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Lollapalooza Club Night

10 September 2016 has another premiere for the city that never sleeps: the festival presents the first Lollapalooza Club Night in cooperation with Clubcommission Berlin, bringing you dozens of DJs and acts, plus more than 15 clubs with one ticket.

Urban Spree welcomes you to the Urban Spree Late Summer Sessions feat. Catnapp (AR) live + our secret guest DJs in an outdoor/indoor session.

The fact that Lollapalooza Berlin is more than just a music festival and always good for a surprise is well-established by now, as attractions and highlights like Kidzapalooza, the Grüner Kiez, Lolla Fun Fair and the impressive art programme on the Treptower Park grounds go to show. But we’ve got another bit of icing on the cake for 10 September 2016, and what better reason to bust out those moves: Lollapalooza Club Night!

Just because Kings Of Leon, Paul Kalkbrenner, New Order, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and co. will be finishing their sets on Lollapalooza Saturday doesn’t mean you can’t still get your dance on, au contraire: Lollapalooza Club Night will turn night to day. Working in cooperation with Clubcommission Berlin, Lollapalooza managed to get more than 15 of the city’s hottest clubs to participate in this unique premiere. Just one (additional) ticket and festivalgoers can move the party from Treptower Park to clubs like Ipse, Bi Nuu, Arena Club, Magdalena, Matrix, Tresor, Urban Spree and many more.

This also means your mates who didn’t make it to the festival in Treptower Park can join you in dancing the night away; it goes without saying that anyone can buy a ticket for EUR 17,60 starting now – all are welcome to the first-ever Lollapalooza Club Night. Advance tickets are on sale now – click here to get yours.

United We Stream #53: Urban Spree / ARTE Concert

Urban Spree is part of the « United We Stream » program fostered by ARTE Concert and Berlin Club Commission to defend the Berlin club culture.

Our Live Streaming starts on the 21.05.2020 (19:00 – 00:00) at Urban Spree and will be available to watch on replay until 21.05.2021 on ARTE Concert

The 5-hour music program features live music and DJ Sets from Andrew Claristidge, Mueran Humanos w/ Patricia Fort, Philipp Strobel, Melania and Gewalt.

Powered by Urban Spree, Milk Me and United We Stream. 


New York Perspectives

Urban Spree Galerie presents New York Perspectives, a duo show featuring Chris « Daze » Ellis and Joe Conzo, curated by Mode2. The vernissage will be on Friday, November 22nd, at 18:30, in presence of the two artists.

    Through the work of two New York City-born artists, a painter and a photographer, this exhibition is an attempt to show aspects of New York City life, through the eyes and the work of two very different individuals; though both come from a part of its counterculture.

    The drawings and paintings of the artist Chris “Daze” Ellis, and those many moments and people captured by the photography of Joe Conzo show us how the youth that were more in osmosis with the steel, the concrete, the glass, the streets and the city’s subway system, could develop new forms of visual dialogue that could form a bridge between their own social and cultural background, and a movement that would infiltrate the artworld and become a global phenonmenon.

   Coming from different neighbourhoods and cultural backgrounds, both have lived long enough to have witnessed first hand the huge transformations that the city has gone through over these last decades, while their “work”, which was actually their hobby, passion and life pretty much, has documented seminal eras during that time.

  These tumultuous years of cultural flux; of blossoming, blooming, destruction and rebirth, are often overlooked by today’s focus on the “now” of street art, and the way through which this eclipses the very alchemy that gave birth to the way in which artists express themselves in the street today, or the way in which they document city life.

    It is doubtful that much of what is happening today in visual art, music, dance and written or spoken word ever would have happened, if generations of youth in New York City had not lived what they did many decades ago; and we can count ourselves lucky that a few rare individuals happened to be there and have the instinct to document it.

  Here then, are views of New York from two different perspectives, they themselves being a complex accumulation of all of life’s experiences, and how they shape each individual’s understanding of the world around them; and the ways by which they choose to express and share this with us.

