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Martial Canterel

[aufnahme + wiedergabe] presents:

Martial Canterel live
[US, Dais Records / Wierd Records]

Martial Canterel’s Sean McBride is the progenitor of American cold synth sounds of the 21st Century. He began under the moniker Moravagine before he started releasing limited edition cassettes and playing Brooklyn dives as Martial Canterel in 2002.

Since then, McBride’s bleak intellectual exercises in the dark and danceable have flooded North America and Europe through the frosty fairwaves paved by Pieter Schoolwerth’s Wierd Records. With an inimitable minimal style merging bright, urgent melodies ornamented and punctuated by the noises of industry and McBride’s sonorous, stern vocals, Martial Canterel’s recent releases (You Today, Refuge Underneath) have garnered both critical acclaim and a rapidly growing rabid fanbase.

McBride’s influence can be heard in scores of bands in the Weird cadre and beyond (he is also one half of the Weird Records duo Xeno and Oaklander). Through the collision of a uniquely humanistic means of production via live analogue synthcraft expertly paired with vocals and lyrics that reflect the pitfalls and pleasures of our age, Martial Canterel provides a visceral kick best felt on the dancefloor, amidst a flurry of flesh in motion.


Philipp Strobel [aufnahme + wiedergabe]
Thenia Af. [Grausame Töchter]

Urban Spree (RAW-Area)
Revaler Str. 99/Warschauer Str.
10245 Berlin


Dark Buddha Rising + Fuoco Fatuo

Dark Buddha Rising exhales psychedelic black fumes from a parallel dimension. Drones of malevolent waves number the days until total blackness take over.

“As the dust of centuries has settled on pages unwritten, the gates are opened only within.”

This Finnish coven has been spreading aural deformities for over a decade. A new album will soon see the day of light on Neurot Records before the year 2018 comes to an end. Accompanying them along the journey in support of this malevolent artefact is the italian funeral doom/death quartet FUOCO FATUO, who released their second album on Profound Lore Records in 2017.

FUOCO FATUO was born in 2011, in the middle of the ghastly lakes of Varese, Italy. Starting out as an occult and oppressive death/doom band with an eerie and gloomy atmosphere, their debut LP “The Viper Slithers In The Ashes Of What Remains”, which followed several EPs, was an exploration of the darkest and most desolate spaces through a sickened development of sound, making it like a flood of impenetrable black magma.

Their new album “Backwater” is a massive and suffocating funeral doom opus, the distressing awareness of the nothingness, transcending in the oblivion, and feeding on the black void. The relationship between state of mind and nature, the desolation and vast sense of distance are the main themes. An introspective, mournful journey, deeply rooted into the unknown.


Tickets available directly through us: https://wolfcityberlin.bigcartel.com/product/dark-buddha-rising-fuoco-fatuo-urban-spree-23-11-2018
or at KOKA36: https://www.koka36.de/event_site.php?event=105305

Clonk Records Release Party – Turning Pages.

For the first time at Urban Spree club in Berlin, the Sardinian techno label Clonk Records presents:
Release Party Turning Pages, and their artists in the modern and fresh location of the Urban Spree Club!

Clonk Records is the name of the label founded by Stefano Razzo and who has managed over the years to carve out an important place in the music scene.
Clonk Records is a record label focused in search of sounds
minimal/techno with that bit of extra energy that can differentiate
themselves in the music scene.
Clonk Records is made up of about ten DJ’s/Producers, some of which are italian and others international, destined to rise, ready to show their production capacity and engaging groove.
Many songs have been played by famous DJ’s like Ritchie Hawtin, Chris Liebing, and many others.
Clonk Records was present in the staff chart of “CHRIS LIEBING TIME WARP CHARTS” the only “Italian label” in the ten
labels listed.
The track “Burundi” produced by Knobs finished third on
the Top 100 of Beatport Techno and was struck by the most famous DJs worldwide.
Clonk Records currently has a catalog of 80 releases.


• Florian Schirmacher ( FormResonance, Perlon, Wareika – Berlin )

• Stefano Razzo ( Clonk Records – Italy )

• Livio Pinna ( q-indie, FormResonance, Clonk Records – Hamburg )

• Ghita Liviu ( Clonk Records – Bucarest)

• Hannah Addams ( Disconnekt, Casanova Bar – Berlin )

• Bella Nour ( Clonk Records – Berlin )

• Roger Dee ( Clonk Records – Italy )

Web: http://www.clonkrecords.com/
Id: http://www.residentadvisor.net/record-label.aspx?id=2229
Social: https://www.facebook.com/ClonkRecords/
Music: https://soundcloud.com/clonk-records
Beatport: https://pro.beatport.com/label/clonk-records/10741

RA: https://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?993765

• Remix dj shop.
• 360Gradi.

“””””” New vibes from Italy… Clonk Records “””””‘



Facebook event

Baile de Favela Cologne goes to Berlin

A festa Funk que é sucesso em Kölln há mais de um ano vai fazer uma edição especial em Berlin pra se despedir do verão, tocando o melhor do Funk, Hiphop, Tropical Favela e Reggaeton.
Venha aproveitar os ´ültimos momentos da estação dançando até o chão com muito pancadão!
E pra abrir a festa, convidamos a super DJ Grace Kelly pra essa noite que promete abalar Berlin!

