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Japanese Techno Festival Berlin 2017 Summer

In Japan, we have a lot of musical culture. We have Roland, KORG, YAMAHA, Technics, Sony…etc. We always chase our musical spirit and passion in our mind from ancient times. What is Japanese Techno? Today Japanese people love under ground music like Techno. The scene is not big like Berlin, but growing up as hidden musical culture for talented music lovers. Our all DJs are Japanese from Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Niigata and more. We know about hidden local party scene in Japan and would like to introduce our Real underground scene to Techno lovers in Berlin. Sounds, Vibes and people…You can feel Japanese context in our music. Don’t miss our festival if you never know Japanese Techno.

10 Euro after 11pm
5 Euro before 11pm

*RA attend

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Main floor (Upstairs)
2200-2300 himeee LIVE
2300-2430 Platinum Pork
2430-0130 Sub Human Bros LIVE
0130-0330 Tomoki Tamura
0330-End Kenji Tazaki

Basement (Downstairs)

2300-2400 SASAKI Hiroaki LIVE
2400-0230 Yasuhisa
0230-End DHADHA”

Bier Garden(Outside Open Air)

00:00-03:00 Hideto Omura
03:00-End Yasuhisa

*Line up

// Tomoki Tamura (Holic Trax / Doublet) From Osaka //

The rare breed that is Tomoki Tamura started his journey with dance music in Japan and has come a long way since. A move to London in 2004 inaugurated a series of Holic nights that would eventually lead him to rock the floors of top London venues including Fabric, Ministry of Sound, and Plastic People. Meanwhile, he had gained enough experience and respect to earn himself a residency at the legendary club The END / AKA from 2007 until its closure in 2009.

Quickly growing to become a staple night in London’s nightlife, HOLIC continued to flourish as it brought a fresh selection of quality house and techno djs to the capital. While the party bubbled in London, it also earned permanent residency at one of Japan’s most respected clubs, Womb in Tokyo. He began to play an important roll being the main underground music ambassador connecting Tokyo to London. With immediate affect, Tomoki received the much deserved respect and started to play in all corners of the world.

Almost a decade after HOLIC’s establishment, the launch of the label HOLIC TRAX came naturally in 2012 with a release from none other than Mr. G. The label’s unique raw take on house music has earned enormous praise from underground music lovers. With releases from Tuccillo, Rick Wade, Chris Carrier, Ekkohaus & Rufus, Kate Simko, and Robert Dietz, the label has proven to follow its own taste without compromise. Tomoki is one half of Doublet, a project in collaboration with Italian Ibiza resident Tuccillo. HOLIC TRAX has been the main outlet for their unique take on raw and moody house tracks.

Although proving to be a credible producer, label owner, and promoter, he knows his records the most and is a DJ above all. He now resides in Berlin where he calls home.


// Sub Human Bros (Eintakt Records) From Fukuoka //

A hardware Techno unit based in Berlin, consisting of the brothers, Makoto and Yutaka.Inspired by Berlin techno sound, Sub Human Bros has a concept “to record the initial impulse of human beings”. Sub Human Bros is the one and only brother unit that keeps producing dynamic dance music and vivid sounds like band music from the techno point of view.
As organizing their party “PLANET BAR BERLIN”, they energetically play live acts at the leading clubs in Berlin, such as “Griessmuehle”, “Chalet Club” and “Hoppetosse”. They toured in Tokyo,Kyusyu area Japan and in Hong Kong,Seoul as a release memorial live tour in Asia.


// SASAKI Hiroaki (Yotsume-music) From Tokyo //

Japanese artist and owner of the Yotsume-music label.
He was born in Kurasiki city,and is currently based in Tokyo.
He started music influenced by 80’s Newwave/PunkRock and now He compose Minimal Techno.

He met synthesizer/sequencer and that of the 90’s club movement.
But later got into the world of minimal techno and house music at around 90’s.
Since 2003 he is actively output his own minimal tracks.

