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SoulKebab Festival | Open Air Music & Food


Arabs Do It Better + Urban Spree
proudly present:

Best music and food from MENA
Arabs Do It Better • Summer Edition 06.07.19 • Urban Spree

06.07.2019 Saturday | 17:00
٦.٧.٢٠١٩ | ١٧:٠٠ | يوم السبت

Urban Spree
Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin

Beautiful Berlin,
We are happy to invite you all to our first-time Music, and Food Festival ‘Soul Kebab’, From the creators & founders of Arabs do it Better’ family and the Urban Spree, on Friday 6 of July 17:00
A day full of Arabic influenced Music and Food.
An Outdoor breeze with live performance & Dj set by Moody Kablawi and Mohammad Jabali.

and right after – Arabs Do It Better • Summer Edition 06.07.19 • Urban Spree is starting at midnight!


Night Music Market

Dive into the buzzing abyss filled with exotic smells and deep beats. The Night Music Market will feature the best asian streetfood along with avantgarde live music.

*Street Food curated by NIGHT MUSIC MARKET*
GONG GANG – Korean fried Chicken
Kitchen MINE
Green Bear
Fresh Coconuts

TATTOOS BY Amor de Madre #Berlin – get inked
Change Vintage – Berlin finest vintage clothing

*Live Music curated by Berlin Sessions*

Thomas Maschitzke ( Suspekt Records)

1st of September@ Urban Spree /////// Doors: 18:00 /////// Concert: 20:00 /////// End: Late
Free entry before 20:00

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Urban Spree Music Festival at La Station in Paris

The first Urban Spree Festival at La Station in Paris is a 4-day musical wandering between Berlin and Paris, oscillating between rock and electro, held in the new cultural space La Station in the north of Paris.

On Sunday, for the closing night of the event, the Festival invites the contemporary artist Nicolas Moulin’s record label Grautag with their new project Azuzaria (Vincent Epplay, Ravi Shardja, Pharoah Chromium, Nicolas Moulin).



In addition to the musical line-up, Melchior Tersen‘s photographs will be exhibited during the Festival.

Pass festival 20€ + loc

≡ Jeu. 15 sept. — Urban Spree Fest 1/4
18h30—1h30 | 10 € – préventes 8 € + loc
Event Jour 1 : http://bit.ly/2cFJR2F

≡ Ven. 16 sept. — Urban Spree Fest 2/4
18h30—1h30 | 6 € – gratuit avant 20h
Event Jour 2 : http://bit.ly/2bToyJX

≡ Sam. 17 sept. — Urban Spree Fest 3/4
18h30—1h30 | 6 € – gratuit avant 20h
Event Jour 3 : http://bit.ly/2cjFQz3

≡ Dim. 18 sept. — Urban Spree Fest 4/4
17h30—00h | 6 € – gratuit avant 19h
Grautag Records: Azurazia
Event Jour 4 : http://bit.ly/2ccGvCa

infos : www.lastation.paris
photo cover : Vladimir Besson

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World Music Market

As we see the end of summer coming it’s time to celebrate the diverse nature of Berlin with our first World Music Market! Held at Urban Spree and presented by MILK ME and Berlin Sessions. The first World Music Market will see us feature the best musicians from around the world along with a diverse range of food and artist stalls, each showcasing traditional styles fused with modern flavour.

Catnapp is an electronic Live Act from Buenos Aires, Argentina, based in Berlin that combines breakbeat, drum and bass, alternative electronic, pop, rapping and other genres, resulting in an intense and nostalgic atmosphere with Fat percussion and lots of treble.

With probably most multifarious collection of vinyl in Berlin, the anglo-german duo quickly outgrew the local club scene and went on to conquer festival dance floors and underground parties across Europe.

In every song they try to play all instruments at the same time and call it psychedelic 80’s high tech pop. They can be very loud, often too fast, sometimes slow a.k.a groovy and have a weird concept of fashion but they surely love to boogie.
…This definition might change at any moment.

Hala-B is a local duo that Combines middle-eastern rhythms with an edge of western music dance floor. Led by keyboard player and singer Omar El-Fashi.

An eclectic mix of music oscillating between the spheres of house and techno.


***Food Court***
Couscous der Welt
Worldwide Dumplings

26th of August @ Urban Spree /////// Doors: 16:00 /////// Concert: 18:00 /////// End: Late

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EAV@Urban Spree / CTM Vorspiel Dark Music Night

EAV@Urban Spree

Music Event part of the Transmediale / CTM Vorspiel program


Come down in Urban Spree’s basement for a night focusing on dark aesthetics & sounds with an ethereal folk concert, a cello noise sound performance and a party with three djs playing 80’s dark music, Post Punk, EBM, Acid House, Electro & Techno.

VENA WARD (Berlin) – Ethereal folk concert

BYRON REZA AFSHAR (BRU/T – Berlin) – Cello Noise Perfo

DANIELE COSMO (Lux Rec – Zurich) – Electro / Acid House / Techno

AV SKARDI (BRU/T – Berlin) – 80’s / EBM / Techno

COBEIA (EAV / Inner Rhythm – Geneva / Berlin) – No Wave/Post Punk / Chicago / Acid / Ghetto House / Bass / Techno

In resonance with CTM’s New Geographies thematic, we have invited for this Vorspiel program, artists, musicians & djs that share a link with the multi-cultural cities that are Geneva and Zurich in Switzerland.

