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Berlin SolarSoundSystem Launch Feier

Get ready !
After Lausanne, Paris, Marseille, and soon Basque Country and Tel Aviv, the sustainable music revolution is landing on Berlin !

What is it all about ?!
You never heard of the SolarSoundSystem before ? Sit down and take a deep breath.

Relying on the sun photons and the human energy (the more excited, the more power !) SolarSoundSystem creates really special energetical experiences made of music and positive vibes without any need of fossil energies !

We need your energy for this participative event ! Spread the word and invite your friends to pedal and shake their booties on the spatial grooves we are cooking…

Expect a really high class and surgerical line-up with the Best A.R.T.I.S.T.S of the International SolarSoundSystem Collective and the Berlin local cream (Which melt on the tongue, not in the hands!)

Can not wait until there ?? Don’t worry, you can feed your addiction for groovy tunes thanks to our Solar Powered Web Radio : http://radio.solarsoundsystem.org/
24/7 LiveStreamed Shows, Playlist and 100% Sex Pills Ads Free…

M u s i c w i l l s e r v e s t h e E n e r g y T r a n s i t i o n !

Participate or Share our crowdfunding on your social networks, as well as sun and people muscle, we need some Holy CashFlow to make it happen, and feed the energy transition with music and citizen energy —>bit.ly/supportsolarberlin

For any request, question, medical advice or to get involved in some special missions, please contact our special agents on this thread.

Partners : Lemonaid, Wrangelkiez.org, NATIVE INSTRUMENTS

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