Urban Spree Prints will release two 18″x 24″ silk screen prints by Daze on the opening night and online.

The gallery and the curator heartily thank Henry Chalfant for letting us show his documentary movie “From Mambo to Hip Hop: A South Bronx Tale.”

Poster Artwork by Tyler Askew.


“New York Perspectives »

Christopher « Daze » Ellis / Joe Conzo

Curated by Mode2

22.11 – 21.12.2019


Urban Spree Galerie

Revaler Str. 99

10245 Berlin

Opening: Friday 22.11.2019 at 18:30

Exhibition: Tu-Sa – 12:00 – 18:30

Info & Catalogue: contact@urbanspree.com





Chris « Daze » Ellis

Growing up in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, Chris Daze Ellis (b. 1962) was aware from early on of the names and the odd characters that would be dancing along the trains that wove their way through the city. When he started out at the High School of Art & Design in 1976, he found that there was a whole community of very diverse yet like-minded individuals there, also involved with this scene; some of whom would go on to make a name for themselves in the art world.

Being a fan of drawing and comic books already, Daze camouflaged his nighttime activities under his parents’ gaze, exploring and expanding his visual vocabulary, combining the traditional with the dynamism of a new and challenging environment, with stimulus of its own.

Having mastered the medium and the environment, Daze would go on to shape his own personal vision of the world, looking as much inwards as outwards, in the relationship between the trains and walls, and what he could further explore in the studio. The strength of his successful life as an artist in his own right would develop from then on.

From his participation in his first group show, Beyond Words, at the Mudd Club in 1981, before having his own solo show at Fashion Moda (the historical South Bronx art space that bridged the established art world with the raw talent and energy coming out of New York City), Daze embraced the wide horizon that opened up before him.

From then on, Daze began to show in many different cities around the world, whether it be galleries and museum, in solo shows as well as group formats. He has participated in many public or educational art projects around the world, working with students and communities from South Korea to Brazil via Haiti, while often visiting Europe as well, and contributing to New York mural initiatives like the Leap Arts Program or Thrive Collective.

From his appearances in the film Style Wars, to being an art consultant on the Netflix series The Get Down in 2017, to participating in public painting projects from the Star Ferry Terminal in Hong Kong in 1993, painting an entire Hannover train station with fellow artists Lee Quinones and John Crash Matos, or being commissioned for murals by private clients like the law firm, Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton in Washington D.C. 2018; Daze has constantly had his hands on a whole range of different projects.

Daze’s paintings have found themselves in many private collections including Eric Clapton, Natalie Imbruglia, and Madonna. His work can also be found in the permanent collections of The Whitney Museum, NY, Museum of Modern art, NY, The Museum of the city of New York, The Ludwig Museum, Aachen, Yale University art Gallery, New Haven, Addison Museum of American Art at the Phillips Academy, Andover.

Chris Daze Ellis continues to live and work in New York City.


Joe Conzo

Joe Conzo was born in the Bronx during an era of great upheaval, when the construction of the Cross Bronx Expressway was nearing its end, having destroyed the communities that lay in its path, and condemning those parts of the borough around it to social and economic decline. The apocalyptic landscapes of urban devastation, and the high criminality associated to it are emblematic of that era.

President Truman’s Urban Renewal announced in 1949, ruthlessly applied by Robert Moses, targetted the more modest and ethnically diverse neighbourhoods of New York City whose resistance to forced removal would fall on deaf ears, as private developers grabbed the prime lots. The Bronx represented both the laboratory and the collateral damage for these extreme experiments of urban renewal.

And yet, out of what looked like an urban war zone, the city’s youth began to pick up the pieces, and, out of the desolation around them, began to build their own road out of it. Realising that the state was not going to do anything positive for them, their survival instincts eventually kicked in; and out of the gang culture, the drugs, and the sheer nihilism that had reigned for a while over much of the borough, new and greener shoots were beginning to break through.

