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„Flucht ins Bild – Die fotografische Darstellung von Migration und die Medien“ Podiumsdiskussion mit Screening / Ostkreuz-Fotografen und Gäste

„Flucht ins Bild – Die fotografische Darstellung von Migration und die Medien“ Podiumsdiskussion mit Screening / Ostkreuz-Fotografen und Gäste

Podium: Jörg Brüggemann (Ostkreuz), Sibylle Fendt (Ostkreuz), Lars Lindemann (Bildredaktion Geo), Kai Löffelbein (Laif), Sean Gallup (Cheffotograf für News Deutschland, Getty Images) – Moderation: Georg Diez (DER SPIEGEL)

Flüchtlinge erreichen die Insel Kos, August 2015, Kos, Griechenland, Europa

Jörg Brüggemann/OSTKREUZ – Flüchtlinge erreichen die Insel Kos, August 2015, Kos, Griechenland, Europa

Das Thema der Flucht beherrscht derzeit alle Medienbereiche. Es ist „ein epochales und sehr fotogenes Thema“ (Photonews 2/2016). Der Einfluss von Fotografen, Agenturen und Medien auf die Darstellung von Flucht und Migration ist enorm. Deswegen haben alle Akteure eine zunehmend hohe Verantwortung. Ostkreuz-Fotografen diskutieren gemeinsam mit Gästen aus Bildredaktionen und -agenturen über die fotografische Darstellung von Migration und den medialen Umgang mit ihr.

Die Veranstaltung spannt einen Bogen, der vom Entstehungsprozess der Bilder vor Ort über die Distributionswege bis zur finalen Auswahl in den Bildredaktionen reicht. Alle Beteiligten eint das Anliegen, Flucht und Migration bildlich darzustellen. Spannungsfelder entstehen dort, wo Intentionen aufeinanderprallen – und die sind bei Fotografen, Bildagenturen und Redaktionen durchaus unterschiedlich. Oder verfolgen am Ende des Prozesses nicht alle Beteiligten doch dieselben Ziele?



Ostkreuz Verein für Fotografie

wurde von den Fotografen der Agentur Ostkreuz initiiert, um kulturelle Projekte unabhängig von kommerzieller Verwertbarkeit zu realisieren. Wir stehen für eine Fotografie, welche die Verhältnisse unserer Zeit abbildet und reflektiert.

Als Verein engagieren wir uns für die Sichtbarmachung von künstlerischer und dokumentarischer Fotografie, die dieser Haltung entspricht. In der Präsentation von Fotografie sehen wir einen substanziellen Beitrag zum gesellschaftlichen Leben, zur aktuellen Bildkultur und zum Diskurs über Fotografie.

Als Forum regen wir die Begegnung mit und den Austausch über zeitgenössische Autorenfotografie an und fördern die Auseinandersetzung mit ihren Bedingungen und Perspektiven.

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CANCELLED // In der Fremde / Pictures from Home — Photobook Launch Event

Urban Spree and Hatje Cantz invite you to the indoor/outdoor photobook launch of Romeo Alaeff’s, “In der Fremde: Pictures from Home,” published by the esteemed German arthouse publisher, Hatje Cantz.

Romeo Alaeff is a Berlin-based artist from Brooklyn, NY. After moving to Berlin eight years ago, he began a long-term photographic series about migration, belonging, and the universal search for home. Through haunting, cinematic images of Berlin, he charts a new city topography in the context of a complex family history spanning from Yemen to USSR, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Israel/Palestine, and the United States.

The photobook « In der Fremde: Pictures from Home » is composed of eerie nightscapes and Kiezszene in familiar Berlin neighborhoods, but, as the oxymoronic title suggests, strangeness and unfamiliarity lurk in the shadows.

The nocturnal photographs are framed by inspiring essays from Romeo Alaeff, Yuval Noah Harari, Eva Hoffman, Joseph Kertes, Rory MacLean, Christian Rattemeyer, and Charles Simic.

The artist will present his new photobook at Urban Spree, which will unveil an outdoor exhibition consisting of three mural-size photographs (300 x 200 cm) and a series of medium format photos disseminated throughout the garden. The photographer will sign his book and engage with the audience in partnership with the publisher.

The exhibition will be on display in the garden until January 23, 2021.