2007 “Dramatic ep” 1st [moderntool Label]
2008 “V ep” 2nd [moderntoll]
2009 “spray vol.06” [moph record]
2009 “PARTIZAN/L.T.D” [moph record]
2009 “16sec ” [PLAZA in CROWD]
2010 “Visiond dance” [PLAZA in CROWD]
2011 “Classic 1 ep” [Yotsume-Music]
2011 “Red”(albam) [PLAZA in CROWD]
2013 “Woman ep” [Yotsume-Music]
2016 “ICON ep” [Yotsume-Music]

resident advisor : http://jp.residentadvisor.net/dj/sasakihiroaki
Discogs : http://www.discogs.com/artist/1715171-Sasaki-Hiroaki

// YASUHISA (TetralogisticS) From Osaka //

In the year 2003 as a DJ on a fashion show, 2004 as as a club DJ, he started his career. He represented Kansai region and established „TetralogisticS“ , a party which has been initiated in the domestic techno scene.
With his experience of a super long set as 18 hours or 24 hours, also he dared a one-men DJ party „Sound by Sound (Circus Osaka)“ for three times and earned a huge reputation.
As well he performed at the dance music festival „The Star Festival (Kyoto)“ which Japan boasts the world and the „dance music festival“ (formerly: Nagisa music festival/Osaka).
Being a DJ with one and only dance music which let us feel the prominence sensitivity, he plays not only minimal techno, also incorporated house, electro, dubstep, dub and ambient, and seek the developing „sound“ and expand his width of genre.
With this wide range of sound and groove and individual development he gather support among the crowd and also among DJs.
He will steadily display his ability and his personality which cannot be ignored.


// Kenji Tazaki (Bass Works Recordings) From Osaka//

Grew up in classical musical environment and naturally attached to piano in childhood. In middle of his 10′s, used to play the bass in a band.
and led him into a DJ in west Japan in 2007 and eventually started producing club tracks in 2009. Currently based in Berlin and pursue his possibility.


// DHADHA” (4-Beat Entertainment) From Kobe //

He started DJ in 2004, belongs to fanxsmusic as “DJ1000DREAM”. He is based in west side of Japan, played at famous places like Zepp Osaka, Creative Centre Osaka, etc. He also played with famous foreign artists.
In 2006, he started to play as “Mitsuda Daisuke”, exploring new genre of music. His mix-work with House, Techno, Deep House, and Chillout are really unique and intelligent. “Mitsuda Daisuke” was catapulted into fame in club scene in Japan.
He works also as a promotor, he established “4-Beat Entertainment”, produces artists and does comprehensive management energetically.
In 2014, he visited Ibiza to expand his fields in Europe, after that he moved to Berlin. He absorbed the essence of Techno there, and started to play as “DHADHA” ”, aimed to sublime his music as an artwork. His mix “The Ibiza 2015” ranked the first place on “beatport”. His great works brought sensation to the audience, he achieved the brilliant feat as a first Japanese. His musical quality has been known, he played more than 10 times in Ibiza, and he held an event and did headliner in Ibiza in 2015. His enthusiasm and stoic attitude towards music, spreads vivid impression to audience’s mind.


// Hideto Omura (Robsoul Recordings) From Nagoya //

Having been inspired by the skills and sounds of Derrick Carter, Mark Farina, Cajmere et al, Omura took to the decks himself back in the early naughties. His natural beat running, mixing swing and selection always guarantee an enviable energy and electricity on dance floor. A move to Germany accelerated Hideto’s increasing appetite for the studio and it wasn’t long before he was creating beats of his own.


Eris – An All Female Art Presentation

Eris – An All Female Art Presentation

In ancient Greek mythology, Eris was the Goddess of Chaos – The eldest daughter of Nyx (The dark night) – The rebellious daughter, born of the night & causing discord and strife. Berlin is a city where the multitude of creative scenes converge constantly and we shall be embracing this on the night.

Featuring exhibitions of visual art, performance, photography, music and fashion from an all-female, Berlin based selection of artists.

Entry is via a voluntary donation basis and will be split between the artists.