Joe Conzo’s cultural capital, and that of his peers, was probably key to his survival and his blossoming during those harsh years; grandson of Dr. Evelina López Antonetty, a political activist who played a huge role in developing educational programmes for Puerto Rican children, and son of Joe Conzo Snr., who was in the thick of the huge Latin music scene of that bridged those decades; hanging with all the main players of that era, and having been the biographer of Tito Puente.

While studying at the Agnes Russell School on the campus of Columbia University, he discovered photography, the medium that would enable him to document what went on around him; from the world of latin culture through his father’s connections, to the collision of art forms that would later be called Hip Hop; a word that eclipses the sum of its parts.

Having lived many ups and downs in the eighties, to a rebirth of sorts, Joe Conzo went on to become a qualified medical nurse, then worked for the New York City Fire Department, being among the first responders on 9/11. At some point along the way, he was reunited with the camera, and began shooting again…

Whether as the photographer of rap crew The Cold Crush Brothers, a hugely influential group of MCs from the early days, or just a boy from the Bronx who had a camera and curious eyes, Joe Conzo’s photos provided reference material to Henry Chalfant ‘s documentary “From Mambo to Hip Hop: A South Bronx Tale.”, and were documented in a book called “Born In The Bronx: A Visual Record of the Early Days of Hip Hop”.

His negatives have been digitalised and archived at Cornell University, providing a unique and indispensable resource for those wishing to research the those eras.

Vernissage: ogino:knauss | Re>Centering Periphery | Marginal Notes/Randbemerkungen Exhibition


Urban Spree Galerie // Berlin 21 March – 11 April 2015

« Randbemerkungen | Marginal Notes » is a photographic exhibition summarizing 8 years of urban explorations by the ogino:knauss collective into the modernist built environment. After their award-winning movies about Cuba and Moscow, the exhibition also becomes the platform to launch the new movie project about Berlin, called « Randbemerkungen », as well as travelogue books about Berlin and Cuba and the launch of « Reconnoitering Berlin« , a series of urban « dérives » that will investigate the urban identity of Berlin according to multiple perspectives. 

For 3 weeks, Urban Spree will host an installation of printed works and videos, completed by a series of events including live concerts, talks, workshops, book presentations, screenings and performances.

ogino:knauss is a Berlin-based, independent research group dealing with audiovisual language, urban cultures and human environment’s transformations.

Re:centering Periphery originated in 2006 with a live-media work commissioned by the Biennial del Arte de la Havana. Starting from Alamar, a new city built in the 70s in Cuba, the group investigated everyday life practices that inhabit, question and reinvent urban peripheries produced as a result of modernist ideology. The main outcome of the project was a film-series produced through a participative methodology. Until now the group has worked extensively in La Habana and Moscow, with the production of two films, set preparatory works and surveys in Kiev, Belgrade and Berlin; and opened up research files on such cities as Mexico City, Casablanca, Marseille, Tel Aviv, Detroit and Hong Kong. The project advancements are regularly published on the R>CP blog.


The first film in the series « Doble Forza » (2008, 30’) tells the story of a self-constructed new city built with Soviet-style prefabricated panels in the 70’s in the outskirt of La Habana. It has been awarded with the Best International Documentary at the Istanbul Architecture Film Festival in 2008 and at Sezze Videofest.


The second episode « Dom Novogo Byta« , explores the imagined and built landscape of Moscow, confronting utopian visions which emerged in the light of the October revolution with the reality of contemporary post-communist Russia. The film takes the cue from the dilapidated Narkomfin building, a prototype for revolutionary communes designed in 1927 by Moisei Ginzburg, today facing hard survival in a central plot of land highly attractive to real-estate speculators.



During the exhibition the two films will be screened at Il Kino in Neukölln.

