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Krake Festival Day III w/ Tim Exile, Thomas P. Heckmann & more

Sonic Robots by Moritz Simon Geist – robotic concert album release show
Tim Exile (planet µ, warp) – live
The Quest for a Real Hardhob – silent anime movie with live score
Transistors Of Mercy – live

club floor:
Thomas P. Heckmann (OFFICIAL) (trope)

21Downbeat & T.Raumschmiere (rambazamba, shitkatapult) – live

COAL (deathcrush records) – live
AJA (opal tapes, perc trax) – live


Chloé Lula ([aufnahme + wiedergabe])

Invia (voitax)
MEJLE b2b Milan Hermess – DJ (mechatronica)
WC0016 (allisandnot)

+ 14-22h LABEL BOUTIQUE (label market & raffle)
w/ performance/installation
ONKYO RIEGEL by Matthias Mayer & Khan Of Finland

& more

The Krake weekend kicks off on FRIDAY daytime at Urban Spree with the legendary Krake Label Boutique, a small record fair bringing together Berlin’s underground music labels with around 50 imprints displaying and offering their work in the beautiful outside area. Next to DJ sets and surprise performances rounding off the day, the raffle, which has taken place for the last two years, is a chance to win electronic music production equipment and cool stuff once again!

The night opens with « The Quest for a Real Hardhob« . Originally shown at this year’s Berlinale, the silent animated movie on the dystopian sci-fi tip is completed by a live score from Andrew Millington on drums and cello, and Dave Senan on electronics. During the night expect extraordinary performances in the vast warehouse-like gallery space of Urban Spree, including a rare live performance from extreme vocalist Tim Exile, a multi-hour ambient jam by Transistors of Mercy, and a sound installation titled ‘Sonic Robots‘ by Moritz Simon Geist, whose robotic sculptures produce noises in combination with live techno. While the basement is taken over by DJs showcasing the labels involved in the market, the Concert Room focuses on bands, live acts and DJs experimenting with the darker side of techno. Constantly reinventing himself as a musician, T.Raumschmiere joins forces with 21 Downbeat – an electronic band including several artists with disabilities determined to ignore genre boundaries to arrive at their own explorative take on electronic music. Thomas P. Heckmann (OFFICIAL)plays one of his EBM-fueled techno sets in between AJA‘s psychosexual rhythmic noise and the incredible punk-techno duo COAL.

Facebook Event

Cronovisione Italiana

presents the new release « Cronovisione Italiana » by Carlo Domenico Valyum.

CRONOVISIONE ITALIANA’s concept is a space-time journey by the researcher, experimenter, inventor, Carlo Domenico Valyum, through the TV media since its invention. Graduated in engineering and born in Turin at the end of the nineteenth century.

_ CARLO DOMENICO VALYUM _ A/V live (Undogmatisch)

_ T.RAUMSCHMIERE _ Ambient Set live (Shitkatapult/Kompakt)

_ JD ZAZIE _ dj set (Burp Enterprise)


…“After years of constant work on the development of his machines in February of ’37, Carlo Domenico manages to intercept anomalous audio/video electromagnetic waves. This important finding will be all that remains as a real testimony to his enormous work as a researcher and inventor. No other documents or inventions, to provide evidence of Carlo Domenico’s realisations, have so far come to light; including his much sought after secret diary and personal notes
Since 1939, news of him has become evermore a mystery. Some documents testify to his presence in various places at the same time, creating a sometimes confused map with many question marks but confirming his ability of physical and temporal bilocation,
At the end of August 2014, in Berlin, the existence of the briefcase containing the material intercepted in 1937, recorded on to VHS in the 70s, is casually discovered. And what is immediately clear is that Carlo Domenico Valyum in February 1937 had intercepted and further recorded electromagnetic waves coming from future Italian television broadcasts over a period of time between 1976 up until December 9, 1989, the day before his alleged death.
To date, all the documents are filed together along with the analogue copy under the title Dossier Carlo Domenico Valyum“.