Gallery opening at 8pm –

Live Art Performances:

9:30pm Viva Lamore
10 – Lello Li
10:30 – Julietta la Doll
11:30pm – Belen Resnikowski
12:30 – Elle Peril


8 – 10: Jen Black
10 – 12: S A NN I
12 – 2: Laura de Vasconcelos


Alana Richards
Alana Richards presents a new series of figurative portraits. Rather than bestowing a statement or concept, she creates emotional value in her paintings. Using slow-drying oil paint in a traditional manner building up layers, she gives the portrayed a contemporary charisma of mixed messages to the viewer.

Art is the language spoken of the lonely ones.

Mayliss Salles
A.K.A White Rabbit
The Chaøs Chrønicles
“I don’t mind living in a man’s world, as long as i can be a woman in it”.
Machism, violence, war. The men’s world I living in. In the chaos of the street they may hear the sound of the heels of a women wandering cities around the world. The glamour nomad of the new 20’s I start to be.

Erotic analogue photography by Sarah Zak.

Dionne Kitching Illustration
Illustrator and Print maker, Dionnes work is about patterns and nature, and patterns in nature, and our connection to nature.

Belen Resnikowski
Telaraña Radioactiva
Belen Resniowski is a female artist working in Berlin using a selection of different mediums such as collage, video, animation, instalation and mix media with a critical view of social, political and cultural issues. Playing with the destruction, transformation and profanation of symbols, as liberating act of catarsis.

Olivia Berger :.
Olivia Berger is a Mauritian-German autodidact artist.
A playful mind between realistic and abstract interpretation of mystical and metaphysical thoughts.

Natassja Velociraptor
A Design Ninja/Visual Viking, inspired by: Film Noir, Femme Fatales, Nordic Mythology, Doom, Cheese and Irony. Most of my work ‘dark-hours-inspired’ art is created with acrylic paint on canvas, salvaged pre-loved skateboard decks, used snowboards and other recycled objects.

Dánae Cuesta
Shooting exclusively on film, dánae uses photography as a political weapon and the internet as a platform for deterritorialising the segmentation of the public and private space, portraying her friends, lovers and herself in experimental practices in which new spheres of action and subjectivation are created through an exploration of intimacy and desire as a dynamic power that stimulates processes of transformation and reappropiation of the flows of gender.

Julietta la Doll
Drawn to the glamour of old world wonders a wide-eyed Lolita raised in East Berlin took her wanderlust to the road. Creating burlesque and sideshow spectacle performances that embody a variety of inspirations from many timeless fantasies of dangerously desirable women. Fulfilling a dream to runaway and join the circus. Our sideshow sweetheart has more tricks than just unveiling her beauty to command the imaginations of audiences. Exposing secrets separated between fine lines of pleasure and pain.

Viva Lamore
Viva Lamore is a performance artist and published art model from New York City whose bump and grind comes with a twist. A teenage runaway, she lived in a cage in the basement of a theater and worked at Coney Island Sideshows by the Seashore as Blade Box Girl and Electric Girl.

Lello Li
Ropemodel, Rigger and Performer from Berlin.

Laura de Vasconcelos
From Disco, Post-Punk and Rock to a bassline-driven Techno and House reduced to their essence influenced from mainstream pop via club music in the broadest sense.
Born brazilian, 2007 saw Laura relocating to Berlin to further her focus on DJing tailoring her approach to each show with a meticulous ear. From being lost in reverie, total seriousness, pure delight, wit and grit, Laura is surely one of the most independent, versatile and inspiring characters in today’s club scene.

Jen Black
JEN BLACK (aka Blix) is the founder of Modern Movement, established in Berlin in 2010. She is also co-founder of Brave Exhibitions (London/Berlin) and endorcism (Berlin). She has been internationally hosting and DJing Cold Wave, Minimal, No Wave, Post-Punk, Experimental and Avant-garde events with live acts and performances since 2008. Her publication Modern Movement is an exclusive document of today’s Berlin underground.

