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Twisted Animals

Vor Mitternacht: 5 €
Nach Mitternacht: 7 €

Beginn: 22:00 Uhr
Ende: 06:00 Uhr


Before Midnight: 5€
After Midnight: 7€

Kevin Rangel [Sleepless Musik]

Retro Spectrum [Stein]

Federico Laria [Axl]

Julek Tarasiuk b2b Janak (PL) [BAS]
https://soundcloud.com/julektarasiuk ||| https://soundcloud.com/janakjanak

JEPE [Perce]

with live band [22h 30m]
Moribones (UK)


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„Musik, zu der sich wunderbar Bier verschütten lässt.“ – (Lie In The Sound). Mit einem Bandnamen, wie ihn die Afterpartees tragen, eilt einem der Ruf voraus: seit ihren Gründungstagen steht das niederländische Quintett für ausufernde Live-Shows und eine wilde Mischung aus energetischem Indie-Pop, schlagkräftigem Punkrock der Siebziger und herzzerreißendem Powerpop. Bei den Afterpartees beinhaltet die Goodie-Bag jedoch akrobatische Turneinlagen und selbstverständlich steht auch jeder auf der Gästeliste.

Moment mal, das mit den „Partyanimals“ kennen wir doch schon aus dem hohen europäischen Norden? Kritikern sei direkt gesagt: Was Kakkmaddafakka für Norwegen sind, das sind die Afterpartees nicht weniger für die Niederlande.

Den erneuten Beweis liefern unsere Lieblingsnachbarn nun mit ihrem zweiten Album „Life Is Easy“, das am 16.03.2018 via Excelsior Recordings erscheint. Wie bereits das Debüt-Album „Glitter Lizard“, mit dem die Afterpartees unter anderem auch bei Circus HalliGalli zu Gast waren, kombiniert „Life Is Easy“ gekonnt Gelassenheit und Bewegungsdrang.

Getreu dem Motto „Das Leben ist einfach“ sind mit Songs wie „Ultimate Worries“, „Easy Money“ oder dem Titel-Track „Life Is Easy“ zwölf Lobeshymnen an die positiven Seiten des Lebens entstanden, bei denen jegliche Form von Trübsinn keinen Platz finden. Stattdessen wechseln bei griffige Gitarrenriffs und schönen Pop(!)-Melodien Verwunderung und Verzückung. Tracks wie „Somewhere“, „I Like Your Heart“ oder „Let’s Talk It Over“ machen schnell deutlich: den Afterpartees wurde offensichtlich die Formel gegen den Winterblues in die Wiege gelegt. Nicht umsonst wird ihre Heimatregion Limburg auch als holländischer „Sunshine State“ bezeichnet.

Ihren hohen Unterhaltungsfaktor haben die Afterpartees jüngst auf vier Showcases beim diesjährigen Eurosonic Noorderslag – dem niederländischen Pendant zum Reeperbahn Festival – unter Beweis gestellt. Im Mai steuern die Niederländer ihren Wohnwagen Tourbus dann auch endlich durch Deutschland!


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Night Shift premiere ft. Petra Flurr

Lenny Cartwright presents: Night Shift
23H30 – 06H00

Night Shift is a LGBT+, hetero inclusive bimestrial event.


Berlin, there’s a new Queer party in town. And it is going to be DARK.

The sun comes down and with it the day shift comes to an end. It is time for the night shift to take over.

Creatures of the night, replicants, angelic faces and spectators hungry for strangeness give themselves to the carefreeness of the 80s in a club turned for a night into a house of the underground.

On the program: Live Concert, Drag Shows, New Wave, Synthpop, Dark Wave, Goth, Minimal Wave, EBM, Post-Punk, Italo-disco and Retro Wave.

For its premiere, Night Shift is honoured to welcome to its stage a staple of Berlin goth and queer night life : Petra Flurr, for a live concert.
Petra Flurr consider themselves a provocateur and self-destroyer. They started doing music back in 1996 with experimental projects collaboratng with artists between Berlin and Madrid.
Petra Flurr is an queer, feminist and animal activist who fights for their beliefs through their music influenced by the late 70s and early 80s (Synth, NdW, Punk).
You might also know them as being the renowned producer of events such as Sabbat and the Warsaw Radical Queer Festival from 2008 to 2011.

