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Book Release: Risomania

As part of the 1st Berlin Risofest, Urban Spree invites you to the Book Release of the english version of Risomania on Friday 05.05.2017 at 19:00.

Risomania is a book project of Berlin-based book designers Vetro Editions and is the first complete monograph on the topic of Risograph and the unexpected renaissance in graphic and analogue printing.

The book provides a thorough overview of the history and development of the technique and looks at other, earlier stencil-duplicating machines, which are also being used more and more widely, among them the Mimeograph and Spirit Duplicators. Filled with beautiful examples of print series, postcards, zines, yers, and other experimental prints, Risomania is the bible of Risograph and DIY printing.

The book is available on the Urban Spree webstore here.

One example of a risograph print by Bene Rohlmann featured in the book can be found in the store here as well as the first risograph book of Urban Spree Books, ‘Twoone: Berlin 2014-2016“, a 3-colour riso zine printed in Berlin by Drucken 3000.

Top 5 street art & graffiti books of 2016

2016 saw a number of excellent book releases related to street art and graffiti in an ever expanding universe of specialized publications. Berlin-based gallery and bookshop Urban Spree chose 5 outstanding books published in 2016.


Wall Writers – Graffiti in Its Innocence

Edited by Roger Gastman

Published by Gingko Press

c01 Wall Writers fills an important gap in the segment of the historical approach to graffiti as it seeks to document the very origins of modern graffiti and wall writing at the source – New York City and Philadelphia in the late 1960s – and features in-depth research and interviews with major pioneer writers such as Taki183 and Cornbread with a lot of previously unpublished photographic archive.

Wall Writers explores graffiti’s foray into mainstream society in a period of social turmoil and tries to replace it in the culture of the time and up to its current status of a greater acceptance by the society as a popular art form. Alongside the 2012-published “bible” curated by Andrea Caputto “All City Writers“, Wall Writers is a reference book and research on the topic of the origins of the movement.

Wall Writers is also a documentary film written by Chris Pape and directed by Roger Gastman, released in 2016.



by Boris Tellegen / Delta

Published by A Paper Book

15034715_1785472801691571_2663648574205591552_n8697 by the dutch writer & artist Boris Tellegen a.k.a. Delta is a comprehensive time-travel journey encompassing 11 years of black book production. The black books are sketchbooks where a writer sketches, pastes photographs of his pieces, polishes his style and makes research for future pieces. Those notebooks, oscillating between training and memorabilia, are rarely seen by the public and are however an essential part of the writer’s style evolution.

Boris Tellegen started graffiti in 1984 at 14 in Amsterdam and caught the virus while visiting the USA with his father and discovered Seen, Quik, Blade… and later Bando in Paris.

“Between 1986 and 1997, I kept a black book. It was an A4-sized book with a hard cover in which I made sketches and pasted photos of my own grati work. Particularly in the early years, I had the book with me wherever I went. The black book allowed me to show other writers what I’d done. Not everything made it into the book, only the work I was proud of. Gradually, the function of the book changed from portfolio to personal logbook. The black book stayed at home more and more often and I began pasting all kinds of stu in it. However, instead of using suitable glues to paste the photos and sketches, I used poor quality glue such as rubber cement, blue 3M photo mount and adhesive tape. My first book, a Daler, had paper of reasonable quality. When this was full in 1992 I bought another sketchbook. The paper of this one was of very poor quality and yellowed very quickly. Gradually the books began to fall apart. With this publication I intend to give my black books a longer life. For that reason, I have not made a selection of my work, but instead every page from both black books is photographed and accompanied by annotations in the back.”

The book is a luxury object with a thick leather cover and biographical notes where the artist traces the origins of his graffiti style as well as moments and cities which were critical to his formative years.


Conor Harrington: Watch Your Palace Fall

Published by Heni Publishing

conor-harrington-227x300Released by a british art publisher usually specialized in Francis Bacon or Gerhard Richter’s monographs and catalogues raisonnés, Watch Your Palace Fall is a well-deserved achievement for the London-based Irish street artist and painter, whose original graffiti practice evolved to street art and wall painting to a work more focused on studio paintings, influenced by the movement and gesture of graffiti, classical painting from the Siècle d’Or and modern english painting.

The monograph is organized between outdoor works and indoor pieces and is a comprehensive and high-quality book retracing Conor Harrington’s career to date, and is a good example of a successful trajectory from street art to contemporary art circles.



Saeio 2009 – 2014

Published by Editions Peinture

saeio-2009-2014Earlier in the year, French independent publishing house Editions Peinture published the first monograph of the French post-graffiti artist Saeio.