Trans*feminist multi-artist Sanni brings in her new DJ set house and techno mixed with influences that go from classic to indie rock. Self-produced tracks and live vocals included.
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World Music Market

As we see the end of summer coming it’s time to celebrate the diverse nature of Berlin with our first World Music Market! Held at Urban Spree and presented by MILK ME and Berlin Sessions. The first World Music Market will see us feature the best musicians from around the world along with a diverse range of food and artist stalls, each showcasing traditional styles fused with modern flavour.

Catnapp is an electronic Live Act from Buenos Aires, Argentina, based in Berlin that combines breakbeat, drum and bass, alternative electronic, pop, rapping and other genres, resulting in an intense and nostalgic atmosphere with Fat percussion and lots of treble.

With probably most multifarious collection of vinyl in Berlin, the anglo-german duo quickly outgrew the local club scene and went on to conquer festival dance floors and underground parties across Europe.

In every song they try to play all instruments at the same time and call it psychedelic 80’s high tech pop. They can be very loud, often too fast, sometimes slow a.k.a groovy and have a weird concept of fashion but they surely love to boogie.
…This definition might change at any moment.

Hala-B is a local duo that Combines middle-eastern rhythms with an edge of western music dance floor. Led by keyboard player and singer Omar El-Fashi.

An eclectic mix of music oscillating between the spheres of house and techno.


***Food Court***
Couscous der Welt
Worldwide Dumplings

26th of August @ Urban Spree /////// Doors: 16:00 /////// Concert: 18:00 /////// End: Late

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UNDOGMATISCH | Subʞutan + Grün + Drøp + T.C.O. + Nekrobot + Mogano + SECRET SHOW!




Subʞutan |Dj
(IfZ / Vertigo)

No pianos, scarce vocals, no light – nevertheless a tapestry of sound that reaches deep beneath the skin. As co-organizer and resident of Vertigo, Subʞutan has quickly made his mark on Leipzig’s electronic music scene and has expanded upon facets of music that, until now, have been painfully missed. His name stands for the melancholic and dark sounds of techno, going beyond the experimental to where a 4/4 pulse finds its place. In Subʞutan’s sets, hard, dry kickdrums stomp tirelessly through a post-industrial tristesse, behind which you can always clearly hear the beating of a human heart.



Grün | Live

GRÜN is a project entirely dedicated to the biological nature of Green, intended as a frequency of light spectrum as well as archetypal symbol of what we usually name “Nature”.
It is an organic sonic creature taking shape by controlled interactions between purpose-made analogue synthesis modules, field recordings and acoustic piano parts, resulting in a deep-bass sonic form sounding like over-amplified microbiological worlds.
The project takes shape through site specific analogue autogenerative a/v installations or fully improvised sound performances by Daniele De Santis, Berlin based drummer-percussionist and electronic music producer, founder and artistic director of DROMOSCOPE.



Drøp| Live

Drøp is an electronic music project born in Berlin in 2010 by Giuseppe Bifulco, sound designer and engineer. It focuses on sounds investigation and experimentation, not that much in an aesthetic meaning, rather than in a perceptual and sensorial one, considering the sound as a bundle of informations that deal with psycho- acoustic and music therapy.

The sound is generated so far by manipulating electric circuits, lights or everything else is able to turn electric impulses into sound sources describing with thin, rarefied and abstract environments a deep fascination for the mathematical theory of the empty-set (ø). This leads the listener into an dream-like dimension, an empty set, a suspended state of mind reached through a rich narrative flow of micro-sounds, glitches and convulsed rhythm.


T.C.O. | Live
(Suite inc. / Undogmatisch)

T.C.O. aka Mirco Magnani is a Berlin based music composer, producer, video artist and dj, he was co-founder and composer of the music projects Minox, Technophonic Chamber Orchestra, 4Dkiller. Since 1984 he produced music and mixed-media events with Minox; since 1996 he co-founded the independent record label Suite inc./Suiteque. He worked with Steven Brown (he produced Minox “Lazare” – Industrie Discografiche Lacerba – Lacer 9 – 1986) and Blaine L. Reininger of Tuxedomoon, Lydia Lunch, Krisma, Mad Professor, Nobukazu Takemura, The Gentle People, Murcof, Daedelus. In 2004 Mirco started his solo project T.C.O.and going soon to release a new album, a sort of electroacoustic Opera titled “Madame E.”, based on a novel from Georges Bataille with the singer Ernesto Tomasini. T.C.O. will present a preview of the new tracks he’s working on for his next techno releasing, mixing digital with live improvised analog devices.