The exhibition displays a selection of photographs of La Habana, Moscow, Kiev, Belgrade and Berlin, capturing the urban and social landscape of modernist peripheries and the inner margins of the metropolis. The textures, geometries and patterns designed by the brutal architectural practices of the 20th century are shown alongside cracks, eruptions, signs of colonization and the re-appropriation by the everyday life.
Two video installations complete the set up, representing opposite directions of research. The first, focusing on the abstract substance of the architectural modernist vision, shows geometrical patterns and symmetries being digitally explored and transformed into a hypnotic graphic landscape. In the second work, conceived as a study for the forthcoming full-feature film, the attention is conversely shifted towards the human body- “Der Mensch, das Maß aller Dinge”, following through a longer sequence an elderly hindered man slowly crossing the streets of Berlin, Mitte. A live audiovisual performance will be presented at the opening night.

More than a showcase of past productions, the event at Urban Spree is primarily intended as a discursive platform for realising the new film project Randbemerkungen.

EX_liquidDuring these 3 weeks, a series of events will involve known as well as new collaborators of the group presenting and performing theme-related works in progress. According to the participative methodology of the group, interdisciplinary conversations, live audio video performances, live sonorisation of films, workshops of spatial assessment and dérives, will act as resource-material for the upcoming film. During the last days of the exhibition, the launch of Reconnoitering Berlin will take place, a series of urban dérives that in the following months will investigate the urban identity of Berlin according to multiple perspectives.


Cuba-BookThe Re:centering Periphery Travelogues is a new series of photographic essays documenting the survey into global urban peripheries done by the collective:

-La Habana InT/Ext (2006) is a 5-week diary filmed in Cuba, focusing on the strong dichotomies affecting the Cuban social landscape.

The basic cinematographic dialectics interior / exterior is variously reinterpreted as centre and periphery, legal and illegal, private and public…

-Exposing Berlin, is the result of a long-term observation of the transformations of the city since 2007, when the collective moved its base. The photographic essay dedicated to Mitte and Friedrichshain points at the conflation of image and spatial production in a neo-liberal urban development. The camera investigates the attempt to reinvent a unified central identity of Berlin in the place of the fragmented urban reality which carries scars and memories of a divided past.

The R>CP Travelogues are printed in a limited edition of 200 copies, available at Urban Spree’s Bookshop.

R>CP Crowdfunding
One of the exhibition’s main purposes is to sustain the future development of the project and support the realisation of the film Berlin Randbemerkungen. In the occasion of the exhibition a crowdfunding campaign will be launched to support the pre-production work for the film. Photographic prints, silkscreen prints, books and other limited-edition products will be on sale during the events at Urban Spree.



Saturday 21 March

19h  Exhibition opening (Urban Spree Galerie)

20h  Oginoknauss Randbemerkungen live

23h  Opening Party: Miki Semascus, Electric Kettle (tbc), N-rgle de Trolls, Crash 01, Yaya, LT.


Wednesday 25 March

19h  Film sonorisation: Aelita  (1924) by Yann Keller live (Urban Spree Galerie)


Saturday 28 March

16h  Doble Forza / Dom Novogo Byta screening + discussion (il Kino – Neükolln)


Sunday 29 March

17h Periphery at the Centre . Conversation with Laura Colini, Jochen Becker / (MetroZones), Lorenzo Tripodi.

19h  Aperitif + JD Zazie live urban field recordings (Urban Spree Galerie)


Wednesday 1 April

17h Pitching “Randbemerkungen”. Presentation of the new film project and discussion of production strategies (event on invitation)

19h Aperitif

20h Or Ze live (Urban Spree Galerie)


Wednesday 8 April

17h  Liquid City Workshop Introduction (Urban Spree Galerie)


Saturday 11 April 

10h  Liquid City canoe excursion on the Spree with Kanuclub zur Erforschung der Stadt

16h  Liquid City Workshop final discussion (Urban Spree Galerie)

20h Exhibition Finissage  Sistemi Audiofobici Burp DJ SET. WJM / MAT POGO / JD ZAZIE  (Urban Spree Galerie)


 R>CP RANDBEMERKUNGEN is a production of Ogino Knauss and Tesserae Urban Social Research in association with Urban Spree.