At the DJ booth, our resident DJs will take you back to the sweet effervescence of the 80s with New Wave, Synthpop, Dark Wave, Goth, Minimal Wave, EBM, Post-Punk, Italo-disco and Retro Wave beats.

On the drag stage, our hostess Ghōst will be joined by Antina Christ and Bambi Mercury to bring you the craziest and darkest drag show you have ever seen.

We pride ourselves on being a safe space for LGBTQIA+ individuals, their allies, and women: our team consists predominantly of female-identified (gay, bi or straight) and queer-identified folks.
All of our DJs and our drag performers are individuals who identify as being part of a counter-culture and our drag shows also fall under the umbrella of our music genres for a complete immersive experience.



Al Niklaus [Berlin] (New Wave, Synthpop, New Beat, EBM, Minimal Wave, Retro Wave)
Bunker Bal [Paris] (New Wave, Synthpop, Synthwave, Goth, Post-Punk)
► Inept Pernicious [Berlin] (Dark Wave, Minimal Wave, EBM, Industrial)


Petra Flurr Official [Berlin]


Ghōst [Berlin]
Bambi Mercury [Berlin]
Antina Christ [Berlin]


Reality Pill

Flyer by Mika Soula.

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Dälek • Debmaster

Veteran agitators dälek have never been ones to stick within the rigid parameters of genre. A group who seemingly hold the utmost contempt for conservative expectations regarding form, instead pioneering a volatile and timeless strain of hip-hop, drawing as much from My Bloody Valentine as Public Enemy. These practitioners of noise fuelled depravity are back with a whole new album, entitled Endangered Philosophies, their follow up to last years Asphalt for Eden, scheduled to come out via Ipecac Recordings September 1 2017.

With Dälek, the flow has often been usurped by scorched textures, the product of synthetic decay, themes flitting from pungent political rage through to outright Dionysian frenzy. On Endangered Philosophies, the lyrics are more focused and at the forefront than ever before, and MC Dälek’s new experiments with rhyme styles and flow makes for a vital concoction. There’s no doubt about it, Endangered Philosophies is a work of guttural catharsis, it is a call to arms…

Within the context of the current political landscape, the title Endangered Philosophies certainly brings to mind pertinent issues of moment, notably the rampant rise of anti-intellectualism, as well as the all too rapid erosion of genuinely progressive values in the face of fearful reactionary forces. In MC Dälek’s own words…“Endangered Philosophies is a very introspective record about very external forces. This isn’t about one listen… it’s about your evolving perception when you immerse yourself in the layers of sound and words. Endangered Philosophies is a record about the RIGHT NOW and yet will resonate differently each time it is listened to, in a word….timeless.” (Rolling Stone)

Dälek have been prone to outbursts of pummeling extremity, yet their sound is anything but one dimensional; with viscous dark-ambient soundscapes congealing atop their incessant beats, a dual focus on brute force and disembodied unease. And still, Dälek continue to evolve, as Endangered Philosophies takes a new approach to source material, this time making use of material sent to them by people they have friendships and relationships with including Toronto based Metz, manipulating and sampling in the same way they would use record samples.

Although the group have evolved their sound over the years, they continue to collaborate with the same behind the scenes crew who’ve been with them from the beginning, from the production team, to the artist behind the cover art (Paul Romano). Endangered Philosophies captures so many elements of past Dälek but in a new way, easily matching any of their earlier output in terms of sheer unbridled intensity.

At this stage in their career they have elevated to a frankly peerless stature; with next year marking 20 years since the release of their pivotal debut album Negro Necro Nekros, and having previously collaborated with a host of like-minded visionaries; ranging from Krautrock legends Faust, through to the 90s electronic act Techno Animal – a similarly restless project comprised of Kevin Martin (The Bug, King Midas Sound) and Justin Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu). Fans will be thrilled – but not too surprised – to discover that with Endangered Philosophies, the group once again charge forward, continuing to resist stagnation in all of its forms.

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