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Livermori Vol. 2

Welcome to the second edition of Livermori.

Spinning records in the basement of Urban Spree.


Coming from Barcelona, Stein member of the Draft collective and Anomalies label.
From London, Jim Janco, responsible of People Drift parties.

admission based on a donation at the main door.


Spliff n‘ Riff – Berlin #1

Urban Spree, MILK ME, DUSTOWN, WASTE Records, Swamp Conspiracy and Church Of Moon team up for a sunny funny day full of activities and shenanigans ♥ entrance is free for donations, event starts 420 pm of course, we have the gallery & shop open, the food hot & steamy, our bands loud & sweaty and your favourite deejays on the decks! Line-Up so far:

Father Midnight / Ornamental / Cannabineros / The Victorious Secrets and more tba!

Alvar Costache / Sergi Roig / Octavius Dudzik / Rob Monstar / Solomon Hardy / Brendan Schoen / Säsh Dustown


Der Ringer

DIFFUS Magazin & ByteFM präsentieren:

der Ringer
„Live 2019“

Support: Slimgirl Fat

Berlin, Urban Spree
Einlass: 19:00 l Beginn: 20:00
VVK: 13,00€ zzgl. Gebühren
Tickets: https://www.landstreicher-konzerte.de/Tickets-DerRinger-B


Das erste Fünftel des 21. Jahrhunderts ist bald vorbei, zu den bisherigen Gewinnern gehörten unter anderem: UMTS, Ethereum, totalitärer Individualismus, Fidget-Spinner und Donald Trump. Definitiv nicht unter Verdacht, zu den Gewinnern zu gehören: Die Jungs-Rock-Band als popkulturelle Formation der Stunde. Hier springen der Ringer aus Hamburg in die Bresche. Gefangen im Körper einer Band, sind sind sie doch keine Band im herkömmlichen Sinne. Der Ringer sind ein kollektives Bewusstsein, ein entindividualisierter stream-of-consciousness, eine sich morphende interstellare Kunstfigur, eine kultisch-kryptische Erscheinung, die sich nicht einfach einordnen lässt in die deutsche Indie-Landschaft: Sänger Jannik Schneider gibt den androgynen Crooner mit Undercut, die Band ist cybergoth, softpunk. Gäbe es einen dritten Blade Runner Teil, Jannik Schneider, Benito Pflüger, Jakob Hersch und David Schachtschneider wären die Idealbesetzung. Für alle Rollen. Und wenn sie schon einmal am Set sind, sollte man sie auch direkt für den Soundtrack verpflichten. Auto-Tune-Prog ist vielleicht ein (Scheiss-)Stichwort, aber alles, was es bei der Ringer zu hören gibt, ist seiner Zeit im schönsten Sinne weit voraus. Verschrobene Trap-Step-Beats treffen auf Post-Punk-Vibe, Vocalsamples auf verhallte Mandolingitarren und der Geist von Ian Curtis wabert als Hologramm durch die Raumstation, die dem Ringer als Proberaum dient.

20ft Radio in Berlin

Independent 20ft Radio from Kyiv is coming to Berlin to make our first fundraising raving with a little help of radio residents, friends and locals open to the independent Eastern European music and underground culture. On the 19th of April, we’ll split Urban Spree into two parts to get a night of unity for wild nightclubbers on the Dancehole Stage and intellectual chilling lovers on the Leftfield Stage.

Pay what you want for entry and support the project of folks, that are running the independent radio station inside a port container in the industrial and most hyped area of Kyiv’s underground. The donation-based radio is completely free from commercial influences and was nominated for The Webby Awards (with Spotify, Vevo and Pandora along). Just within a year more than 1000 mixes were recorded and streamed from the container, featuring DJ Sotofett, NastiaRick Wade,EasterM.E.S.H.Kedr livanskiyRouge Mécanique MusiqueKOLOAH,Simple SymmetryARMA17 residents and many more.

Full Line Up TBA. Come over and bring your friends to spend this remarkable Urban Spree Episode with us.