Contact information: info@oginoknauss.org

Re>Centering Periphery
« Randbemerkungen/Marginal Notes »
An exhibition by ogino:knauss at Urban Spree Galerie
Vernissage: 21 March 2015 at 19:00
Exhibition: 22 March 2015 // 11 April 2015
Tu-Su: 12:00//19:00


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Undogmatisch 6


_ LOWER ORDER ETHICS (Ready Made) – dj
_ GONDWANA (Opal Tapes) – live
_ MOGANO (Arboretum) – live
_ IAN McDONNELL and DARA SMITH (Stroboscopic Artefacts / R&S) – live
_ ASCION (Repitch) – live
_ DANIELE ANTEZZA + T.C.O. (Stroboscopic Artefacts / Undogmatisch) – b2b dj

| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

_ FAX / VILLA / sYn – visuals

| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |


| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |


| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

DANIELE ANTEZZA (Stroboscopic Artefacts / Aquietbump)
Daniele Antezza is an electronic music producer, mastering engineer and sound designer, member of Dadub and co-founder of Artefacts Mastering Studio.
A chance meeting with fellow Italian Giovanni Conti, cemented the foundations of Dadub as a duo as the pair bonded over their interest in sound manipulation and merging experimental techno with drone and dub elements, as well as sparkling noise and ambience.
He’s actually at work on his solo forthcoming LP as Inner8.

T.C.O. (Undogmatisch / WePlay!Rec)
T.C.O. aka Mirco Magnani is an italian Berlin based music composer and video artist, co-founder of music projects: Minox, Technophonic Chamber Orchestra, 4Dkiller, he is also producer and dj. Since 1984 he has produced music and mixed-media events with the italian band Minox. In 1996 he co-founded the independent record label Suite inc., he has worked, for his label releases and on the stage, with Steven Brown (he produced Minox’ “Lazare” – Industrie Discografiche Lacerba – Lacer 9 – 1986), Blaine L. Reininger of Tuxedomoon, Lydia Lunch, Mad Professor, Nobukazu Takemura, The Gentle People, Murcof, Daedelus, etc… In 2000 co-founded Suitevision, a sub-label that was dedicated to images and A/V. In 2004 he started his solo project T.C.O. and in 2009 he moved to Berlin developing his projects between exhibitions, live shows and dj sets and also collaborating/producing with various artists and labels.

ASCION (Repitch)
Born in Napoli in 1988. Since early age he is fascinated by electronics, when the first computer arrive at home he immediately began to experiment with it and with sounds. After finishing his studies in – Multimedia Design – in Italy he moved to Berlin where he is taking care of three record labels. REPITCH recordings and Cosmo Rhythmatic with the collaboration of D.Carbone and Shapednoise, 3TH records with D.Carbone and Lucindo. Ascion’s solo projects, referring to both productions and performances, is often defined dark and mental. His work mainly focuses on his own record labels like the last solo-work « The Cybernetic Drama », released on 3TH records, which fully reflects his style and musical growth achieved during his years of production. Ascion’s experimental alter ego CSA, a reverse-abbreviation of his original alias, was introduced by the label Violet Poison (releasing on the V.A « Sulla giostra nell’ombra » the track « Overture »). His name was also prominent for the release « Kick on » on Drumcode (2009), the remix of the classic « Avion » of Damon Wild and recently for various apparitions and collaborations on labels such as Modularz, InnerSurface music and M_rec LTD. Ascion is also the Graphic Designer of his labels.

IAN McDONNELL and DARA SMITH (Stroboscopic Artefacts / R&S)
Ian McDonnell and Dara Smith are two musicians from Dublin, Ireland, currently based in Berlin. Better known in electronic music as Eomac and Arad, and together as the duo Lakker, they have worked with labels such as R&S Records, Killekill, Stroboscopic Artefacts, Electric Deluxe and Trilogy Tapes to name a few. Outside of that they have played in a wide range of groups and bands, from noise and improv to contemporary classical and pop. For this performance they will create a whole new set of improvised music.

