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What's Worng? (Again): Finissage of Mein Lieber Prost Show


Urban Spree Galerie invites you to the finissage of ‘WHAT’S WORNG?’, Mein Lieber Prost’s Berlin solo show and retrospective.

This finissage has a special taste as Berliners will bid farewell to Prost and his Prosties, adbusting and one-liners for an unspecified amount of time.

With Prost, we have decided to set up a special event with:

5 new artworks that will be specially presented for one night, including a very special original collaboration with ALIAS.

a special hand-pulled limited edition screenprint (25 copies) specially produced for the show by Mother Drucker in the Urban Spree Ateliers.

– a night of graffiti and street art movies screenings

– Live concert: Phia (Australia) at 19:00 and Mr. Miyagi (DJ Set) for the finissage

The finissage will start at 19:00.

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Mein Lieber Prost: available artworks

QV6A2489Since today, ‘Jesus Crew’ and the other artworks of the Prost solo show at Urban Spree Galerie are now also available online. The first selection is available here.

5 new artworks, including a stunning collaboration with ALiAS will only be released during the finissage on September 1st, 2013.

August 2013: Mein Lieber Prost

After Rylsee and Vidam (Peachbeach/The Weird) in July, Berliner urban artist Mein Lieber Prost hit the Urban Spree Artist Wall in August to coincide with the opening of his solo show at Urban Spree, titled « What’s Worng? » (featured here).

L1000965 - copieThe wall utilizes the title of the show in a comics-inspired calligraphy and incorporates 2 Prosties. On top of it, on the roof above the wall, Prost drew a Prostie that can be seen from the neighbouring highrises (maybe Fernsehturm?) and in the same way as BLO did a couple of years ago in Teufelsberg, possibly from Google Earth. Sau geil!



‘WHAT’S WORNG?’ A Prost Exhibition

Adobe Photoshop PDFOn Saturday, August 17th, Urban Spree Galerie invites you to the vernissage of ‘WHAT’S WORNG?’, a solo show by Berlin based street artivist Prost which is at the same time conceived as a retrospective. The show includes a selection of older and iconic pieces as well as new artworks and collaborations with notorious graffiti writers.

Prost will also present his one-liners : portraits made of a single line, à main levée.

In Berlin, Prost is ubiquitous. His famous character, the Prostie, adorns many of the derelict walls of the city since years whereas his adbusting skills subvert the consumerist codes of our society. For Prost, advertising is the real violence. Commercial images invade the public space without permission and deserve to be twisted, diverted from their intentional purpose, with sheer provocation and an absolute  big laugh.

For Prost, art in the street must bear a message, and should not only be graphically nice but tells something about the state of our society. Prost is a whistleblower, a reminder that we should retain control over the public space. « Berlin schmeckt mir schon, aber Werbung stinkt ».

With over 500+ advertising billboards busted, Prost uses his wit to deliver messages, incite passers-by to choose new angles of thought, to think about the overconsumption of images and products, triggering a smile and a reaction against the totalitarianism of beauty as dictated by cosmetic and so called ‘fast moving consumer brands’, the rejection of an europeocentric approach, aesthatic canons and vitruvian proportions. However, with Prost, the humour and satire are always at the forefront of his work.

As he puts it: « I am a happy anarchist, (…) not an angry vandal. »

Seeing a Prostie in the street is a secret indication that something else is to be seen, a slight distortion of reality, however the spectator is free to see what he wants. Prost is just the question mark, he is offering questions, not serving answers.

Prost is a true voice of Berlin. Und Berlin spricht Wände.


Prost is a graphic situationist, and by using his art skills in the street to mock the ridicule of our « société du spectacle », he was poised to run into trouble. Last year, Prost experienced a lot of graffiti/vandalism issues with the police and justice. His troubles today are far from being over.

To make a long story short, it is probably the last time a Prost exhibition will be shown in Germany.

A Prost memorabilia shop will be set up in the galerie, with stickers, tote bags, tshirts, pins, DVDs, and a special hand-pulled limited edition screenprint specially produced for the show by Mother Drucker in the Urban Spree Ateliers.

You are all heartily welcome to the vernissage on Saturday, August 17th, from 19:00 with the presence of the artist.

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