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Crisis + The Walking Korpses

[aufnahme + wiedergabe] presents:

Crisis (UK) live
(Punk Legends)

« After almost 40 years, punk-rock originals Crisis, are back with a series of concerts. Crisis’s “songs to march to” once again resonate with the audiences, both old and new. Their anti-fascist, anti-racist message is still very much relevant in the current Western political climate, as it was at the end of 1970s.  »

The Walking Korpses (DE) live
(Brave Mysteries / Static Age)

« Freshly evolved Berlin 5 piece mutation shows you what happens when you leave your Teenage Panzerkorps tape sitting next to the tepid bong water cum petri dish too long. »

DJ Hanzel (IT)
(Herzschlag / Pánica)

Traurig Lustig (FR)
(Bunker Bal)

Daryl Sulfate (AUS)

Revaler Str. 99/Warschauer Str.
10245 Berlin

Tickets: http://aufnahmeundwiedergabe.bigcartel.com/product/tickets-crisis-live-in-berlin-09-03-2018

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Tavar Zawacki: Metamorphosis

Urban Spree Galerie is proud to present “Metamorphosis”, a solo exhibition by visual artist Tavar Zawacki in Berlin.

Zawacki will be presenting a museum style solo exhibition of twelve large format works on canvas with his signature hard edge painting style.

The opening reception will take place on the 7th of September 2017 at 19:00 at Urban Spree Galerie, Revaler Str. 99, Berlin-Friedrichshain together with the release of his second monograph, « Metamorphosis », a 168-page book published by Urban Spree Books.

Runtime: 8th of September – 14th of October, 2017.

The exhibition will display only large format originals and marks a clear new direction for the artist.

« The intention for the Metamorphosis exhibition was to transition into newer areas of my creativity with a fearless attitude. The past year I decided to slow down, and focus my attention inwards. My priority was to observe previous styles of artworks I had painted, and take them to a higher, more refined level. During this introspective period I was surprised to find that I had many barriers in my creativity that blocked my true visual style from being seen. It was disturbing for me to realize that I’ve been very fearful, and self conscious with my creative process. Metamorphosis is about transformation from one state into a newer dynamic one. With a lot of brutal honesty, and conviction for growth I was able to take inner inventory of what no longer served me. I was able to let go of the fears that were stifling my creative progression. I was prepared for feeling uncomfortable during this metamorphosis. I was learning how to unblock my personal censors, and be valiant in painting the styles of works I’ve previously been too reluctant to paint.

The Metamorphosis exhibition focuses on four different, and distinct styles of painting. Each painting style has it’s own unique personality. As a collective whole these twelve works on canvas best encompass my current interests of painting styles in my career. The restricted black and white designs display my attraction in sharp contrasting Op-Art visual effects. On the contrary, the CMYK designs are full of color achieved from overlapping secondary and tertiary shapes. The painting style of trompe l’oeil  has been a highlight of mine during this creative process. The manipulation of shadows, and illusion of depth added a nice dimensional element to Metamorphosis body of work. The fourth, and final painting style examines the relationship between both straight, and curved lines. The intention for this style was to have a balance within each of these defined compositions.

During the designing process of this exhibition I had achieved my goals of stepping out of my creative comfort zone, while pushing forward in these aforementioned styles of my creative interest. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the show. » Tavar Zawacki, July 2017

In addition to the exhibition, Urban Spree Books publishes « Metamorphosis« , a 168-page monograph retracing the latest works and murals of the artist.

Last but not the least, a screen print is being released for the show in a standard black-and-white edition as well as a very limited large silver and gold edition in a run of 5.


The pdf catalogue of the show is now available upon request by writing to: galerie@urbanspree.com


About the artist:

Tavar Zawacki (b. 1981), is a Californian born, Berlin-based contemporary artist. Tavar Zawacki under his then street name, ABOVE, was one of the main pioneers and influencers in the development of the Street Art movement in Paris in 2001. His proliferation of his arrow icon trail-blazed the way for later generations of street artists using iconography, logos, and abstract artworks in the street. During the past 20 years Tavar has proliferated his artworks in over 100 cities spanning 50 countries around the world. His style is characterized by the use of bold colors, geometric patterns, Op Art elements, and trompe l’oeil illusion effects. Tavar Zawacki has been showcasing his work in galleries and institutions around the world since 2005. He is a resident of Urban Spree since 2 years.




Opening: Thursday, September 7th, 2017 at 19:00

Exhibition: 8th of September – 14th of October, 2017

Tuesday-Sunday 12:00 – 19:00 and with appointment

Urban Spree Galerie

Revaler Str. 99

10245 Berlin


Gallery Enquiries: pascal@urbanspree.com

Press Enquiries: diana@urbanspree.com

Tonstartssbandht, Elliott Vincent Jones, FensterDJs

Doors: 8pm
Elliott Vincent Jones: 9pm
Tonstartssbandht: 10pm
inbetween, before and after: Fenster DJs
Admission: 13 EUR on the door (or cheaper at http://puschen.tickets.de/)

Andy and Edwin Mathis White are the duo known as Tonstartssbandht. Behind their made-up name (pronounced as tahn-starts-bandit) is almost a decade of sibling synergistic creative energy. The band began in August of 2007 in their hometown of Orlando, Florida. After spending their teenage years exploring the free landscape of improvised ensemble noise rock, they decided to focus their efforts on recording a few cover versions of songs from the Beach Boys’ Smiley Smile / Wild Honey. Trained as choristers in their youth, the two felt no apprehension at the vocal task at hand. Having never worked together as a duo, expectations were neutral, yet with only a few songs completed their natural cohesion lead the covers project to begin shifting toward creating originals. By the end of the month Andy and Edwin moved away to their new respective homes in Montreal and New York City.

In these two cities the band continued under the restraint of solo writing, recording, and emailed collaboration. The confined living environments necessitated a reliance on the power of choral vocal loops, sampled rhythms, and digital music media. This method of songwriting and performance was carried through on three of their self-released 2009 albums An When, Dick Nights, and Maihama. Among these albums were also glimpses of their rock inspired past, with songs like “Midnite Cobras”, “Haughty Deb” and “Welsh Souper” revealing a perhaps unexpected side of doom and blues riff affinity. In the fall of that same year, the brothers began performing frequently, mostly around the lofts and venues of Montreal. At their shows they strived to display both sides of the band’s developing sound. Sometimes sets would begin with a few chaotic vocal looping tracks before jumping in to a raucous guitar and drum segment. Playing so often, they would also perform “electronic sets” and “rock sets” within the same week. Local label Psychic Handshake shared their rock side with the Midnite Cobras 7 inch in March 2010. One year later, Arbutus Records, which formed in late 2009 alongside the band’s live development, released their first full length 12 inch Now I Am Become, with music returning to a mix of dooming rock and choral harmony.

New Album « Sorcerer » out on 14.03.2017 on Mexican Summer


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