Marco Haas started his musical career as an inventor.
First, he invented a framework, and then himself. Initially, the record company founded by him and Marcus Stolz in Heidelberg served as a mere vehicle for the recordings of his band “Stormbow”. It was the year 1997 and “Stormbow” was an eminently talented band with Marco Haas on drums – one of several eminently talented bands, however, to be found in Baden-Württemberg, the Palatinate, the Ruhr region. Unique, on the other hand, was that newly minted vehicle called “Shitkatapult”.
In 1998, Marco Haas relocated his life and label operations to Berlin – and to the world of electronic music, which he took into his dark heart and as an opportunity to rename himself after characters of a William S. Burroughs story: the Dreamcops, translated into 50’s German as “Traumschmiere” and marked for a new tomorrow by a smartly placed period. T.Raumschmiere was born, and a bold new chapter of electronic music from Berlin was being written. His first full-length releases on Shitkatapult were dedicated to the darkly charged traces of an electronic music that combined bass drum and ambient, snottiness and greatness: Stromschleifen (Shitkatapult, 2000), Zartbitter (Shitkatapult 2002). At the same time, some 12″es were spotted on Cologne’s Kompakt imprint: Boltzplatz (Kompakt 2000), Musick (Kompakt 2001). The latter were big rave news with a terrific sawtooth confidence, an iconized rock masculinity that didn’t only go all jolly and funny, but also big and serious.
On Kompakt, the real shit always pointed more towards Wolfgang Voigt, to the realm of inventions. In 2002, Marco Haas as T.Raumschmiere topped off this era with a milestone ambient double album on the it-label at the time, Chicago’s Hefty, rated artistically worthwhile and endowed with yet another clearcut name from the treasure chest of awesome inventions: Anti (Hefty 2002). Worldwide tours followed quickly.
And it’s precisely here that the next stunner drops: the man, not a studio nerd (although he is), but first and foremost an event beyond compare, a performer extraordinaire who puts rave and techno, rock and roll, live and crass and black and dark all into one word, one riff like never before, in an endless series of smashed tables, exploded mixing desks and open mouths. A star was born. Self-made and crazed-out. The whole shebang got consolidated on a Shitkatapult album, cobbled together from the most important material of the aforementioned releases and one ingenious claim: T.Raumschmiere – The Great Rock N Roll Swindle (Shitkatapult, 2003). A pretty big whopper in the techno circus.
Freak-outs ensued. Daniel Miller had to have it and T.Raumschmiere got signed on Novamute, the club outlet from London’s Mute label, which was just about to swim towards the EMI shark, or rather whale belly. T.Raumschmiere was in the right place at the right time, a big label with towering fellows such as Luke Slater, Plastikman, Speedy J, Motor, Cristian Vogel and so on and so forth. T.Raumschmiere scored a mega hit with Monstertruckdriver (Novamute, 2003) and became a staple in the line-ups of all the essential clubs and festivals.
But by the time his second Novamute full-length Blitzkrieg Pop (Novamute, 2005) came around, he was already sick of it and presented a dumbfounded audience with a rock-primed album full of songs and riffs that carved out their niche somewhere between Nick Cave, Nine Inch Nails and Bohren, also relaunching T.Raumschmiere as an actual live band.
Quite honestly, many were disapointed with the new rock paradigm and the tattooed insolence. Where’s our Sawtooth Rave King? It led right to the demise of EMI, a logical consequence among others. T.Raumschmiere released two more full-lengths on Shitkatapult… the dramatically underrated ambient masterpiece Random Noize Sessions Vol.1 (Shitkatapult, 2006), and his most-accomplished rock album I Tank U (Shitkatapult, 2008). But the fans were still demanding the “Monstertruckdriver” and a T.Raumschmiere trio bravely battled its way through gigs and tours. The next 5 years happened off-road, outside of the mainstream. And the ever-cooperating Marco Haas focussed on his studio work, especially for others such as Dieter Meier of Yello fame, Andreas Dorau, Fraktus, Ofrin or Barbara Morgenstern. In doing so, he also devotes himself to the depth of the technology and its systems. And constantly reinvents himself in the process.
In 2016, Shitkatapult sub label “Albumlabel” presented a pretty big ambient album without a tilte, which Haas recorded together with friend and colleague Ben Lauber (also known as drummer for the T.Raumschmiere band, Dendemann, Olli Schulz or as orchestral arranger and hero of projects). Marco Haas on a mission! Two full-lengths emerge from his collab with Ulli Bomans aka Schieres under the Shrubbn!! monicker (Echos, Shitkatapult 2012, and Europa, Shitkatapult 2016), alongside remixes for Dave Gahan, Warren Suicide or Apparat (for which Shrubbn!! also played support slots in Europe). A series of concerts with the exceptional Jazz/Noise guitarist Caspar Brötzmann (a collaborative 10″ will be released in April 2017 via Shitkatapult) furthered T.Raumschmiere’s steady quest for uncharted terrain. And didn’t exhaust the artist, but rather exploited full potential.
May 2017 will see Cologne’s Kompakt releasing his new, epic solo album called Heimat. Back to the roots – but also into heaven! This new full-length presents another side of T.Raumschmiere, which was always present, but never got much airtime: the artist, the author – the composer with the crystal-clear sound. A wonderful techno album that neither excludes Ambient, nor gets reduced to a constant ass kicking. It’s perhaps the best recording from this man who asks so deeply, so extensively, so much. And at some point even answers.



