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S Y S T R E M M ▲ Vol.2 feat. La Hell Gang, Joy, Black Wizard

SYSTREMMA is back with Vol.2 !!!

SYSTREMMA is a new series of multiple live shows and drop dead dance action at Urban Spree on two floors!

★★★ MAIN FLOOR ★★★

LA HELL GANG (Sacred Bones / Mexican Summer / Chile)
Killer spacerock/psych band from Santiago!

JOY (Tee Pee Records / San Diego)
Woooow!!! This got potential to be our new favourite band! Fuzzed-out 70s-drenched freedom rock from sunny california!

BLACK WIZARD (Listenable Records / Vancouver)
Hard-hitting Old School Heavy Metal from Canada.

DJs between the bands: Mr.Popp & friends

★★★ BASEMENT ★★★

Kick-ass afterparty with DJs
Johanna Sadonis (Kill Em All / Paranoid)
Hendrik Apfel (Fave Rave / Paranoid)
+ Special Surprise Liveshow around 10pm !

Presale tickets will be available at www.koka36.de
or at the koka36 shop on oranienstrasse in kreuzberg!

Doors: 20.00h, Start: 21.00h

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Saturnalia Temple (Black Sea of Power Tour) + Sandy Leather

Saturnalia Temple is a Draconian Magical prophecy that speaks through music. From strings, battery and chants echoes nothing but dedication and timeless traditions. The band is a unique entity in the metal scene, harvesting souls in all corners of the metal world the Temple has slowly etched out their own sovereign area, a domain of hypnotic riffing and dark spiritual dedication, but without masks, theater or pretence.As can be expected of this triumvirate, they again channel the Qliphoth, enhancing the impossible elixir. Black magic metal has gone too far. There is no redemption.

As a band that moves intently and without compromise, their last record To The Other 2015 (Listenable Rec/Ajna Offensive) was recorded and produced in their own studio, Sitra Ahra, in the forests outside Uppsala, Sweden. The, critically acclaimed, debut album Aion of Drakon (2011) took the band to numerous major festivals including Roadburn as well as on both a EU and a US tour. The latest album To The Other brought them on a headline European tour, and several festivals including Chaos Descends, Sonnenwende in the Austrian alps.




Sandy Leather


VALIENT THORR (+ Black Bone, The Child)




According to frontman Valient Himself, hard-rocking metal outfit Valient Thorr were birthed on the planet Venus several millennia ago, hopscotching across the space-time continuum before finally arriving on Earth in 1957. Upon crashing in North Carolina, their time-travel machine was stolen by Walt Disney, and so the group (guitarists Eidan Thorr and Odinn Thorr, bassist Dr. Professor Nitewolf Strangees, and drummer Lucian Thorr) remains here to rock while seeking the means to return home. Valient Thorr issued their debut LP, Total Universe Man, in 2005. Legend of the World followed one Earth year later. Odinn Thorr was replaced by Voiden Thorr, and the band released Immortalizer in 2008. The Stranger followed in 2010, before the band returned with its beastly sixth album, Our Own Masters, in 2013.




GOLD „Why Aren’t You Laughing?“ Tour

GOLD ( + special guest: Nordra )
25.04.2019 Berlin – Urban Spree
Einlass: 20:00 Uhr, Beginn: 21:00 Uhr
Tickets: https://bit.ly/2V2rWEn

GOLD sind zurück! Pünktlich zum Release von „Why Aren’t You Laughing?“ gehen die Niederländer um den ehemaligen The Devil´s Blood Gitarristen Thomas Sciarone auf Tour!

Auf ihrem neuen Album lässt die Band Wärme und Kälte, Liebe und Tod, Hoffnung und Verzweiflung, den Niedergang der Zivilisation und persönlichen Traumata miteinander verschmelzen. Der kantigen Drive von GOLD wird gepaart mit düsteren Gitarrenwände und den gefühlvollen, verletzlichen Gesangsbögen von Frontfrau Milena Eva. Das Album bewegt sich irgendwo zwischen Dark Pop, Post-Punk und Black Metal. Nach den gefeierten Vorgängerwerken „No Image“ und “Optimist » steckt das neue Album voller Hooks, die vom Produzenten Jaime Gomez Arellano brillant eingefangen werden. Sehr persönlichen Texte thematisieren die Absurdität des Lebens.

Die Band kann es kaum erwarten, mit “Why Are You You Laughing? » auf Tour zu gehen und noch mehr Leute mit ihrer beeindruckenden Liveshow zu überzeugen.


Jucifer, founded in 1993, are pioneers of the metal two piece. Their onstage sound, often loosely categorized as sludge, careens venomously through every extreme and tempo of metal and punk, with particular attention to black metal, old school death metal, and grind. Jucifer is notorious for the relentlessness of their live performances, their use of massive amplification, and the fact that the band has been nomadic for 18 of its 25 years in existence.

Founded at a bar in Kreuzberg… Now rising like a grumpy demon from the bowels of a damp cold cellar in Berlin. Treedeon returns with the follow-up to their debut, « Lowest Level Reincarnation », which was released some three years ago. The bruising second album, « Under The Manchineel » marks the arrival of a new drummer Andy Schuenemann, of post-rock instrumental duo Alphatrip, joining bassist/vocalist Yvonne Ducksworth and vocalist/guitarist Arne Heesch, and taking the band in an even heavier direction.



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Maggot Heart, Slaegt

Two of the most exciting bands to emerge from the underground in recent years, Maggot Heart and Slægt are joining forces for a wild ride across Europe in the fall.

Maggot Heart will release in July their debut album, “Dusk to Dusk”- expanding on the sound of the “City Girls” EP, which garnered raving reviews and has sold out two pressings already, their music shuns categorizations and moves freely between post-punk and hard rock, with two feet firmly standing in dark territories of the mind and tales of urban decay.

Denmark’s Slægt rose to prominence in 2017 with the much acclaimed second album “Domus Mysterium”, a triumphant blend of classic heavy metal and black metal atmosphere, often reminiscent of Dissection’s past opus with a personal, slightly wild streak.

Both bands have been very active on the live front in 2017, partecipating in some of the most prestigious festival such as Roadburn, Chaos Descends, Muskelrock and Roskilde Festival and touring incessantly.

As the shadows grow longer and the days colder, both bands will swarm once again across the European soil in a co-headlining tour that promises to be one of the highlight of 2018.
Be sure not to miss them at this show!


Tickets available here.