Saturday, November 7th
17:00 – 21:00
Outdoor Event / Free Entry


Romeo Alaeff, « In der Fremde: Pictures from Home:

Hardcover, 180 pages.
Editor: Nadine Barth
Graphic Design: anschlaege.de
44 Euro

Shameless Berlin Presents: Pussy Powered Protest – Berlin

(Video of Lady Daisy who will perform at our after party)

It’s a Pussy Powered Protest!

Shameless Berlin is a showcase of some of the best known and most prolific alternative comedy acts in the scene. Through cabaret, comedy, music, burlesque and puppetry, the artists tackle sexuality, immigration, queerness, body politics and power.

From Colombia, Lebanon, Australia and the USA, these power femmes deliver a vulvacious smack to the funny bones with a special blend of razor sharp wits and juvenile jokes.

Entry includes our high energy 1 hour show plus an after party with live music, DJs and special international burlesque headliners!

Liliana Velásquez dominatrix turned kabarettist
Duckie L’Orange queer puppeteer
Carmen Chraim high-energy comedy
Crystal Tassels glamorous showgirl brat

Purdy Hölsom tasteless twangy musical songbird
Gorjeoux & the Corsetts queer ukulele with a voice as sweet as cherry pie
Batsauce spinning 45s

The Wynstrumentt Live harmonica loop wizard
Lady Daisey & Batsauce Seductive live vocals with smooth summer beats

Presale €5 / 10
On the night €8 / 12

20:00 Doors
20:30 Gorjeoux & the Corsetts
20:45-21:45 Pussy Powered Protest – early show
21:45-22:45 Vinyl DJ Batsauce spinning 45s
22:45 Purdy Holsom
23:00-24:00 Pussy Powered Protest – late show
24:00 – After party with Wynton Kelly Stevenson, Batsauce & Lady Daisy LIVE


Liliana Velasquez M. has crossed borders all her life. Raised in Miami Medellin and New Jersey there is no role she cannot play and her comedy reflects this extravagant mix in her Latina-tude, Catholic guilt and American dreaming. As an adult, Liliana recklessly explored NYC, slipping in and out of different art forms, costumes, and jobs. She has so many outrageous stories to tell, it would horrify her proud parents, Only now do they admire her comedic outlook on so many mistakes. Always hungry for new challenges, Liliana soon found other platforms for the performance that is her life: Berlin Neukölln. She is proud to be queer and not perfect and enjoys waking up in the afternoons.
As if that isn’t enough, she is also leading lady at Freudian Slip Club, producing hundreds of shows in Germany every year.

Duckie L’Orange is a Berlin based performance artist with a twist.
She does weird and wacky interactive performances for kids, and equally wacky but significantly dirtier shows for adults. She’s been all around town like a hipster on a vintage bicycle – from performing at the Sydney Opera House, barking in a steam punk carnival with Antigua i Barbuda at Sydney Festival, touring Germany with the Puppetry Slam Berlin to creating shows in the jungles of Kalimantan and Timor Leste.

Crystal Tassels, « The American Brat Queen, » is a burlesque artist, chanteuse, and fetish performer from Seattle, USA. After making her burlesque debut in South Korea, Tassels spent six years performing in the USA and Canada and is now based in Berlin. When she’s not singing or stripping, you’ll usually find her impersonating her cat.

Carmen Chraim is a beloved comedian in the Berlin English comedy scene. After five years of performing stand-up comedy, she is now recognized on the train by strangers at least 20 times a year! She performs mainly in Berlin but also manages to leave her bubble and delight many boring German cities (both West and East). She’s also had her name pulled from a bucket for at least four NY open mics; flyered and performed tirelessly for an entire month at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival; and found performing on stages in Amsterdam and Warsaw to be very enjoyable.
And now you’re asking yourself, “Great, but where is she from?” Born and raised in Lebanon, she wins over crowds with her high energy presence & rapid-fire anecdotes. Thanks to her Middle Eastern background, passion for hummus, deep experience with corporate Germans and sarcastic political views, she’s often seen as an alternative Arab success story that hasn’t yet been discovered by the media.