Born in Bolzano (IT), JD ZAZIE is a DJ, avant-turntablist and sound artist based in Berlin. Coming from a DJ and a radiophonic background JD Zazie has explored over the years different approaches of real-time manipulation on fixed recorded sound.
In her work she redefines DJ and electroacoustic activities. As a solo performer, in small groups or large ensembles she moves in an area which is constantly stretching the borders of what is supposed to be DJ mixing, free improvisation and composed music.
Intended as music instruments CDjs, turntables and mixer are her tools to mix the specific sound-sources she plays (mostly electronic music, electroacoustic music, musique concrète, field recordings and improvised music).
The typology of the sound-sources varies from already existing audio publications and sound effects, to self recorded audio files – as live-set and field-recordings -, to selected pre-mixed material. Juxtaposition, decontextualization, fragmentation, repetition, sonic texture, scratch and error are elements of the grammar adopted to relate, organize and rearrange the sound material.
In her sound installations she explores everyday life, refers to urbanism and relates to sound atmosphere.
She is a member of the Italian label Burp Enterprise and co-runs Staalplaat Radio.
She has participated in numerous exhibitions and events including Simultan festival (RU), Berlin Atonal (DE), All Ears (NO), Heroines of Sound (DE), Reheat festival (AT), High Zero festival (US), Music Unlimited #27 (AT), Tuned City Bruxelles (BE), Open Provocation festival (UK), Festival Rue du Nord (CH), Audiograft 2012 (UK), Echtzeitmusiktage 2010 (DE), STEIM’s Turntable Night #7 (NL), Avantgarde Festival Schiphorst (DE).


Presentation:of Carlo Domenico Valyum « CRONOVISIONE ITALIANA » Limited Edition Box Set hardback bound in cloth with hotstamp (2xLP/VHS/CD/Booklet).

Carlo Domenico Valyum « CRONOVISIONE ITALIANA » (UNDOGMA2) is distributed by ready made Distribution, Audioglobe and on Bandcamp (release date February, 23rd, 2018).

Urban Spree
Revalerstrasse 99

Entrance: 10,- €


Urban Spree Festival at La Station Paris

The first Urban Spree Festival at La Station in Paris is a 4-day musical wandering between Berlin and Paris, oscillating between rock and electro, held in the new cultural space La Station in the north of Paris. On Sunday, for the closing night of the event, the Festival invites the contemporary artist Nicolas Moulin’s record label Grautag with their new project Azuzaria (Vincent Epplay, Ravi Shardja, Pharoah Chromium, Nicolas Moulin).