Mogano| Dj

Founded by Marco Berardi around 2010, this project focus on a combination of club-music elements with iterative ancestral rhythms, drone ambient landscapes, dub foregrounds, noise and rough bass incursions. After playing for some years across the Dub/Dubstep scene and lately in the Techno one, he started to develop a deep interest for sounds experimentation and visual art that led him, together with the visual artist Andrea Familari FAX and the sound designer Drøp, to found Arboretum, a cooperative platform which promotes Audio/Visual experiments and an immersive experience of clubbing. Since 2012 both the projects are rooted and active in Berlin counting on several participations amongst more experimental contests and the club scene.



Nekrobot| Dj

Nekrobot comes originally from Athens where, being a member of Jinx Entertainment collective, was spinning minimal and synth punk in underground clubs around the city for the last seven years. An the same time was editing and experimenting with visual and audio collage, continuously deconstructing and distorting reality on the wrong side of entertainment. Arriving in Berlin, became resident at Sabbat party, doing unusual mixes of harsh electronic sounds. Nekrobot wishes to express disorder in sound and vision.




Italian artist, born in 1987, lives and works in Berlin, Germany. His works encompass from Vjiing, Audio/Visual Interactions, Mapping, Interactive installations to Scenic-design and investigate mostly on the decomposition of micro/macro cosmos. Since 2012 he works also as Workshops Manager for LPM (Live Performers Meeting): an international meeting of live video performers, video artists and vjs, that seeks to study the practices that most have influenced live video performance. In 2013 he also founded, together with Marco Berardi (Mogano) and Giuseppe Bifulco (Drøp) the Records Label Arboretum, a cooperative platform for Audio/Video experiments.



Valentina Bardazzi | Videoinstallation

Valentina is a painter. “True perfection does not exist, the sense of beauty comes from imperfection.” In the attainment of perfection, there is always the need for some elements of ugliness and of madness. When the ugliness is there, it is often overlooked, either intentionally or unintentionally, but perhaps when it is overlooked, true perfection is obtained. In late 2007, Valentina Bardazzi and Mirco Magnani began to work together using the same subjects for the Valentina’s paintings and for Mirco to make videos by their first thematic exhibition project titled “Untitled for Parenthesyne Suite”, in 2010 ” Mio Son Tuo” and in 2012 “Real Dreams”.



Dusan Pejcic | Video
(Gray Sister)

Dušan Pejčić, born in Belgrade, Serbia. With the background in graphic design, fine arts and fashion design he currently lives and works as costume and multimedia designer in Berlin, Germany. Dušans work is constantly moving between costume and set design, video art, graphic design, 3d art, illustration and painting, resulting in a multidisciplinary projects and collaborations with various artists, designers, filmmakers, performers and choreographers.



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Postponed: Livermori vol. 3

For this 3rd edition of Livermori we count with two members of the Barcelonian collective Draft, which after they threw their first party on May 2017, kept on organizing the event monthly, always inviting a great selection of some of the most interesting artists in the electronic music scene nowadays. Dj Dustin, PLO Man, Makam, Lux, Marc Piñol, John Talabot, Blawan, Mumdance, Claro Intelecto, An-I, Halal & Relaxer… are some of the artists that have visited their lovely curated event and always left with a smile in their face. On the 25th of april, you can listen to three DJs that represent the variety of taste that can be found on the artists invited to their Draft events.


Kinetic is as well a resident DJ in the legendary Nitsa club in Barcelona.
Stein and Màquina Corrupta launched their own label Anomalies. Keep tuned.


I hope the background hype text gives you enough reasons not to miss this.