Purdy Hölsom is a singer-schlongbiter, rapper wrong-righter. She is a comedy musician from North Carolina (US). She’s a four-time finalist in the International Songwriting Competition. In 2018, her “Gay Money” music video was screened at the Palm Springs Film Fest & the Berlin Music Video Awards. She recently performed at Edinburgh Fringe Fest, and learned that Scotland is very, very cold.Holsom has released two albums, Purdy Holsom (2014) and Vageezus: Voice of a Generation (2016), several singles, and nine music videos (depending on what you count).

Gorjeoux is a Corset wearing, KitKat loving, Ukulele playing, Gorgeous, Queer, Non Binary Femme Goddess who likes to play around with new imaginings, queerifications and mashups of pop songs.

Wynton Kelly Stevensonn is a musical storyteller with a twist. His musical journey is crafted with vocals, harmonica, beats and live looping. Sponsored by Hohner Music he has been touring and living in Europe for 10 years.

Lady Daisey is a soul/funk singer who spent her childhood touring the U.S. with her parent’s band. Raised on the road, home-schooled and surrounded by music, it was natural for her to blossom into the artist that she is. Since then, she’s been following her musical path and developed her own playful style, ranging from sultry love songs to powerhouse feel-good old-school soul. Lady Daisey has played venues and festivals around the globe, spreading her message of love and positivity, soulfully presented over head noddin’ Batsauce beats. A small woman with a huge voice, Lady Daisey is sure to grab the attention and steal the hearts of everyone within ear’s reach.

She’s opened for Sharon Jones, Mayer Hawthorne, Chali 2na, Roxanne Shante, Bahamadia, the Perceptionists. She’s rocked festivals around the world alongside the Roots, Method Man, Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Muse, Typical Cats, Souls of Mischief, Zion I. Lady Daisey’s voice can also be heard on recordings with Qwazaar, Typical Cats, Asamov and Marc Hype.

Batsauce is a musician/producer/DJ from Jacksonville, Florida. Following his well received EP & LP with Qwazaar, Batsauce debuts his instrumental intergalactic love saga entitled « Starcrossed. » Batsauce is also one-third of the Smile Rays (along with Paten Locke & Lady Daisey). He has worked with Mr. Lif , Akrobatik, The AB’s, Paten Locke, Lady Daisey, Surreal, Dillon, Chop, Boog Brown, and MassInfluence. Not to mention, the likes of Bahamadia, George Clinton, Vinnie Paz, and Dumbtron have appeared on his tracks. As well as an avid beatmaker, Batsauce is a multi-instrumentalist and DJ. He resides mostly in Berlin, when he isn’t couch-surfing elsewhere.

Cover image by Toby K


Various & Gould: Identikit Generator

In 2007, the Berlin-based artist duo Various & Gould launched the Identikit series, a reflection on multiple identities, through a choice of faces & words composing endless variations and contradictions.

10 years later, the duo is invited by the Leipzig Book Fair 2018 to introduce an updated version of the series, focused on Europe and its numerous crises and issues.

This project discusses the topic of immigration, identities and clichés. Identities are highly complex and always diverse whereas clichés are the embodiment of simplification.

To visualize this issue, Various & Gould have chosen a technique known from children’s books. Portraits of prominent personages and words are horizontally cut into strips enabling to rearrange them in endless variations. There are numerous different options – some make sense, some do not, but most invoke images confronting the viewer with own stereotypes and clichés.

The duo has developed a digital version, where users can compose their own motives and then publish online. So far, the version uses only german words but an english version should be available soon.

You can access the generator here: http://variousandgould.com/identikit-generator/

« Flucht ins Bild » – Panel Discussion with Ostkreuz

Urban Spree invites you to the panel discussion and slideshow « Migration in Images. The Photographic Representation of Migration and the Media“ organized by Ostkreuz Verein and moderated by Georg Diez (Der Spiegel) on Friday, April 15th.

Zeitungslesender Tourist am Strand, August 2015, Kos, Insel Kos, Griechenland, Europa

Zeitungslesender Tourist am Strand, August 2015, Kos, Insel Kos, Griechenland, Europa

Migration is the topic currently dominating all media sectors. Photographers, agencies and media have wide influence over the representation of migration. Therefore they have a high level of responsibility.
The „Ostkreuz- Verein für Fotografie e.V“ takes this dominating topic for a panel. Ostkreuz photographers and guests from agencies and picture desks will discuss about the representation of migration and their intentions.