In addition to the musical line-up, Melchior Tersen‘s photographs will be exhibited during the Festival.

Pass festival 20€ + loc

≡ Jeu. 15 sept. — Urban Spree Fest 1/4
18h30—1h30 | 10 € – préventes 8 € + loc
Event Jour 1 : http://bit.ly/2cFJR2F

≡ Ven. 16 sept. — Urban Spree Fest 2/4
18h30—1h30 | 6 € – gratuit avant 20h
Event Jour 2 : http://bit.ly/2bToyJX

≡ Sam. 17 sept. — Urban Spree Fest 3/4
18h30—1h30 | 6 € – gratuit avant 20h
Event Jour 3 : http://bit.ly/2cjFQz3

≡ Dim. 18 sept. — Urban Spree Fest 4/4
17h30—00h | 6 € – gratuit avant 19h
Grautag Records: Azurazia
Event Jour 4 : http://bit.ly/2ccGvCa

infos : www.lastation.paris
photo cover : Vladimir Besson


≡ Jeu. 15 sept. — Urban Spree Fest 1/4
18h30—1h30 | 10 € – préventes 8 € + loc
Event Jour 1 : http://bit.ly/2cFJR2F

lien prévente : https://www.yesgolive.com/station/follakzoid-belly-button-urban-spree-fest

• Föllakzoid (Live — Bym Records / Sacred Bones Records — CL)
Surgi de son Chili natal, Föllakzoid nous incite à ouvrir bien le grand le troisième œil. Fortement influencé par l’héritage musical de la Cordillère des Andes, Föllakzoid est une expérience de transe psychédélique entre amis d’enfance et en tournée permanente. Ils ont invité l’un des maîtres de la musique électronique allemande, Atom TM, pour un coup de pouce sur leur album.
fb = fb.com/FOLLAKZOID
sc = soundcloud.com/follakzoid

• Belly Button (Live – FR)
Au milieu des années 90, un duo déboule sur la scène rock bordelaise à une époque où celle-ci cherche à s’écarter des poncifs grunge ou power pop. Belly Button a marqué les 90’s et la scène noise post-punk française en prenant sa liberté vis à vis des standards de l’époque, Belly Button rafle la mise. Cet ensemble asymétrique, noisy et vocalisé déclenchera évidemment la valse des étiquettes : de trashcore free, on finira tout simplement par parler de jazz-core.
fb = fb.com/bellybuttonsocialclub
url = bellybuttonsocialclub.com

• Etienne Jaumet (Dj — Versatile — FR)
Etienne Jaumet a commencé sa carrière de musicien avec le groupe Married Monk. Mais c’est en devenant « l’homme aux synthés analogiques » de Zombie Zombie qu’il se révèle. avec Cosmic Neman (batteur de Herman dune), Zombie Zombie sort deux albums influencés autant par le kraut-rock experimental des années 70s que l’avant-garde new-yorkaise. le premier album solo d’Etienne est mixé par la légende techno Carl Craig et depuis, il enregistre, joue ou remixe Emmanuelle Parrenin, Richard Pinhas, Turzi, Alan Howarth, François and The atlas Mountains, Discodeine, Yuksek…
url = soundcloud.com/etienne-jaumet

* * * * * * *

≡ Ven. 16 sept. — Urban Spree Fest 2/4
18h30—1h30 | 6 € – gratuit avant 20h
Event Jour 2 : http://bit.ly/2bToyJX

• Peine Perdue (Live — Medical Records LLC — FR/DE)
Peine Perdue naît de la rencontre de Stephane Argillet, artiste et musicien installé à Berlin (La Chatte, France Fiction) et de Coco Gallo. Leur pop synthétique, délicate et sensuelle retient l’attention de la scène minimal wave et la notre aussi.
fb = fb.com/PeinePerdue
url = soundcloud.com/peineperdue

