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Top 5 street art & graffiti books of 2016

2016 saw a number of excellent book releases related to street art and graffiti in an ever expanding universe of specialized publications. Berlin-based gallery and bookshop Urban Spree chose 5 outstanding books published in 2016.


Wall Writers – Graffiti in Its Innocence

Edited by Roger Gastman

Published by Gingko Press

c01 Wall Writers fills an important gap in the segment of the historical approach to graffiti as it seeks to document the very origins of modern graffiti and wall writing at the source – New York City and Philadelphia in the late 1960s – and features in-depth research and interviews with major pioneer writers such as Taki183 and Cornbread with a lot of previously unpublished photographic archive.

Wall Writers explores graffiti’s foray into mainstream society in a period of social turmoil and tries to replace it in the culture of the time and up to its current status of a greater acceptance by the society as a popular art form. Alongside the 2012-published “bible” curated by Andrea Caputto “All City Writers“, Wall Writers is a reference book and research on the topic of the origins of the movement.

Wall Writers is also a documentary film written by Chris Pape and directed by Roger Gastman, released in 2016.



by Boris Tellegen / Delta

Published by A Paper Book

15034715_1785472801691571_2663648574205591552_n8697 by the dutch writer & artist Boris Tellegen a.k.a. Delta is a comprehensive time-travel journey encompassing 11 years of black book production. The black books are sketchbooks where a writer sketches, pastes photographs of his pieces, polishes his style and makes research for future pieces. Those notebooks, oscillating between training and memorabilia, are rarely seen by the public and are however an essential part of the writer’s style evolution.

Boris Tellegen started graffiti in 1984 at 14 in Amsterdam and caught the virus while visiting the USA with his father and discovered Seen, Quik, Blade… and later Bando in Paris.

“Between 1986 and 1997, I kept a black book. It was an A4-sized book with a hard cover in which I made sketches and pasted photos of my own grati work. Particularly in the early years, I had the book with me wherever I went. The black book allowed me to show other writers what I’d done. Not everything made it into the book, only the work I was proud of. Gradually, the function of the book changed from portfolio to personal logbook. The black book stayed at home more and more often and I began pasting all kinds of stu in it. However, instead of using suitable glues to paste the photos and sketches, I used poor quality glue such as rubber cement, blue 3M photo mount and adhesive tape. My first book, a Daler, had paper of reasonable quality. When this was full in 1992 I bought another sketchbook. The paper of this one was of very poor quality and yellowed very quickly. Gradually the books began to fall apart. With this publication I intend to give my black books a longer life. For that reason, I have not made a selection of my work, but instead every page from both black books is photographed and accompanied by annotations in the back.”

The book is a luxury object with a thick leather cover and biographical notes where the artist traces the origins of his graffiti style as well as moments and cities which were critical to his formative years.


Conor Harrington: Watch Your Palace Fall

Published by Heni Publishing

conor-harrington-227x300Released by a british art publisher usually specialized in Francis Bacon or Gerhard Richter’s monographs and catalogues raisonnés, Watch Your Palace Fall is a well-deserved achievement for the London-based Irish street artist and painter, whose original graffiti practice evolved to street art and wall painting to a work more focused on studio paintings, influenced by the movement and gesture of graffiti, classical painting from the Siècle d’Or and modern english painting.

The monograph is organized between outdoor works and indoor pieces and is a comprehensive and high-quality book retracing Conor Harrington’s career to date, and is a good example of a successful trajectory from street art to contemporary art circles.



Saeio 2009 – 2014

Published by Editions Peinture

saeio-2009-2014Earlier in the year, French independent publishing house Editions Peinture published the first monograph of the French post-graffiti artist Saeio.

Spanning 5 years of street works from the member of the Parisian PAL Crew, the books distinguishes itself by an elegant and sober layout (rightfully inspired by the seminal CAP Crew book of 2007), and the originality of the paintings. Saeio’s graffiti style and paintings are redefining the practice of wall painting, tagging, and the way public spaces are utilized.

Saeio is blurring the lines of graffiti, deconstructing patterns, and fostering a modern and innovative approach of the genre.


Ericailcane 2000-2015: “Come Quando Fuori Non Piove”

Published by Z000 Press

ericailcane-2000-2015-come-quando-fuori-non-pioveEricailcane 2000-2015 is the first anthology of all the wall paintings by Ericailcane.

Ericailcane is an Italian street artist and painter versed in anthropomorphic, poetic and fairytale wall painting style. Often associated with Blu, Ericailcane brings a sense of wonderment to street painting and the book is an artistic tour de force that follows 15 years of activity with over 250 murals in more than 20 countries.