With this event we want to point out a little fraction of what comes out of such melting pot and will continue in the future to highlight the long existing link between artists, cultural activists, musicians and djs from Switzerland and their counterparts in Berlin. Very rich and varied in its cultural outputs, we have chosen for this night to focus on a program looking at a spectre of dark aesthetics and sounds taking advantage of Urban Spree’s grim and sombre two rooms basement.

EAV is a 10 year old music project in Geneva putting on diverse kinds of quality electronic and non electronic musics. It’s curator and organizer Cobeia, has been deeply involved in the Geneva underground music & cultural scenes since 15 years. He’s living again in Berlin since 4 years after several long stays and visits to the city since 1999 and is now working as a DJ and promoter here as well.

VENA WARD (Berlin)

An enigmatic persona, musician and songwriter, indulging herself into litterature, poetry and films, she lives in Berlin since 2012, after having grown up in Geneva and lived in London. Playing on this night with a second guitarist, Vena Ward explores ethereal and meditative soundscapes through repetitive reversed guitar layers inhabited with haunted vocals.



Byron Reza Afshar was born In the States, raised in Geneva and lives in Berlin since 2009. His practice incorporates diverse interests and activities in the fields of language & linguistics, photography and fine art. Through a sensitivity to concepts and aesthetics paired with his uncompromisingly critical personality, Afshar’s musical compositions take on the form of a response to contemporary conditions of consumerist homogeneity. Drone driven, passionately minimalist and with a keen historical awareness of modern and experimental music forms, Byron Afshar channels these various stimuli into his sound performances and techno. Characteristics of his musical productions include multiple repetitions, the use of electronic cello, 4/4, hi-hats, reverbs, echo, and delays. An aesthetics of obsession comes to color his sonic practice, translating into DJ sets that favor acceleration: high speeds that maintain intensity without dealing violence. EBM, techno (deep, acid, contemporary as well as old-school), house, new beat, and rave are registers he moves through and between, juggling what has preceded him with an awareness of today’s current approaches. In the past two years he has curated the monthly Thursday night BRU/T techno party at Schwuz.


DANIELE COSMO (Lux Records – Zurich)

Daniele Cosmo comes from Italy but lives for many years in Zurich. Together with Faber he runs Lux Rec (and launched recently the sub-label MRT), a record imprint that uncompromisingly explores various shades of the underground, acidic, obscure and intense. Favorites on I-F’s CBS then IFM radio channels, they have released music by Murphy Jax, Jared Wilson, Helena Hauff, Echo 106, Drvg Cvltvre, Joe Drive to name a few and share common tastes and aesthetics with labels like Traxx’s Nation, Hyerogliphic Being’s Mathematics, Clone, Berceuse Heroique, L.I.E.S. and others. Daniele Cosmo is also part of Savage Grounds, the analog techno outfit he plays live together with CCO.

luxrec.net / soundcloud.com/luxrec / facebook.com/luxrec

COBEIA (EAV / Inner Rhythm – Geneva / Berlin)

Cobeia is a music passionate from Geneva based in Berlin, with wide tastes across the sound spectrum spinning several kind of musics depending on the situation he’s booked in and events he sets up. In Geneva he runs the 11 year old music Festival Ecoutes au vert and organizes concerts and parties in Berlin.



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Das Fest – Wine, Food & Music

Natural Wine Bar
Food & Cheese 
Live Music& Djs

An event organized by Des Quilles à Berlin,  MAXIM – Bar à vinsUrban Spree together with RAW (The Artisan Wine Fair, London)LADIDADI WINES, La Vincaillerie und Viniculture

das-Fest-flyer def


Wir freuen uns, Sie im Rahmen eines tollen Naturwein-Wochenendes mit den Messen RAW (The Artisan Wine Fair, London) und « Meet the Winzers » von Viticulture zu DAS FEST einzuladen.

Der Titel DAS FEST ist auch Programm: Hier treffen sich Winzer, Weinprofis, Weinnasen und Weinliebhaber, um bei dem einen oder anderen Glas Wein Erfahrungen auszutauschen und miteinander zu feiern.

Eine Vielzahl Berliner Naturwein-Protagonisten wird dabei eine ganz persönliche Auswahl an spannenden « vins naturels » – sowohl im Glas als auch in der Flasche – präsentieren.

Den Hunger der Gäste werden die Köche Pierre Lejeune und Mathias Gondol (« les jeunes se gondolent« ) mit einfachen Speisen aus regionalen und biologischen Produkten stillen.

Live Music in der Galeie mit dem Agios Lavrentios Brass Band


In the middle of a great week-end promoting natural wine in Berlin, within the RAW (Artisan Wine Fair, London) and « Meet the Winzers » at Viniculture, we are pleased to invite you to our festive event.

The idea of DAS FEST is to offer a warm meeting point for wines makers, wine professionals and wine afficionados – with great wines, food and good music.

Berlin Natural Wine protagonists will present an individual selection of natural wine that can be tasted by glass or by bottle.

For all the hungry people the chefs Mathias Gondol and Pierre Lejeune will offer a few simple dishes cooked with organic products from small regional producers.

The fanfare band Agios Lavrentios Brass Band will play live in the Galerie!


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