Thanks Néstor for the Flyer. Instagram: @dimoni5250



Frankie hi-nrg mc | Berlino

Frankie hi-nrg mc, la leggenda del rap italiano, arriva per la prima volta a Berlino per due appuntamenti imperdibili.
Il 6 febbraio il suo live act presso il club Urban Spree ed il 7 febbraio presso Istituto Italiano di Cultura per la presentazione del suo libro “Faccio la mia cosa”.

6.2 Live act @ Urban Spree (opening: BJRG)
Apertura ore 20
Inizio ore 20,30
Tickets: http://bit.ly/2sYSNIL

7.2 Presentazione libro “Faccio la mia cosa” @ Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Berlino. Modera l’incontro il giornalista Mattia Grigolo.
A seguire, solo su iscrizione, workshop di scrittura creativa con l’artista a cura de Le Balene Possono Volare)
Inizio ore 18 – ingresso gratuito
Info: iicberlino@esteri.it
Info e iscrizioni workshop di scrittura creativa: lab.lebalene@gmail.com

Frankie hi-nrg mc (Francesco Di Gesù) è nato a Torino nel 1969.
E’ un rapper, autore e compositore. Ha anche maturato ottime
esperienze come fotografo e videomaker.
Ha all’attivo 5 album su etichetta RCA ed il sesto “Essere Umani”
è uscito come indipendente per la propria discografica Materie
Prime Circolari.
Autore di alcuni dei rap più importanti della storia musicale
italiana, tra cui ricordiamo “Fight da faida”, “Potere alla parola”,
“Libri di sangue” (1993), “Autodafè”, “Quelli che benpensano”
(1997), Raplamento” (2003); nel 2008 ha partecipato al Festival della Canzone Italiana di
Sanremo con “Rivoluzione” e nel 2014 con “Un uomo è vivo” e “Pedala”, scelta dalla RAI come
sigla del 97° e 98° Giro d’Italia e contenuta in “ESSERE UMANI”, il primo album da
indipendente della propria etichetta Materie Prime Circolari.
La sua canzone “Quelli che benpensano” (1997) ha vinto il premio “Canzone dell’Anno” di
Musica! di Repubblica.
La canzone “Fight da faida” (IRMA record, 1992) è stata votata come “Migliore Canzone Rap della Storia della Musica Italiana” dal mensile Rolling Stone.
Ha scritto ed eseguito brani per artisti del calibro di Fiorella Mannoia, Raf, Mimmo Locasciulli ed in ambito internazionale con RZA (Wu-Tang Clan) e Nas.
Ha supportato dal vivo artisti come David Bowie, Beastie Boys, Run DMC.
Ha collaborato con artisti teatrali come Vittorio Gassman, Franca Valeri, Arnoldo Foà, Paola Cortellesi e nell’ambito della musica contemporanea si è esibito con il M°Alvin Curran ed il M°
Fredric Rzewski. É coautore insieme a Marco Paolini di #ANTROPOCENE
Ha scritto e diretto – tra gli altri – i videoclip di “Quelli che benpensano”, “La descrizione di un attimo” e “Due destini” (Tiromancino – Virgin 2001), insieme a Riccardo Sinigallia.
Ha condotto parte della stagione 2004 di Brand:new per il canale MTV e presenta il programma “Street art” sul canale SkyArte HD (2013).
Come attore ha recitato tra gli altri in “Paz!” (Renato De Maria, 2001) ed “I più grandi di tutti” (Carlo Virzì, 2012).
Affermato street photographer, nel 2015 ha realizzato la mostra monografica “Metrapolis”
Nel 2019 è uscito “Faccio la mia cosa” (Mondadori, Strade Blu), il suo primo libro.


Frankie hi nrg mc is one of the first and most appreciated italian rapper. Since 1991 he recorded 6 albums, wrote 1 book and collaborated with cinema and tv industry.
Hits like “Quelli che benpensano” and “Fight da faida” have influenced the entire italian rap scene.
He collaborated with artists like the american rappers NAS and RZA and italian musicians like Niccolò Fabi and Roy Paci.
In Berlin he will perform live in Urban Spree and present his first book “Faccio la mia cosa” at Isttituto Italiano di Cultura.