Thorfine: Flash#1

Flash #1 is the first published book by Thorfine, containing a first selection of pictures. Thorfine is a young French photographer who captures the lifestyle and prowess of many graffiti writers across Europe. Always using cheap analog cameras for their roughness and disposable use, his instinctive and adrenaline-pumped shots are a first rate account into the graffiti sub-culture, not only from a graffiti standpoint but also from a lifestyle perspective. With shots taken in Paris, Brussels, Berlin and Madrid, following and documenting the 1UP, VMD, KSF or PAL Crews, Thorfine’s self published book is in our opinion a major book.

The pictures of Thorfine were part of the Saucisse Curry Group Show at Urban Spree in May 2014 with a selection of 5 large format pictures and 14 mid-sized photographs, some of them being reproduced in the gallery below.

Flash #1 is available for sale at the Urban Spree Gallery in Berlin and online either directly on the photographer’s website or on the Urban Spree webstore.



Bad Stream live A/V
Hainbach live modular
Tony Renaissance live
Hyperaktivist dj-set
Daniel Craig live
konkrit dj-set

Sure, it would have been almost quiet around the ANTIME crew if we hadn’t had the pleasure of releasing a stunning remix bundle for Soft Grid’s 2016 LP »Corolla« late this summer. But that doesn’t mean we’ve been idle in the face of turmoil. On October 28th, ANTIME will return to Berlin’s most beloved musical hub, Urban Spree, for a label showcase that doubles as release party for the brand new digital ANTIME compilation released on the same day.

Label founder Martin Steer has been busy this year perfecting his Bad Stream audio-visual live show and will present the newest results along some old and new faces. The recent Opal Tapes alumnus Hainbach has been performing and collaborating with people from the ANTIME crew for quite a while now and we’re happy to have him back for one of his modular synth sets, just before he sets out for an exciting future with us. Daniel Craig hasn’t been living in Berlin for long, but has rapidly become a very active figure in the city’s experimental underground scene and will bring some of his oneiric trademark sounds this evening. The line-up will be completed by two exciting artists who are completely new to the ANTIME universe. Tony Renaissance from Vienna blends a knack for elegiac pop ballads with a passion for sweaty, contemporary club music into an eerily fascinating whole. The Venezuelan DJ and producer Hyperaktivist, host of the regular Mess nights at Berlin’s Ohm will bring some Industrial and EBM-inspired off-kilter Techno to the party.




Paramour Berlin #1

Hello friends, we are really happy to make our first party in Berlin in a very peace and undergound club with good friends of us behind the decks.


Line Up:

Ali Moghrani (Plaisir records, Memoria, Fr)
FB: https://www.facebook.com/alisoundz/
SC: https://soundcloud.com/alisoundz

Thomas Romain (High Ends, Informal, Fr)
FB: https://www.facebook.com/tohmasmusic/?fref=ts
SC: https://soundcloud.com/thomasromain

Suburbial (What now becomes, Sp)
FB: https://www.facebook.com/Suburbial-120520304719100/?fref=ts
SC: https://soundcloud.com/suburbial

Anto (Paramour, Fr)
FB: https://www.facebook.com/lappache.paramour/?fref=ts
SC: https://soundcloud.com/lappache

Copiright picture: Julian Miquel


Revaler Str. 99/Warschauer Str.
10245 Berlin




*Paramour is a french crew born between pasionate friends by electronic music and djing.

Egyptrixx, Ziúr, Metalized Man, Beastie Respond

– METALIZED MAN (Live – Berlin debut)


Berlin based label Foul-Up presents the launch party for its sophomore release, Metalized Man’s debut album “Losing Your Virginity: Metalized Boy’s First Adventures in Manhood”.


Foul-Up has invited Toronto’s Egyptrixx as a special guest gracing the night with a live set just a few weeks after the release of his fourth album “Pure, Beyond Reproach”.
Since the release of his debut album on Night Slugs in 2011, Egyptrixx’s “celestial club music” has gradually moved further towards abstract territories while never departing the pulse of the club. Over the course of three albums, several EPs and multiple other projects, Egyptrixx has perfected his very own unique strain of high-gloss-industrial techno-centric sharp-edged club deconstructions.
His fourth album comes after a busy 2016, having launched the experimental solo endeavour Ceramic TL, new duo Limit (together with L-Vis 1990, co-founder of Night Slugs) and his NTS show Halocline Trance (sharing name with the record label he formed in 2015).



