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Spaces: Photography Group Show




Photo Group Show Exhibition


Urban Spree presents: A photo exhibition of the collective, Berlin Fotografen.

The group exhibition, Spaces, will gather a group of 14 photographers from the Berlin Fotografen collective in attempt to explore the photographic medium in all possible dimensions.

Founded in Berlin in November 2012, Berlin Fotografen is an online platform that gives space to emerging local talents who have a special eye in perceiving photography and the world around us.

Spaces  is not only dedicated to the various ways of photographic depiction, but also investigates the medium’s potential as an art form, expanding its limits of representation. Through the dynamic ways of presentation –  consisting works that are traditionally-hung, in book format or as  installations, Spaces raise the awareness of how the different formats and presentations can changes the way the viewers perceive and interact with the photographic medium.





Photography group show with:

Chiara Dazi / Tobias Faisst / Elena Karakitsou / Sarah Kindermann / Boris Kramaric /  Birgit Krause / Marius Land / Li-Han Lin / Mara Ploscaru / Antonio Rodríguez / Renato Silva / Sylvie Weiss / Jessica Wolfelsperger / Camille Yvert


Opening | 13. June 2014 | 19:00 | Free Entrance

Exhibition | 13. – 29. June 2014 | Tuesday – Sunday | 12:00 – 19:00 | Free Entrance


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