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Kid Cash interviewed by Widewalls ahead of his solo show

Kid Cash was interviewed by Widewalls ahead of his solo show “Very Necessary” at Urban Spree.

Widewalls: Let’s start with the title of the show at Urban Spree, “Very Necessary”. It points out the necessity of showing street artworks in a gallery context: what can you tell us about this necessity?

KID CASH: At the end of the 1970s, the works of graffiti artists like Dondi, Lady Pink and Futura were exhibited in galleries. From today’s perspective it seems that the undertaking didn’t work. Around 2005 there was a veritable street art boom and again, there was the will to bring art from the streets into galleries. This development is still going on. Some artists have managed to exhibit their works regularly in white-cube galleries. But in my view, their reputation as „being authentic“ results from their work in public spaces. One fundamental finding is for me that it’s hardly possible to bring authenticity from the streets into the gallery. The reason for this is that is very simple: The space is just different. That’s why the artworks in galleries differ so much from those in the streets. I chose this simple fact to become the theme of my exhibition.

I want to describe an example: When I paint on a wall in the street, the wall tells me some stories. It is full of traces and has different surfaces. It is raw, full of holes, rock-hard, sprayed, and also full of insects. On the streets, people just take a glimpse at walls. The viewers pass by quickly and therefore the murals are quickly recognisable. They were painted to be seen from a distance or sometimes only for being photographed only. That’s why they tend to be relatively rough.

In contrast, when I paint on a canvas in my studio, the canvas is usually smaller than the walls outside in the streets. The surface of the canvas is smooth and it gives way. The fine structure is perceptible. At an artwork hanging in a gallery can be looked at from very close and intensively. The exhibition visitors can take a lot of time to look at the artworks.

For me it’s clear that my artworks on canvases differ from those I paint on walls in public spaces. In a gallery context, I just can’t do the same that I do on the streets! But both approaches get mutually inspired. That’s how I came to the title which became at the same time my topic. (…)

Read the full interview on Widewalls here.


Mit neuem Album im Gepäck kommen die 3 Boys aus Nashville endlich wieder mal nach Deutschland.
& dabei machen sie natürlich auch in Berlin halt um „Chew“ live zu präsentieren.
“The Paperhead have been Nashville’s best-kept secret for years now. The trio of Ryan Jennings, Peter Stringer-Hye & Walker Mimms have crafted three albums of psych-pop perfection, starting with their 2010 album “Focus In On… The Looking Glass” & last leaving us with 2014’s “Africa Avenue”. They return in fine form with their fourth magnum opus, entitled “Chew”. Having been lifelong fans of psychedelia & prog rock, the band found themselves at the forefront of the neo-psych revival, but unlike many of their contemporaries, the band has deftly avoided comparisons to most modern-day psych acts. In their six years as a band, they’ve found a way to straddle four decades of music, cherry-picking elements from a crop ripe for picking. As teens, the members of the Paperhead were Sixties British psychedelia obsessives & it showed – their debut (as The Looking Glass) and their “s/t” 2011 album as The Paperhead (a name taken from a line in Sixties psychedelic group July’s song “My Clown”) both demonstrated a clear understanding of the Floyd/Barrett legacy, mingling lysergic pop with oblique jams. Recent years have seen the trio expanding their sound into something more progressive and experimental, incorporating country rock, AM radio broadcasts, jazz, Zappa-inflected prog-rock and folk. The sheer level of sophistication in the group’s arrangements starting in 2010 at age eighteen can be seen two-fold; an open internet allowed the trio to absorb as much music as they wanted with a keystroke, compounded with a loyal & dedicated core group of friends & allies from bands and record stores in the Nashville music scene with whom they collected records. The Paperhead’s current oeuvre showcases a band whose strengths lie in each other; the raw talent & chemistry flourishes as three minds came together as one with Jennings, Stringer-Hye & Mimms operating in tandem, each anticipating the other’s moves before they make it and whose collaborative spirit reigns in the studio. In most band’s hands, the freedom & convenience of music these days could be a detriment, but rather than committing the cardinal sin of many modern acts by drenching everything in reverb, The Paperhead revel in clarity & melody. The band will stretch out & jam in a live setting, but their recent album’s celebrate structure and, above all – songs. The case can be made that many bands aren’t allowed the time to ripen & mature, most flaming out before they really “lock in” & find their way. With “Chew”, The Paperhead’s time is nigh, and we couldn’t be happier to take a bite.”
25.03.2017 – Berlin, Urban Spree
+ Support
Einlass: 20.00 Uhr / Beginn: 21:00 Uhr
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ANTIME presents Soft Grid, Bad Stream, konkrit