Spanning 5 years of street works from the member of the Parisian PAL Crew, the books distinguishes itself by an elegant and sober layout (rightfully inspired by the seminal CAP Crew book of 2007), and the originality of the paintings. Saeio’s graffiti style and paintings are redefining the practice of wall painting, tagging, and the way public spaces are utilized.

Saeio is blurring the lines of graffiti, deconstructing patterns, and fostering a modern and innovative approach of the genre.


Ericailcane 2000-2015: “Come Quando Fuori Non Piove”

Published by Z000 Press

ericailcane-2000-2015-come-quando-fuori-non-pioveEricailcane 2000-2015 is the first anthology of all the wall paintings by Ericailcane.

Ericailcane is an Italian street artist and painter versed in anthropomorphic, poetic and fairytale wall painting style. Often associated with Blu, Ericailcane brings a sense of wonderment to street painting and the book is an artistic tour de force that follows 15 years of activity with over 250 murals in more than 20 countries.






Urban Spree is a 1700 sqm artistic space in Berlin-Friedrichshain dedicated to urban cultures through exhibitions, artist residencies, DIY workshops, concerts, an art store and a large Biergarten.

Within Urban Spree, the Urban Spree Galerie is a 400 sqm independent contemporary urban art space. Set in a 70.000 sqm postindustrial compound in the heart of Berlin, the gallery benefits from its large urban grassroots ecosystem and offers its invited artists and photographers an ideal space for experimentation through ambitious on-site residencies. The gallery curates independent art shows on a monthly basis, which most likely include the painting of the whole compound and its flagship “Artist Wall“, a 15 m long x 8 m high wall surface facing Warschauer Str., one of the busiest arteries of Berlin, counting 100.000 visitors/day. Artists who painted the wall in the past include Above, Klone, Zevs, Broken Fingaz Crew, Twoone, Low Bros, Nychos, 1UP Crew, The Grifters, Peachbeach, Rylsee, m-city, Johannes Mundinger, Jim Avignon, Mik Shida, Anthony Lister and many more.

The Urban Spree Bookshop is located in the gallery and displays a hand-picked, organic selection of street art, graffiti and photography books whose common thread is a vision of cities, post-industrial & decayed spaces. The shop includes a large selection of screen prints made by local & international street artists whom we personally know. The Print Shop also offers an array of locally-designed and produced screen printed T-Shirts. To accompany our rich selection of zines and self published books, we launched Urban Spree Books in 2017 as a new venture to promote self-publishing.

Artist Residencies are at the core of our artistic ecosystem. A mix of permanent, medium term and guest studios, the residencies irrigate by their creativity and artistic contributions what Urban Spree is about. Currently, our residents include Andrea Wan, Rylsee, Tavar Zawacki/Above, Johannes Mundinger, Tine Fetz and the screen printing activities of Dolly Demoratti’s Mother Drucker.

Regular DIY workshops such as the monthly Make Your Own Sign powered by Rylsee and Klub7’s Otto Baum, engage our guests in creative activities.

Urban Spree’s Concert Room is dedicated to live music with a high level programming and a large musical spectrum from garage, psych rock to cutting-edge electronic music. In addition, Urban Spree organizes the Urban Spree Summer Sessions, showcasing the best street musicians that Berlin has to offer every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening in the Biergarten.

Urban Spree is home to many festivals and events, such as the Pictoplasma Festival, Krake Festival, ComicInvasionBerlin, Berlin SeaFood Festival, Amaze Festival, Midsommar Festival, Druck Berlin Festival, Berlin Graphic Days, outdoor screenings, diner events and many more.

The Biergarten is the place to chill in summer with its own selection of local and german craft beers.

Resident street food container units provide our guests with homemade food around the clock.

The Galerie and Bookshop are open Tu-Sa from 12:00 to 18:30.

Please kindly note that the gallery doesn’t consider at the moment submission of portfolios and exhibition projects. Contact: galerie@urbanspree.com

For all questions pertaining to the rent of Urban Spree for festivals, conferences, caterings and workshops, or for any general queries, please write to contact@urbanspree.com

For all questions relative to musical programming, please write to booking@urbanspree.com. We don’t reply to booking requests submitted through social networks.

Press and Communication : contact@urbanspree.com

For internship applications, please write in english or german to internships@urbanspree.com. A good level of german is compulsory for applying to a gallery’s internship.

Other useful emails:





Urban Spree – Revaler Strasse 99 – 10245 Berlin – Allemagne

Office Phone Number: +49 30 740 78 597


Street Art Meeting // Winter Edition 2014

1896771_1447771355453933_15102162_nSTREET ART MEETING // Winter Edition 2014

<< Street Art Festival & Exhibition with Street Artists and like-minded Individuals from All Over the Globe, including some Berlin Street Art Legends, Graffiti Kings and City Heroes… Curated by Alesh One / DZT!