Also guesting the night is Ziúr, an artist that is – as her biography reads – “dedicated to combining different sonic textures and brainy beats into a functional dancefloor framework”.

Ziúr is a co-founder of BOO HOO, an open-ended Berlin night committed to fighting discrimination. As a DJ her undertaking is equally diverse, with an anarchistic approach she dismantles genre-barriers, something which is perfectly paralleled in her own productions where aggressive brutality is rendered with a strange poise.
Since putting out her self-released debut mixtape mid-2015, Ziúr’s schedule has taken off in regards to both touring and studio work. 2016 saw the release of two EPs (on Infinite Machine and Objects Ltd.) and in 2017, Ziúr will release her debut album as a joint effort between Objects Ltd. and Planet Mu.


METALIZED MAN (Live – Berlin debut)

The night in question will be presenting the Berlin live debut by Metalized Man who on the preceding day will be releasing his debut full length on Foul-Up. The album – titled “Losing Your Virginity: Metalized Boy’s First Adventures in Manhood” – finds the artist showcasing his own unique sound – alien yet familiar, fusing elements from industrial, ambient, techno and trance.
The record follows two previous cassette EPs on Danish imprint Infinite Waves, and was predominantly conceived in live sessions at the artist’s rehearsal space at Copenhagen’s Mayhem.
The album’s press release describes the artist’s sound as “rich of a spectrum that extends from the murkiest shades to the brightest hues with a zest of trancey tropes. ‘Losing Your Virginity: Metalized Boy’s First Adventures in Manhood’ reacts and evolves like a steady biotope submitted to diverse levels of pressure, constantly shifting scales and tempo – from a deep green palette of organic drops and crackles to the sleek vibrancy of multi-faceted synthetic layers – punctured by paranoid ostinatos. ‘Losing Your Virginity…’ shines for setting up its own deeply evocative cinematic playgrounds. Images rise to the surface in a deftly-manoeuvered chaos of sound.”



The urge to fuse elements from different musical periods and styles is the key drive behind the Beastie Respond moniker.
Between 2011 and 2013 Danish label Teal Recordings released Beastie Respond’s first three EPs followed by the debut album “Fictitious Nostalgia”. Over the course of his Teal releases, the artist moved from making distinct drum’n’bass tunes to having his own genre-defying sound.
While over the following years having contributed tracks to Dylan & Loxy’s Cylon Recordings and dBridge’s Exit Records, the proper follow-up to Beastie Respond’s debut full-length came in 2016 with the EP “Back to the Future” on Copenhagen’s Circle Vision imprint.
Now, once again, Beastie Respond has given his own sound a complete makeover ahead of a big new project to come out in 2017.
Expect an ADHD-fuelled melting pot of sounds and unreleased productions in Beastie Respond’s ever-eclectic DJ sets!



Danish-born and Berlin-based Misantrop is the founder of Foul-Up, having released his (and the label’s) debut EP “Limerence” in late 2016.
While a first impression of the EP typically would be one of approaching disparate yet classic club-trajectories, a more detailed listen reveals that the EPs coherence is found in more subtle places – in the more introverted and experimental influences.
A set by Misantrop aims to keep the listeners alert by drawing sounds from a broad sonic territory and embracing stylistic chaos, as well as the occasional foul-up.



After having debuted his maiden video installation at a series of Foul-Up events celebrating the label’s first release, James Nunn now presents the project’s second revision.



FB Event

VAO Collective at Urban Spree

Urban Spree Galerie invites 10 artists of the VAO collective for an exceptional Art Residency in Berlin.

Counded in 1996 by L’Atlas, the collective is celebrating this year 20 years of urban and contemporary creation.


Rooted in graffiti and street art at its inception (“Vandales à l’Origine”), the members of the collective have spread their art in different directions over the years, gaining recognition in the art world while maintaining strong links to the street practice that still define them, from abstract calligraphy and graffiti, “calligrammes”, land art, to minimalism and expressionism.

The Art Residency at Urban Spree is not a retrospective but an exceptional occasion for the artists to work together during a week and redefine what the essence of the collective is about. The exhibition will also introduce the latest member of the crew, the Torino-based minimalist artist CT, who joined the collective in October 2016.

All artworks will be created in situ, in the gallery, on the walls and in the garden during this unique period.

The public is welcome to witness the Residency work-in-progress everyday from November 14th to 17th which will culminate into the Opening on November 18th at 19:00.

On the occasion of the residency, Urban Spree will edit a series of exclusive screen prints with L’Atlas, Tanc and CT, hand-pulled in the screen print studio at Urban Spree.