• Dat Politics (Live — Shitkatapult / Tigerbeat — FR)
« Hot wired dance smash ». Depuis 1999, Dat politics fait partie, sans discontinuer, de l’un des duo électro les plus excitants de la planète, avec des shows à l’énergie déployée sans retenue aucune…
fb = fb.com/datpoliticsband
url = datpolitics.com

• Chris Imler (Live — Staatsakt — DE)
L’un des meilleurs batteurs sur le marché à Berlin, Chris Imler a joué avec Peaches, Maximilien Hecker et Oum Chatt avant de se distinguer aux côtés de Patric Catani au sein de Driver & Driver. Seul aux commandes, il broie de la musique électronique avec du krautrock et il tape toujours aussi bien. C’est son premier concert à Paris (à l’exception d’une belle performance à la Fondation Cartier…).
url = youtube.com/watch?v=sZ9NIaZyRcs

• December (Dj — Blackest Ever Black / Jealous God / In Paradisum / Mannequin / Where To Now ?
— FR)
Après des sorties remarquées sur Items & Things et My Favorite Robot, Tomas More lance December en 2014, side-project passé depuis au premier plan dans lequel il distille des ambiances sombres et radicales mâtinées d’une touche de New Wave et d’Electronic Body Music.
fb = fb.com/decembersounds
url = soundcloud.com/tomasmore

* * * * * * *

≡ Sam. 17 sept. — Urban Spree Fest 3/4
18h30—1h30 | 6 € – gratuit avant 20h
Event Jour 3 : http://bit.ly/2cjFQz3

• Dj Scotch Egg (Live — Load Records — JP)
DJ Scotch Egg (born Shigeru Ishihara) est un producteur japonais de gabber à tendance chiptune (en français, ça veut dire qu’il fait de la grosse techno avec des petites game boys). Pour la petite histoire, a signé sur Load Records après avoir impressioné Lightning Bolt sur scène (qui soit dit en passant en connait un rayon en matière d’impression sur scène). Il a collaboré notamment avec Hrvatski (Keith Fullerton Whitman), Mike Paradinas (Planet MU), The Pipettes ou The Go! Team.
url = youtube.com/watch?v=j1EpOqe-Ym0

• Rancune (Live — Juvenile Delinquent Rec — FR/DE)
Rancune oscille entre garage rock, electronic body music et à peu près tout ce qu’il y a entre les deux. Ces trois français perdus à Berlin déclament leurs hymnes autant en allemand qu’en anglais, tout en jouant d’un assemblage de synthés analogiques, de boîtes à rythmes et d’orgue.
fb = fb.com/dierancune
url = rancune.eu

• Infecticide (Live — Da! Heard it Records — FR)
Bagarre générale. Violence gratuite. Musique bien troussée entre punk et proto-techno. Synthés punitifs et sens de l’arrogance. Tout ça d’un coup.
fb = fb.com/infecticide
url = daheardit-records.net/fr/discography/dhr-24#release

• Debmaster (Live — Egotwister / Cock Rock Disco — FR/DE)
D’un « bancalisme » quasi obsessionnel, Julien Deblois aka Debmaster, lui aussi français en exil à Berlin, joue une sorte de tornade de gangsta bleep music trouvant sa force autant dans le hip hop que dans des genres plus obscurs comme le 8bit moldave ou l’accordéon africain.
fb = fb.com/Debmaster-7920146722
url = soundcloud.com/debmaster

* * * * * * *

≡ Dim. 18 sept. — Urban Spree Fest 4/4
17h30—00h | 6 € – gratuit avant 19h
Event Jour 4 : http://bit.ly/2ccGvCa

Grautag Records: Azurazia
Avec Vincent Epplay, Ravi Shardja, Pharoah Chromium, Nicolas Moulin…
event fb = fb.com/events/967243156717803/
url = grautagrec.com/releases/004/gt004.html


≡ Infos pratiques

La Station – Gare des Mines est le laboratoire du Collectif MU consacré aux scènes artistiques émergentes, fondé sur les vestiges d’une gare à charbon désaffectée. Dans le cadre des Sites Artistiques Temporaires, démarche initiée par SNCF Immobilier.