MOGANO (Arboretum)
Mogano is the moniker of electronic music producer and imprint founder Marco Berardi.
The name ”mahogany” re-calls both the percussive and string infused nature of his music as well as his profound fascination for ancient musical practices and nature as a source of knowledge.
In his youth, Marco was a guitarist involved with a variety of musical projects, around 2010 he began to perform in clubs as a DJ. Making his way in the Dub and Techno scene, he then formed a synergy with visual artist Andrea Familari Fax and sound designer Drøp (Giuseppe Bifulco), both of whom are now part of the Arboretum imprint. Arboretum has become their cooperative platform for Audio/Video experimentation as well as a record label. Since 2012 the project is based and active in Berlin and has been involved in a remarkable framework of concepts such as Contort (NewCodes Berlin Atonal), CTM Transmediale Vorspiel, Undogmatisch and many others.

GONDWANA (Opal Tapes)
Gondwana aka Andrea Taeggi is an Italian musician residing in Berlin. After graduating from the Conservatory of Amsterdam, where he had the chance to deepen his knowledge in acoustic improvised music – working with a variety of ensembles of the lively Dutch improv scene (using prepared piano, percussion, a.o.) he delved into electronic music ranging from research sound design to post-dance floor. He just started Gondwana, his new solo project whose debut record release is scheduled on January 19th on UK label Opal Tapes. His music can be described as sculptural, tactile, meditative, bodily, using improvisation during his live shows. He’s interested in working with all sorts of instruments/machines from the past, as an inspirational basis for composing and sound sculpting. He’s also one half of the duo Lumisokea (Opal Tapes/Digitalis/Eat Concrete) which released 5 records and has a forthcoming one on American label Digitalis due in early 2015. He toured extensively in Europe, and occasionally also in North and South America.

Hailing from the murky depths of underground Budapest nights, Lower Order Ethics has been tasting Berlin’s veins for quite some time and liking it. Known for her tense and masterful transmissions on the edge of welcome sonic paranoia, flirting with borderline gothic and harsh industrial, her sets open the doors of techno’s secret chambers, conjuring up smoky, hypnotic images of endless nights spent in daze.
When not behind the decks, Lower Order Ethics takes part in A/V and noise projects, tirelessly researching ethnomusicology at the same time.

FAX (Arboretum)
Italian artist, born in 1987, lives and works in Berlin, Germany.
His works encompass from Vjiing, Audio/Visual Interactions, Mapping, Interactive installations to Scenic-design and investigate mostly on the decomposition of micro/macro cosmos.
Since 2012 he works also as Workshops Manager for LPM (Live Performers Meeting): an international meeting of live video performers, video artists and vjs, that seeks to study the practices that most have influenced live video performance.
In 2013 he also founded, together with Marco Berardi (Mogano) and Giuseppe Bifulco (Drøp) the Records Label Arboretum, a cooperative platform for Audio/Video experiments.

Villa lives and works in Berlin, Germany. After studies in Video Design, he worked full time with Studio Azzurro, established video art reality since 1982, running on his versatility to achieve the different kind of projects developed by the italian group: multimedia building, software programming, synchronized videoprojections and of course video making, for different interactive installations in museums or exhibitions, as well for art pieces at galleries or shows.
Recently he’s focused on films and videoclips productions, involved into different collaborations with Berlin-based artists and music labels, mixing personal and collaborative artistic projects with commercial commissions, he’s experienced in audiovisual performances and interactive installations, pursuing synesthetic experiences for the audience, especially in different vjing and lighting performances in clubs and art venues.

Valentina is a painter.
“True perfection does not exist, the sense of beauty comes from imperfection.” In the attainment of perfection, there is always the need for some elements of ugliness and of madness. When the ugliness is there, it is often overlooked, either intentionally or unintentionally, but perhaps when it is overlooked, true perfection is obtained.

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