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Urban Spree Galerie proudly presents « LETTERS », an international group show featuring 10 artists engaged in the practice of urban calligraphy. 

The Exhibition will take place starting on Friday, April 23rd, 2021 at Urban Spree Galerie and online



LETTERS focuses on European and Mediterranean artists whose practice is strongly influenced by their graffiti years, past or current, their passion for painting, lettering, abstraction, and the use of brushes.

This first chapter covers artists nourished  by the classical European calligraphy tradition (roman, runic or cyrilic scripts) as well as arabic calligraphy, but first and foremost by their contemporary practice of muralism and abstraction: muralism or « street art » is an integral part of the practice of « calligraffiti » – the holy alliance of calligraphy and the urban landscape, shaped by graffiti, whereby speed, precision and abstraction converge to give birth to this particular urban flow.

Whereas letters and alphabets are consubstantial to graffiti, urban calligraphy diverges with the use of a particular reference to traditional calligraphy and use of specific contact tools like brushes instead of aerosols.

Artists are using calligraphy as a materia prima. However, the final result is a substantial evolution from the traditional corpus of calligraphy with serious inroads into abstraction, where letters are turned into abstracted shapes and signs, dissolved, essentialized, obfuscated and cyphered.

LETTERS is a show about post-calligraphy and post-graffiti. About signs, mutations, strokes and freedom.


To visit the Letters Show: 
Appointments are no longer necessary but a negative test of the day of the visit is mandatory.


LETTERS feature new works by:

Niels « Shoe » Meulman

eL Seed





Michal Škapa


Lukas K Stiller




23.04.2021 / 12.06.2021

Opening: Friday, April 23rd 2021

Wednesday – Friday: 14:00-18:30

Saturday 13:00-18:30 and by appointment

Catalogue and Info: pascal@urbanspree.com



The Jaunt Berlin Book Launch



The Jaunt combines the two best things in life: Art & Travel. Over the course of two years The Jaunt has organised a variety of trips with artists traveling to places like Helsinki, Istanbul, Antwerp, Los Angeles and beyond. Artists like Niels ‘Shoe’ Meulman, Jordy van den Nieuwendijk, Mike Perry, David Shillinglaw and most recently our resident artist Andrea Wan have been sent on their way to become inspired. After each trip the artists create a unique artwork capturing the spirit and essence of their trip. On their trip the artists keep a travel diary for all the people back home. We travel the world,we inspire and we create.




In its first publication The Jaunt has gathered all the stories, drawings, snapshots and keepsakes from the artists on their trips. The book features exclusive interviews with the artists about their creative process, and shows unique sketches and photos from the trips. Offering a behind-the-scenes look of our artists and the project itself. A perfect introduction for everybody not yet familiar with the project, or a deeper insight if you have been following our trips along the way.



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