29, avenue de la Porte d’Aubervilliers, 75018 Paris

Agenda ⟶ http://lastation.paris/agenda
Plan d’accès ⟶ http://lastation.paris/infos-pratiques

Depuis la Porte d’Aubervilliers, marchez en direction du périphérique. Une fois le périphérique dépassé, dirigez vous vers les écriteaux rouges (Raboni et Loxam) et empruntez le chemin sur votre gauche.

En Bus ⟶ Parc du Millénaire (L35 et L239) | Porte d’Aubervilliers (L54)
En Métro ⟶ Porte de la Chapelle (L12)
En Tram ⟶ Porte d’Aubervilliers (T3bis)
En RER ⟶ Rosa Parks (E)


≡ Partenaires de La Station – Gare des Mines
Avec le soutien de SNCF Immobilier et de Point Éphémère, la Région Île-de-France, le département de la Seine-Saint-Denis, la Ville de Paris et la Mairie du 18ème. En partenariat avec Grolsch, Club Maté et Sowprog.

≡ Partenaires médias de La Station – Gare des Mines
Le Bonbon, Time Out, Hartzine, Radio Campus Paris, Kiblind, Noisey et Vice

FB Event

Guido Möbius New LP « Batagur Baska » Release Party, group A, Debmaster, DJ Marius Reisser

MILK ME präsentiert:

Record Release Fest anlässlich der Veröffentlichung des neuen Albums „Batagur Baska“ (Shitkatapult) von Guido Möbius




Auf dem neuen Album von Guido Möbius ist alles organisch verwoben, versetzt oder verkantet. Häufig wechseln die Stücke des Berliners mit den rheinischen Wurzeln subtil die Stimmung, kippen etwa vom Freundlich Milden ins Düster Morbide. Oder umgekehrt. In seinen Konzerten entwirft Möbius nur mit Gitarre, Stimme, Trompete und einer Batterie von in Reihe geschalteten Effektgeräten eine hyperaktive Club-Variante seiner Musik. Unvorhersehbar mutiert etwa ein ausuferndes Techno-Funk-Stück zur Lärmwand, um dann vielleicht von einer a-capella-Passage oder Acid-Bassline abgelöst zu werden. Straff organisierte Arrangements und ausschweifende improvisierte Passagen wechseln sich ab. Jede musikalische Bewegung liegt offen, jeder Tritt auf ein Fußpedal kann vom Publikum mit vollzogen werden.



Das japanische Avant Synth Duo group A war die Überraschung des diesjährigen CTM Festivals. Tommi Tokyo (Synthesizer, Gesang, Perkussion) und Sayaka Botanic (Geige, Tapes) wurden für ihre hypnotischen Schleifen aus dunklen Synth-Bässen, digital verzerrter Stimme und scharfen Akzenten auf der Geige frenetisch gefeiert. Konzerte von group A sind Trips aus Neo-Wave, Neo-Boogie und japanischer Performancekunst. Begleitet von verstörenden Visuals nimmt die Musik der beiden Frauen aus Tokyo vom ersten bis zum letzten Moment gefangen.

Einen Tornado aus bleeps und blonks entfesselt Julien Deblois aka Debmaster in seinen Liveshows. Der Meister der tanzbaren Wackel-Bässe findet Inspiration sowohl in HipHop als auch in obskuren Genres wie Moldavian 8bit oder African Accordion. Seine Konzerte sind immer überraschend, mitreißend und durchzogen von schrägem Humor. Wie ein kräftiger Tritt in den Hintern langweiliger Bassmusik.

Wer die Boiler Room Session mit DJ Marius Reisser miterlebt hat, der weiß, dass wir es hier mit einer Club-Fachkraft erster Güte zu tun haben. Reisser besticht durch extrem wandelbare, frische Sets, die fordernd, aber nie überambitioniert daher kommen. Ein Garant für eine schweißtreibende Nacht.