SPEX, Antime & amSTARt präsentieren:


Bad Stream


DJ Set: konkrit

Soft Grid ernährten sich 2016 von abgefressenen Kilometern und beginnen das neue Jahr ein weiteres Mal auf Tour. Nachdem sie im Oktober ihren »Corolla« als LP über ANTIME in den Verkehr entließen, quetscht sich das Berliner Trio ein weiteres Mal auf die Rücklehne und macht im Kofferraum zwischen Drumkit, Synthies und Bratsche Platz für ANTIME-Labelmate Bad Stream und den Resident-DJ konkrit. Es wird ein kurzes, aber nachhaltiges Vergnügen, nach dem es selbstverständlich weitergeht. So angeschlagen ist Soft Grids Corolla nun doch nicht.

Stimmen zu »Corolla«:

»Ein zusammenhängender, vor sich hin mäandernder Strom an, bei dem sich aus jeder musikalischen Idee bereits die nächste herausschält.« – SPEX, Daniel Welsch

»In diesem Album steckt mehr drin als in so mancher zehnalbigen Diskografie.« – LUXEMBURGER WORT, Vicky Stoll

»Soft Grid [konstruieren] ihre wie Momentaufnahmen wirkenden, live eingespielten Stücke aus vielen Schichten und nach genauen kompositorischen Ideen.« ZEIT ONLINE, Vicky Rose


With their debut LP Corolla for ANTIME, the Berlin-based trio Soft Grid captures the explosive energy of its celebrated live shows. Soft Grid was started in 2014 in an abandoned hospital ward by Jana Sotzko (of Dropout Patrol) and Theresa Stroetges (alias Golden Diskó Ship), who had previously been working together in the improvisation project Epiphany Now. After their spontaneously composed and recorded tape release Stingrays was issued through Berlin’s Twaague Records in the summer of 2015, the British drummer and producer Sam Slater was recruited more or less directly from a Berlin dance oor to join the band for live shows. He became a full member in no time. Since then, the three-piece has shared stages around Germany alongside such diverse acts as Des Ark, Milemarker, Messer, or even Tolouse Low Trax.

Corolla is as much of an improvisational effort as their live shows: not really. Just like their gigs – which have all members wandering around to take over duties on synthesizers, bass, guitar, viola, and microphones – Corolla is a carefully mapped out, compositional whole, recorded live over two days in Salon Berlin by Sylvain Livache. It showcases the trio’s taste for ventures into the realms of extreme acoustic sounds and electronic textures as well as their knack for catchy hooks and driving rhythms. Even amidst the heaviest synth breakdowns, there’s something joyful to cling to. Soft Grid make music that is continuously twisting and shifting, which immerses itself in the steady flow of sonic events without losing focus. Anything goes on Corolla, and when it does, the three head in exactly the same direction.

From the massive opening chords of »Herzog On A Bus« to the subtle Chicago-style Post-Rock influences on »Hospital Floor« and the erratic finale which is the title track, Soft Grid create a musical narrative throughout their debut LP which reflects its lyrical themes. While the lyrics of Corolla, themselves a collaborative effort, sample everything from a Werner Herzog documentary to the eerie atmosphere of that hospital ward where the band was born,
there is at least one leitmotiv which ties them together:
Soft Grid are first and foremost concerned with
moving forward. And they will.

