel Aviv/ Jerusalem), inspired by lipstick and bad relationships. sounds like 90s pissed off cartoons, sassy and stoned cheerleaders, and 70’s trash-glam-kids.
A bit garagey, a bit grungy, a bit bipolar.
Hard, dirty and sticky sweet.


Entrance: 10 €

20:00 doors open
21:00 Jealous
21:50 Able Bodies
22:50 This is Nowhere