DAY 1 >> Fr 21. Februar 2014 / 13:00 till late
STREET ART MEETING 2014 / Winter-Edition
>> During the night: Party in the Club till you can’t dance!
On the wheels of steel: MITCH ALIVE (Funkstation) & some special guests!

>> OPEN STUDIOS / GALLERY 21.-23.02.2014 
(open daily from 13:00 till late)
We are transforming the whole location into one huge open studio and gallery, where artists will be working and exhibiting during the event from friday till sunday.
Come by and visit us to catch some original art works or just to have a look over the artist shoulder…
Support your local vandals! There will be a small corner shop where you can get some stickers, tshirts and other merch from your favorite artists.

>> SCREENPRINT CLASH / 14:00 / 17:00 / 21:00
We are holding screen print sessions and workshops with selected artists from friday till sunday (3 times a day / registration necessary).
Some of the artists are screenprinting on your favorite tshirts and stuff you bring…
There is a limited capacity for the daily screenprint sessions in the studio – early registrations welcome! But dont worry – there are plans for some “wild-sessions” in the gallery.

Bring your BlackBooks and get em signed or just sketch with us. There will be a corner where kids and addicts can sketch their latest ideas. > OPEN CALL FOR ARTISTS! < Show us your stuff (Sketchbook, Portfolio, Photos) and become a part of the Street Art Meeting / Main Event in the Summer of 2014.

Some of us are Sticker-Maniacs and we won´t stop… Share or trade your stickers with others. There will be a peep-show of selected stickers during the SAM event powered by the Sticker Museum Berlin and attending artists. Please dont cry if you miss it!

>> STREET ART TOURS // Day´n Night
We are holding guided Street Art Tours > twice a day 15:00 / 21:00 (registration at the SAM Info-Point necessary). Walk the streets of Berlin to check out the latest Pieces / Guided by Artists.

(Screenings will be announced during the event in our “DarkRoom Cinema”)
Step into the world of street art and graffiti and slide into the night. Peep behind the scenes and have a look through the artists eyes. We are screening some dope flix and exclusive movies.

DAY 2 >> Saturday 22. Februar 2014 / 13:00 till late
STREET ART MEETING 2014 / Winter-Edition

Exhibition / Open Studios / Screenprint Clash / Sketch Club / Stickeria / DarkRoom Cinema / Party with Live-DJs

DAY 3.0 >> Sunday 23. Februar 2014 / 13:00h – 18:00h
STREET ART MEETING 2014 / Winter-Edition

Exhibition / Open Studios / Screenprint Clash / Sketch Club / Stickeria / DarkRoom Cinema

From 20:00 SOLO PIANO CONCERT @ Urban Spree Gallery / Tigran Hamasyan
Check http://urbanspree.com/blog/event/tigran-hamasyan-live-in-berlin for info and admission!

MOVIE NIGHT from 18:00 till open end
>> we hope you join the long movie night and afterparty in the club with Sketch Battles and fun!
Open from 20:00 till the morning!

DAY 3.1 >> Sunday 23. Februar 2014 / 7pm till late
STREET ART MEETING 2014 / The Exhibition
Art Show on 2 Floors / UAC Art Space
Generator, Oranienburger Str. 65, 10117 Berlin-Mitte

After 3 days of action, creativity and collaborations, there will be a final exhibition of the STREET ART MEETING
23. Februar – 25. May 2014 at the Urban Art Clash art space in Mitte.

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Berlin Graphic Days #3 at Urban Spree


On Monday, January 20th, 2014, starts the first major art event of 2014 at Urban Spree: the BERLIN GRAPHIC DAYS#3, organized by BERLIN PIECES, showcase the best of the current graphic design, illustration, street art & graffiti scene. The whole week is paced with multiple exhibitions and live performances by artists such as Jim Avignon (don’t miss his live performance and DJ set for the vernissage on Monday), the charity skateboards initiative ‘Boards Without Borders‘, the Friedrichshainer street artist Lake, a screen print installation by Matthias Gephart, or a 2-day live painting & music programme organized by Urban Art Clash.

On the weekend (25 & 26 of January 2014), the Berlin Graphic Days Market takes place with over 60 artists exhibiting and selling their art production.

On the first floor, the Urban Spree resident artists will present their latest production (Rylsee, Andrea Wan, Johannes Mundinger, Tine Fetz & Slava Ostapchenko). The brilliant exhibition of Daniel T. Geiger, “Alles braucht seine Zeit” in the Artists’ curated section on the first floor is being extended until Sunday, January 26th.