Mit Videopremiere „Batagur Baska“ von Bernd Luetzeler !!!


FB Event

5YRS of KOMA ELEKTRONIK: Svengalisghost / Violet Poison / T.Raumschmiere / Joke Lanz / Phase Fatale / Unprofessional / Preliminary Saturation

KOMA Elektronik celebrates its 5 year anniversary of building synthesizers with this special event on both floors of Urban Spree.

Purchase presale tickets here: http://bit.ly/20orcER


These artists represent what KOMA is all about with a focus on live electronics sets:

Svengalisghost live (Russian Torrent Versions / L.I.E.S. | US)
Chicago EBM Techno

T.Raumschmiere live (Shitkatapult | DE)
Electro industrial punk

Violet Poison live (Veleno Viola / Hospital Productions | IT)
Mutant live electronics

Joke Lanz live (Schimpfluch Gruppe | CH)
Live turntablist industrial from Sudden Infant mastermind

Phase Fatale (Jealous God / [aufnahme + wiedergabe] | US)
Basement Electronic Body Music DJ set

Unprofessional live (Teknocorpus | IT)
Dual Electribe hard techno

Regolith live (Rock Is Hell / Interstellar | AT)
Live dark ambient

Preliminary Saturation live (Vatican Analog | NL)
Rhythmic industrial live set

Thurston Moog (Nation | US)
Weirdo electronics DJ set

benjamin h live (AMOK Tapes | NZ)
Minimal modular experimentations

LGHTWGHT (Fleisch | AUS)
Acidic beat DJ set

tot (AMOK Tapes | FI)
Dark industrial ambient

Blaise Magee (AMOK Tapes | IR)
Extended and layered DJ set

Visuals by Stan Stencil (CA)



FB Event

T.Raumschmiere (ambient live record release)


T.Raumschmiere (ambient live record release)

President Bongo (solo live record release)
Thomas Fehlmann (dj set) 
Daniel Meteo (dj set)


(ambient live record release)



President Bongo

(solo live record release)



Thomas Fehlmann

(dj set)



Daniel Meteo

(dj set)



Am 27ten November feiert ALBUM LABEL die Veröffentlichungen President Bongo – Serengeti (Alb006) sowie T.Raumschmiere – T.Raumschmiere (Alb007).

Beide Platten erscheinen im Oktober und umfassen die Quintessenz des jungen Shitkatapult Schwester Labels aus dem Hause Random Noize Musick. Marco Haas aka T.Raumschmiere liefert sein siebtes Album ab und spart sich einen Titel. Sein Album, dass er mit Ben Lauber ko-produziert und geschrieben hat, ist ein tolles, ruhiges Schiff auf unrihiger See.
Ein sehr starkes Album im Genrereich Ambient, das er ja früh mit Veröffentlichungen wie Stromschleifen (Shitkatapult) oder Anti (Hefti) beackert hat. Tracktitel wie Anker, Dampfer, Abfahrt rauben einen den Atem. Auf Sleeping Pills and Habits kooperiert er mit der britischen Sängerin Anika auf einem Stück aus Pillen und Rausch. Die gemeinsame Arbeit präsentierten die beiden in voller Länger jüngst beim Festival Pop Kultur zum ersten Mal. Kurz vor seinem Album erscheint ein absurd krudes und tolles Album vom Gus Gus Mann Stephan Stephensen, der seit kurzem in Berlin lebt und auf Srengeti nochmal mit einer Riesenschar Isländischer Musiker und Künstler zusammen arbeitet.
Sein Album ist ein toller Reigen aus elektonika, club musik und conga Wahnsinn, der so organisch daherkommt, wie ein eigenes Land. Umrahmt wird der Abend von Labelmacher Daniel Meteo und dem tollen Thomas Fehlmann, ein bester Freund des Hauses…