The event follows the steps from the creation of the images on site to the final selection by the editors.

Panel: Jörg Brüggemann,  Sibylle Fendt (Ostkreuz), Sean Gallup (Chief Photographer Germany News, Getty Images), Lars Lindemann (Bildredaktion Geo), Kai Löffelbein (freelance photographer).

15.04.2016 · 20:00
Urban Spree Galerie
Revaler Straße 99, 10245 Berlin





(For English, please see below)
Und plötzlich musst Du zusehen, wie Deine alten Schulfreunde oder Nachbarn in einem wütenden Mob durch die Straßen Deiner Stadt ziehen und gegen Menschen wie Dich und mich wüten; Menschen, die ihre Heimat verlassen mussten, auf der Flucht vor Armut, Verfolgung und Tod, in ständiger Angst um das eigene Leben und das ihrer Kinder, Frauen, Männer, Schwestern, Brüder. Jeden Tag schaltest Du die Nachrichten ein und musst zusehen, wie aus Menschenleben Zahlen werden, wie Schicksale kategorisiert werden. Und Du stehst daneben und wirst mit jedem Moment sprachloser. Wir wollen nicht mehr zuschauen und tatenlos bleiben, während Menschen Opfer rassistischer Gewalt und politischer Ignoranz werden. Wir wollen etwas dazu beitragen, dass diese Menschen ihre Chance auf einen Neuanfang bekommen. Mit dem MOVEMENT13 Fest wollen wir Euch um Hilfe bitten und Spenden sammeln, um die Aktion „Angehört“ zu unterstützen, die geflüchtete Menschen durch die Schwierigkeiten des Asylverfahrens begleitet, um den legalen Aufenthalt in Deutschland zu sichern.

Das MOVEMENT13 Fest wird eine vielfältige Veranstaltung, die neben Musik und Kulinarischem auch eine Ausstellung zur aktuellen Thematik und Infostände bietet.

Weitere Infos bezüglich Line-up, Programm und Vorverkauf folgen zeitnah und kontinuierlich.


And suddenly you have to watch your neighbours and old friends rushing through the streets, an angry crowd raging against people like you and me; people who had to leave their home country, escaping from poverty, persecution and death, in constant fear for their own life and the life of their children, their wife, husband or their sisters and brothers. Every day, you switch on the news and you have to sit back and watch, how people get reduced to numbers, and how individual life stories get categorized. And you only stand beside and you get speechless more and more with every minute. We do not want to look away anymore and we do not like to remain silent, while people fall victim to rascist force and political ignorance. We want to do our bit, that these people get their chance for a new beginning, to be a newcomer. With the Movement13 Fest we would like to call for your help and collect donations to support the refugee initiative called „Angehört“ (German for „Heard“) working in Berlin and Brandenburg, which prepares refugees for their interview with the German immigration authorities.

The MOVEMENT13 Fest will be a diverse event including music, art and food.

Info concerning line-up, program and pre-sale are up to come soon and continuously.


Angehört BB


Hardcore Stage:

KOTZREIZ (Aggressive Punk Produktionen)

Coldburn (Beatdown Hardwear)

DEATHRITE (Prosthetic Records)

S O U L G R O U N D (Powertrip Records)

Ghostwriter. (Anchored Records // Mind Control Records)

Tides Denied (Backbite Records)

Ghetto Justice (Rising Nemesis Records)

Method Of Proof (Mind Control Records)


Nervöus (Moment of Collapse Records)

Flyktpunkt (My Favorite Chord Records)

argos. (i.corrupt Records)

Krank (This Charming Man Records)

Sleep Routine (Evil Greed)


extinct (Injustice Records)



Stefanie Zofia Schulz: « DULDUNG »
– photographic exhibition about the everyday life difficulties in one of Germany’s biggest refugee camps.

Tattoo-Flashset-Exhibition w/
Thomas Burkhardt, Herzdame Tättowierungen, Friedrich Übler, Toya Shinko, Hanaro Shinko u.a.

Sponsered by Epidemic Cloth.


Angehört BB

Kiron Open Higher Education

SolidariGee e.V. (Verein zur Unterstützung geflüchteter Kinder und Jugendlicher)

Supported also by:
Flüchtlinge Willkommen

Brammibal’s Donuts

strEats Vegan Food






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