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HEADZ UP Vol. LXIV | Monomyth + Vayl

ADVENTURE. MOVEMENT. DISCOVERY. For this year’s last HEADZ UP happening we invite you to attend a collective journey with us. To search for, explore and expand the boundaries of our own musical universe.

➤ MONOMYTH | The Hague, NL

Dutch Space Travel Agency | Suburban Records

Supported by ➤ VAYL | Berlin, DE | Stoner Sludge Metal Take Off
vayl.bandcamp.com | www.vayl.de/home.htm | fb.com/vaylrock

Wed, 14.12.2016
Urban Spree, Berlin
Doors 20.30h | Show 21.00h

VVK: 10,- € zzgl. Geb. | AK 15,- €
Tickets via KOKA36 (ltd. to 100) ➤ bit.ly/2fVVgI5
www.koka36.de | Phone 030 61 10 13 13

Presented by:

HEADZ UP – fb.com/headzupshows

Band descriptions:

➤ MONOMYTH | The Hague, NL

THE VOYAGE. Unleashed from The Netherlands in 2011, with instrumental music as aim and rooted in Space, Trance, Prog, Ambient and Krautrock with trips into Psych, Drone and Stoner, Monomyth is a travel agency, a vehicle and a destination all in one. A collective journey and statement of five like-minded identities from different creative and musical backgrounds, who search for, explore and expand the boundaries of their own musical universe – leaning heavily on a solid foundation of drums and bass guitar, while adding guitar, keyboards and textures layer upon layer. Furthermore moving beyond to another world – to a cosmic playground that feels both new and familiar – an arena where there is no more time or space. A vacuum caused by shifting patterns, repetitions and drones, you can enter in two ways: Simply by closing your eyes and letting the instrumental music transport you. Or with your eyes wide open as you descend into the mind staggering light show. Clear, transparent and trance-inducing.

The Monomyth theory, conceived by Joseph Campbell, incorporates a systematic representation of an adventure, the band translates into a musical form and concepts through the the trilogy of their current records: While three years ago on their self-titled debut calling to adventure and the first exploration of the possibilities, and later on their second record ‘Further’ implementing the main theme of movement, the break through to the great unknown and the fusion to a coherent whole, with their new and third album ‘Exo’ Monomyth completes its own epic trilogy and sets foot ashore with the chapter of discovery – mapping of a completely new territory, a musical Exoplanet, with a few interesting experiments, new elements and surprises the attentive listener will notice. No matter what, the technical possibilities are utilised to perfection – both in music and story.

This is music for “the mind, the body and the soul”. This is… Monomyth.

➤ VAYL | Berlin, DE

ECLIPSE THE SUN. Currently Berlin’s VAyL step more than ever into the scene. With straight, riffs, a deep groove and thundering drums, these three fresh youngsters create a sound with it’s very own character – servin’ you an acoustic armageddon, the slo-mo as well as the thrasher among us bangs his brain off to. The right sound to fuel this night’s spaceship for… take off!

HEADZ UP Vol. LX | Bright Curse w/ Tú Acá No

LET IT SHINE IN THE GRAVEYARD. At another fine Basement Session we gonna present a magical ceremony deep in the dark – bringing the curse of London’s three Heavy Psych wizards over you. Joined by three further psychedelic magicians conjuring for the first time in town. Welcome:


Hypnotizing 70s Heavy Psych Hard Rock Wizards | HeviSike Records
brightcurse.bandcamp.com | wwwbrightcurse.com | fb.com/brightcurse

➤ TÚ ACÁ NO | Dresden, DE

Psychedelic 70s Garage Blues Magicians | Big Bricks Music
tu-aca-no.bandcamp.com | fb.com/tuacano