Participating VAO Artists:



Emilie Garnaud a.k.a Aleteïa, is a French artist who mostly uses sticky tape and spray cans for her works. She defines her work as an urban mythological laboratory, where she collects stories and words. She uses a symbolic and universal language and leads a dialogue which permits her to question anything.




Jules Dedet Granel, aka L’Atlas, is a French artist born in 1978. He began doing graffiti in the early 1990s before co-founding the VAO Collective (“Vandales à l’Origine”) in 1996 with Elger and Koers.

Fascinated by the history of handwriting, he has studied calligraphy in several countries and designed his own typography. He frequently works in public spaces and has become a major figure of the Street Art movement. He has also developed a pictural universe, where he leads the written word towards calligraphic abstraction. His style has made him one of our time’s most interesting young artists, moving from the instant and public forum of street art into prestigious art galleries and progressive art spaces.

He lives and works in Paris.




Babou is an iconic figure in street art and is a graffiti activist in Paris since 1985. Sculptor and urban artist, his practice focuses on the atmosphere and the gesture of the tag. His images seek to recreate the energy and movement of the street, using the city walls as canvas and transforming them into images that question the contemporary Dasein.




Benjamin Laading creates a fresh vision of graffiti with his technical repetition of dots. It celebrates accidentality, degradation, and vandalism, all these undesirable manifestations which disturb the monotony of a functional and controlled environment. His work is like a window between two worlds, which reflects an inner conflict between instinct and reason, which is present in every one of us.




Clyde Knowland finalized a painting technique halfway between calligraphy and drawing. His very gestural work tends to reproduce in an almost abstract way what he calls “an urban jungle” and its energy. Sometimes totems or tribal figures come out of his paintings as buildings and skyscrapers, to give life to these chaotic and inhuman landscapes.




For over a decade, CT has been internationally active with urban art projects. His style has transitioned from a classic graffiti wild style into contemporary minimalism. Working in abandoned and lost spaces, CT searches for the perfect canvas that has the potential to create a contrast from his minimal mark. Graffiti minimalism, a deconstructed form taken to its most basic embodiment while still maintaining its initial concept of letter structure.




Parole is a self-educated artist whose work is multi-faceted, at the crossroads of culture, and draws upon the use of many skills and tools. He developed spontaneous writings where he twists, reforms, and mixes up the letters enough to make them illegible. There are spiritual and sacred feelings and meanings in these writings and in its relationship with art and with life.




Born in 1977. Jonas Bournat a.k.a. SUN 7 lives and works in Paris. He is obviously a child of crossing of word and image, poetry and color, art and street. His art consists of portraits and coded texts creating a subtle play of appearance/disappearance, in which everything related to calligraphy, glyphs and ideograms becomes as unreal as can be, nurturing a sense of mystery. Jonas Sun7’s work has appeared in numerous exhibitions and art fairs since 1997. His work has been exposed in places such as Grand Palais, Fondation Cartier, Espace Louis Vuitton and Palais de Tokyo in Paris.





Tancrède Perrot aka Tanc is an abstract graffiti artist who lives and works in Paris. His unique art is about lines, vibrations and repetition. His work is a mix of tags, of individuals, of music which do not seek perfection, but spontaneity. He is part of a new generation of street artists who are exploring the crossroads of graffiti, action painting and optic art. He is able to touch the viewer in an intimate and immediate way through his action and energy.




Teurk is a French artist who belongs to a distinct group of graffiti artists that emerged around 1990. He develops a very special work: he creates objects, videos, sculptures by mixing art and science. Among other things, he makes metal plates which are inscribed by a grinder, calligraphy which is made out of iron dust and videos which show the organic manipulation of magnets.




Born in 1975. Lives and works in Paris and New Caledonia. Under her classic influences, she was able to discover different media and the city under an other angle. She evolved in her work of plastic art because of her curiosity and her willingness to understand the energy of other disciplines. She has a minimalist approach and it is the moment of seizure of the space, the canvas, the fluid structure, that attracts her more than the paintbrushes.




Request VAO Collective’s List of Available Artworks: galerie@urbanspree.com

(made available on Nov. 18th in the evening)

Press requests: diana@urbanspree.com


VAO Collective at Urban Spree

Residency: 14.11 to 17.11 (Public Hours 12:00 to 18:30)

Opening on 18.11 from 19:00

Exhibition: 19.11.2016 – 02.12.2016

Tu-Sa / 12:00 – 18:30

Urban Spree Galerie

Revaler Str. 99 (Warschauer x Revaler)

10245 Berlin