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Phoria – Berlin


Phoria sind mit ihrer neuen EP “When Everything Was Mine/Rrotor” zurück. Die fünf Engländer von Phoria baden in einer Wanne voller Lob von Intro, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Zeit Online, Sonic Seducer und Spex. Immer wieder erreichen sie mit ihren Songs die Hypemachine Top 10 (der meistgebloggten Songs weltweit) und ernten die entsprechenden Lorbeeren der bedeutendsten Blogs wie NRP, The 405 & Indie Shuffle. Mit mittlerweile 40 Millionen Plays und 1,1 Millionen monatlichen Hörern, könnte man meinen sie wären in Spotify Playlists zu Hause.



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Livermori Vol. 1

This is the first edition of Livermori, an sporadic event that is focused on the live interpretation of electronic music. Come and dance with us.

For this first edition we will have the LIVE performances of

▬ SDH (Avant!) Semiotics Department Of Heteronyms.

▬ ENTERTAIMENT (Total Black):

▬ DIY1990 (Lobster Theremin):

▬ RAUNE (Econore):

▬ LA MÀQUINA CORRUPTA (Conjunto Vacío): https://soundcloud.com/maquina_corrupta/sets/mmxvi

And after the Live sets, there will be a DJ set until the closing by:

▬ ZK: https://soundcloud.com/eclectica_series/eclectica-series-013-zk

▬ L.M.C.



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The White Dukes + The Victorious Secrets & DJ Afterparty

The White Dukes
carry on Hard Rock and Rythm & Blues into a modern sound. with influences by their idols such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix or Led Zeppelin, they follow into the depths of classic blues, to mix it all up into their very own brand of electrifiying Heavy Blues Rock.

The Victorious Secrets
bad kids love it. good kids love it. don’t be afraid. it’s only rock & roll. it’s not supposed to be safe! Think Ramones meets Eagles of DM!!

Aftershow Party w DJ Eggs Delicious of OPERATORS
and DJ Karo!

Presented by MILK ME & DUSTOWN


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Mobile Kino presents: Victoria

Mobile Kino presents: Victoria


While on holiday in Berlin, a young woman finds her flirtation with a local guy turn potentially deadly as their night out with his friends reveals its secret: the four men owe someone a dangerous favor that requires repaying that evening.

Language: English and German with English subtitles
Film Starts: 20:30 Come early and reserve your spot.


20500_804222236341634_8242221637305989101_nThis Friday we are hosting the Micro Festival from North Africa to Middle East with AUTHENTIC MUSIC – FOOD – CULTURE – AMBIENCE


Belly Dancer – Catherine Mancera

Whirling Derwish – Naïma Ferré


Adirjam – Cosmopolitan KurdesQue



Azana – Hindustani to Chamber Music


Nawa Ensemble – Classic Arabic,Türkish Chamber Music



Nupelda – Melodies from Anatolia, Mesopotamia &Berlin


Paradaidha Project – Santur and Bendir



Saharvash – Oriental Flamenco Jazz



Dj – Set

DJ Cazpera
Dj Badre

Mahir Duman aka Vj Popkins


Shisha and Mokka
Cite de Pera with Fasıl-Rakı-Meze
Roasted Lamb on a Spit
Grand Bazaar with Spices, Costumes, Dried Fruits, Nuts

Grand Opening Chez Mehdi – Cous Cous der Welt


And much more..

Bring your friends and family to share this Authentic and Exclusive Micro Festival together.


Norilsk by Alexander Gronsky


Norilsk by Alexander Gronsky is the latest photobook published by The Velvet Cell in a limited run of 500 copies.

After Pastoral (Contrasto Books, 2013) and Less Than One (Tycoon Books, Japan, 2014), Norilsk is Gronsky’s latest photobook to date based on a photographic series from 2013.

Whereas Pastoral, although clearly located in the soviet suburbia, opens up to nature and people, Norilsk carries a much darker tone: Norilsk is a photographic account of a devastated siberian industrial landscape, a journey through sheer decay and hopelessness, which simply leads nowhere.

Norilsk is a open wound created from the mud of the gulag and whose only objective is the extraction of minerals, achieved in a highly hostile environment and with huge side-effects such as pollution and decaying housing, a semi-abandoned landscape without a nature to reclaim it.

Only mud, concrete, and ice.

The photobook is available in our shop in Berlin and here.