Wed, 19.10.2016
Urban Spree Basement
Doors 21.00h | Show 21.30h

VVK: 10,- € zzgl. Geb. | AK 10-12,-€
Tickets via KOKA36 ➤ Presale starts Mon (03.10.)
www.koka36.de | Phone 030 61 10 13 13

Presented by:

HEADZ UP – fb.com/headzupshows
Urban Spree – www.urbanspree.com
KOKA36 – www.koka36.de

HEADZ UP Vol. LIX | Blaak Heat w/ Cosmic Fall

Wind blown across vast landscapes of mystic castles, nightly deserts, mescaline dunes and infinite space, the peace within, we welcome “one of the most exciting Psych bands around” (New Noise Magazine) in the deep dark of Urban Spree. Building an altar to heavy riffage, mind expansion and social insurgencies as part of our Basement Sessions go to experience:

➤ BLAAK HEAT | Los Angeles, USA | Paris, FR

Shifting Middle Eastern Heavy Psych Prog Nomads
w/ ex-members of SPINDRIFT | Tee Pee Records | Svart Records
bit.ly/2bBrxVA | fb.com/blaakheat

➤ COSMIC FALL | Berlin, DE

New Born Psychedelic Stoner Rock Sons
cosmicfall.bandcamp.com | fb.com/cosmicfallband

Fri, 30.09.2016
Urban Spree Basement
Doors 21.30h | Trip 22.00h

VVK: 10,- € zzgl. Geb. | AK 10€
Tickets via KOKA36 ➤ bit.ly/2caSgY3 | ltd. to 90
www.koka36.de | Phone 030 61 10 13 13

Presented by:

HEADZ UP – fb.com/headzupshows
Total Volume – www.totalvolumeagency.com
KOKA36 – www.koka36.de

Band descriptions:

➤ BLAAK HEAT | Los Angeles, USA | Paris, FR

THE PEACE WITHIN. Like an Anatolian fever dream, BLAAK HEAT engulfs your mind in images of mystic castle mirages, slamming body and soul into an ocean of reverb fuzz – drawing from the Middle East as naturally as from California’s deserts and beaches. The end-result is a timeless, vivid and brain-stretching blend of thundering bass-driven Psychedelic Rock with Arabian tonalities and elements of Garage, Lo-fi Surf, 70s Kraut as well as Morricone Classic Western film soundtracks – an altar to heavy riffage, mind expansion, and social insurgencies. Formed in Paris, France by guitarist/singer Thomas Bellier (ex-Spindrift) in 2008 Blaak Heat relocated to Los Angeles in 2012 – and later added former SPINDRIFT bandmate Henry Evans on bass. After extenisve European and American tours, one EP, two LPs and multiple collaborations with the likes of Nobel Prize-nominated Gonzo poet Ron Whitehead, Blaak Heat just released its third full-length ‘Shifting Mirrors’ – produced by Grammy Award-winner Matt Hyde (Slayer, Monster Magnet, Deftones) on Svart Records and Tee Pee Records. We are glad, after their sets at i.a. Duna Jam and E-lite-culture Festival, to serve you “one of the most exciting Psych bands around” as the New Noise Magazine states.

For fans of: Hawkwind, Farflung (official Site)Black MountainWHITE HILLSEarthlessSamsara Blues ExperimentSACRI MONTI

➤ COSMIC FALL | Berlin, DE

ROAD TO UFA. Whatever fell from the cosmic sky, it landed in our home town Berlin. And is ready to take your mind on a beautiful journey. No matter what, these guys seem legit by just representing themselves in their band description as “A Psychedelic Stoner Rock band from Berlin’ – if the country wouldn’t have resurrected enough of this kind. Anyway this new trio acts highly professional, even bringing Earthless-level Heavy Psych into the local scene! With that said we highly recommend to listen to their first work ‘Cosmic Fall’ – taking you into the endless universe, the lonely desert and the depth of the ocean as relaxing sounds and moody melodies will go along with you on this journey. Do you smell it? It’s time for another take off!