On the same floor, the Urban Spree Shop (usually in the gallery) will have a selection of its best street art / illustration / graphic design books + prints for sale (selection of works from Klub7, Péter Janos NovakBroken Fingaz etc…).


Programm BGD Exhibition 20. bis 24.01.:
20.01. | Mo 19 Uhr Eröffnung mit Live-Performance von Jim Avignon + DJ-Set von Magritte Jaco | Eintritt 3 Euro
21.01. | Di 13-19 Uhr Exhibition + Live-Tape-Art Klebebande| Eintritt frei
ab 19 Uhr Live-Painting mit Lake + DJ-Set | Eintritt 3 Euro
22.01. | Mi 13-19 Uhr Exhibition | Eintritt frei
ab 19 Uhr Live-Painting mit Andreas Preis, Ola Liola uvm. + Versteigerung von künstlerisch gestalteten Skateboards mit Boards Without Borders + DJ- Set von Marc Schütt & Cruz to Cruz
23.01. | Do 13-23 Uhr Exhibition, Kunst-Tombola & Live Painting mit Urban Art Clash Künstlern: Czarnobyl, El Bocho, Rafa Alvarez (Brooklyn/NYC), Innerfields, Pinche (Madrid), Cren One, Michal Mráz (SK), Pao Delfin (Mexico), One Truth (CH), Haevi, Anastasia Bydolin, Phos-4, Oibel (CH), JuliaH, Age Age, Stereo Heat, Karl Kenz, Christopher Kieling, Bender,  Valerio Vittozzi (Italy), Benzo (Sandiago, Chile), Maleek, Kevin Gray and others. | Eintritt 3 Euro
ab 19 Uhr Live-Painting mit Urban Art Clash + Party / Live Musik mit MITCH ALIVE (SoulClap / Funkstation) and very special guests | Eintritt 3 Euro
24.01. | Fr 13-19 Uhr Exhibition, Kunst-Tombola & Live Painting mit Urban Art Clash Künstlern: Czarnobyl, El Bocho, Rafa Alvarez (Brooklyn/NYC), Innerfields, Pinche (Madrid), Cren One, Michal Mráz (SK), Pao Delfin (Mexico), One Truth (CH), Haevi, Anastasia Bydolin, Phos-4, Oibel (CH), JuliaH, Age Age, Stereo Heat, Karl Kenz, Christopher Kieling, Bender,  Valerio Vittozzi (Italy), Benzo (Sandiago, Chile), Maleek, Kevin Gray and others. | Eintritt 3 Euro
ab 19 Uhr  Live-Painting mit Urban Art Clash + Musik programm + Funky Party. Die Gewinner der Tombola werden um 20h bekannt gegeben. | Eintritt 3 Euro


Programm BGD Market 25. & 26.01.:
25.01. | Sa 13-22 Uhr Market | Eintritt 3 Euro
ab 22 Uhr Berlin Graphic Days Party
26.01. | So 13-19 Uhr Market | Eintritt 3 Euro


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The Urban Spree Project

In the course of June 2012, The Urban Spree project will come to life.

After more than a year of hard work, heavy location scouting, and planning, we are very excited to launch soon our new Berlin-based project, Urban Spree.

Located within the R.A.W. Tempel’s compound, one of the last alternative places in the district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Urban Spree is a multi-faceted initiative focused on the City.

Berlin’s fascinating history and contemporary urban redeployment makes it a location of choice in Europe to exhibit urban cultures, mixing thoughts and artists in a vibrant and stimulating environment.

Our objective is to build a creative exhibition space mixing artists inspired by cities, urban landscapes, industrial legacies, urban decay, urban utopies, megalopolis, transportation and energy, ecological practices…  in a large display of creative talents (street and graffiti artists, photographers, musicians, plasticians, authors, illustrators…).

We wish to invite artists whose work, while not necessarily focused on Berlin, revolves around the City and captures its mutations through a wide variety of media and urban practices. It is also intended to develop a particular relationship with non-Berliner artists and encourage them to showcase their work in Berlin and develop bonds with the city, its inhabitants and visitors.

Urban Spree is shaped around four pillars:

–  The Ateliers/Artists’ Labs where artists and designers produce their work in an open, collaborative way and engage with the public through creative, DIY workshops;

– An indoor/outdoor exhibition space devoted to street art, urban photography, and street cultures;

– A store devoted to urban cultures with our selection of books documenting street art, photography, street cultures + magazines, documentaries, music, as well as limited editions screenprints and t-shirts crafted in the Ateliers by our resident or visiting artists;

– An outdoor space consisting of mobile street food and bar units.

Construction work will now begin.

We’ll be posting frequent news on the progress of the works during the month of May through the Blog, facebook and twitter of Urban Spree.