///Entrada: antecipada 6 Euros no dia 10 Euros


The Funk party that has been successful for over a year in Köln will make a special edition in Berlin to say goodbye to summer, playing the best of Carioca Funk, HipHop, Tropical Favela and Reggaeton. Come enjoy the last moments of the season dancing down to the ground!
And opening the night, we invited the Super DJ Grace Kelly for this tonight that promises to quake Berlin!

///Entrance: pre-selling 6 Euro box office 10 Euro



*** DJ PR ZS ***

DJ residente da festa, vai fazer tremer tudo e todos tocando os Funks da Perifa e Reggaeton.

*** DJ Grace Kelly ***

DJ que dispensa apresentações, conhecida na noite de Berlin em toda Alemanha. DJ Cross Cultural, ela apresenta música Afrobrazilian e sons latinos como baile funk, filtrados através de Electro e House, e se sente bem à vontade com Oriental Breakbeats e ritmos da Europa Oriental, que completam e aconchegam seu caminho através dessas misturas. A única coisa que Grace Kelly pode garantir é que vai te fazer sacudir muito até sua ultima música!

*** Rafael Baska ***

Conectado com o desenvolvimento internacional da Urban Bass Music, é conhecido por seus sets bastante diversificados. Passeia por ritmos, produzindo e colecionando remixes que valorizam a musicalidade, difundindo a música tradicional e orgânica no universo da música eletrônica, regional e mundial, Fugindo do óbvio une o tradicional ao contemporâneo. É também uma parte ativa da festa Mash It Up!, uma plataforma criativa para Djs, Produtores e Artistas internacionais e locais.

*** DJ Pedrinho ***

O espanhol mais brasileiro da noite alemã vem com tudo tocando muito pancadão.

English version:

*** DJ PR ZS ***

Resident party’s DJ he’ll shake everything and all playing the “Funks da Perifa” and Reggaeton.

*** DJ Grace Kelly ***

She needs no introductions, known the night of Berlin and whole Germany. Cross Cultural DJ, she features Afrobrazilian music and Latinamerican sounds such as Baile Funk, filtered through Electro and House, and feels well at ease with Oriental Breakbeats and Eastern European rhythms which complete and snuggle her way through these mixes. The only thing Grace Kelly can guarantee is that you will be shaking your ass until she leaves the decks!

*** DJ Rafael Baska ***

Connected with the international development of Urban Bass Music, he is known for his very diverse sets. Passes through rhythms, producing and collecting remixes that value musicality, spreading traditional and organic music in the universe of electronic, regional and world music. Escaping the obvious he bonds the traditional to contemporary. He’s also an active part of the feast Mash it Up!, a creative platform for DJs, producers and international and local artists.

*** DJ Pedrinho ***

Comes massive playing a lot Bassbeat and promises to leave no stone unturned!

Nocny Kochanek

Kurwa mać – Nocny Kochanek – Polens Heavy Metal-Band #1, sind schon immer für ihre witzigen Texte bekannt – da bleibt kein Auge trocken.

Bisher haben sie zwei Alben aufgenommen: “Hewi Metal” (2015) und “Zdrajcy Metalu” (2017). In den Polnischen Charts auf Platz 2, überholte ihr letztes Album sogar Metallica innerhalb der ersten 2 Wochen nach Release. Nocny Kochanek füllen Hallen in Polen. Warschau, Krakow etc. pp. – alles restlos ausverkauft!

Sie spielten die letzten Jahre immer auf dem Woodstock Festival. 2017 werden sie es erneut wagen, auf dem Woodstock – dem größten Musikfestival in Polen.

Sie sind ohne Zweifel die Anführer der modernen polnischen Metal-Szene. Bühnenerfahrung bringen sie mehr als genug mit – bei mehr als 100 Konzerten in Clubs und Open-Air jedes Jahr.

Wir freuen uns unsere polnischen Freunde für eine Club Show nach Berlin einladen zu dürfen.

Cześć 2 piwo proszę!


FB Event

Tall Juan

After his “Falling Down” 7” and “Why Not?” Ep produced by Mac DeMarco at Jizz Jazz studio, featuring contribution from Juan Wauters on the drums, Tall Juan comes with a 15 songs 1st Lp “Olden Goldies” (BUFU Records) loaded with energy, love and fun!

Whether it’s ‘Punk’, ‘Garage, ‘Rock’ or whatever, one thing is for sure. Argentinian born/Far Rockaway transplant Tall Juan has managed to evade labels and put out songs that only a Latin Elvis inspired by the Ramones could deliver. Short, fast, and packed with Attitude. Tall Juan’s lyrics are autobiographical nuggets about everything from drug addiction, the perils of dating, to living in Queen

“Why Not?” Ep:

Falling Down 7”:


Royal Comfort: Jimmy Trash, Oska Wald and Big Daddy Mugglestone, all egomaniac band leaders in their own right (Gunpowder Temple of Heaven, Chuckamuck, Sacred Travellers), get together to play storytelling country-psych songs of high drama, bitterness, desire and joy. This time they pump up their jams into electric status, heavy organ instead of clickety piano, warm amplified guitar instead of tightly wound acoustic strings. (Big Daddy keeps his cocktail drumkit tho).


+ Dj Jimourney Sound