FB Event



Julie’s Haircut + Mamuthones

Urban Spree & el borracho berlin gigs Present:
Rocket Recordings Label Mates with:
Julie’s Haircut + Mamuthones

Einlass: 19:00 I Beginn: 20:00

>> JULIE´S HAIRCUT (IT – Rocket Recordings)
Active since the late nineties, Julie’s Haircut is a band devoted to spacey, hypnotic sounds. The band’s music has evolved in time from the garage-rock soulful energy of their debut towards more experimental grounds, focusing on improv and sound research, without losing touch with the groove and melody that characterized their music since day one. They have been making music with Damo Suzuki, Sonic Boom, Philip Corner, Valerio Cosi and more. Their new album „Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin“ is released 17 february 2017 by Rocket Recordings.

>> MAMUTHONES (IT – Rocket Recordings)
Mamuthones may have started as solo project of Alessio Gastaldello, founder and ex drummer of Jennifer Gentle (Italy’s psych pop mavericks signed to Sub Pop Records) but soon turned into something like a real band.

After leaving Jennifer Gentle in 2007, Alessio switched from drums to air-organ and voice to create his own kind of deep psychedelia. A ritual, esoteric atmosphere soaked his first two albums – The First Born (a collaborative effort with Fabio Orsi) and Sator, his proper first solo LP. To support these releases, Alessio was joined on stage by Marco Fasolo (Jennifer Gentle’s mastermind) on guitar and seasoned drummer Maurizio Boldrin – an almost 70-year old musician who has played since the early Sixties in countless beat and prog groups including Pino Donaggio’s band (the same Pino Donaggio who wrote You don’t have to say you love me and soundtracked multiple Brian De Palma, Nicholas Roeg and Joe Dante movies).

After a handful of shows, the trio released in 2011 a self-titled album for Italian label Boring Machines. The band were heralded as prime movers of the so-called Italian Occult Psychedelia scene and the album itself got rave reviews on most music magazines and websites, even getting a 4-star review in The Times. Around the same time, Mamuthones opened the Italian tour of Hallogallo (the project comprising Neu! leader Michael Rother and Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley) and played their first London shows.

When Marco Fasolo went back to his Jennifer Gentle duties, Alessio recruited Matteo Polato (guitar) and Francesco Lovison (synth), both previously with Italian band Slumberwood. Alessio started immediately working on new material and the results were released in early 2015 as a 4-track side of a split album for the Collisions series by British label Rocket Recordings (Goat, Gnod, Josefin Ohrn, Julie’s Haircut, Teeth of the Sea, etc). The EP signaled a dramatic change in their sound, now a concoction of the dark alchemy of early Can, the sci-fi swagger of Chrome and the magpie spirit of Eno and Byrne’s My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts.
Soon after the release, Maurizio Boldrin split amicably and was replaced by Andrea Davì, a young drummer with a keen interest in jazz and Afrobeat. In September 2015 Mamuthones guested at the Liverpool Psychedelic Festival, while Rocket Recordings was releasing a new 12” limited edition titled Symphony For The Devil, featuring a kosmische-disco inflected cover of the Rolling Stones classic and an unreleased song.
With the new line-up alive and kicking, Mamuthones started working on a new album that will be released again by Rocket Recordings on February 23 2018 under the title Fear On The Corner.

Heavy Mental: Nadja – Sannhet – Sum of R

Swamp Booking and Urban Spree presents
Heavy Mental concert series : #2

Nadja is a duo of multi-instrumentalist Aidan Baker and bassist Leah Buckareff active since 2005 and credited as one of the progenitors of the genres ‚drone doom‘ or ‚metalgaze’—heavy atmospheric music which combines the darkness and volume of doom metal and industrial with the textures and melodicism of shoegaze and ambient/electronic music.

The project has released numerous albums on many different underground labels—Alien8 Recordings, Daymare Records, Robotic Empire, Hydrahead Records, Gizeh Records, and Important Records, to name a few—and have toured extensively with appearances in Europe, Japan, Russia, Australia/New Zealand, North and South America, including appearances at such festivals as SXSW, FIMAV, Roadburn, Donaufest, Le Guess Who, Incubate, and Unsound.

Originally from Toronto, Canada, the duo now resides in Berlin, Germany.

web links:


Sannhet have always been hard to classify. Since 2010, the Brooklyn trio’s played instrumental music that’s heavy and light, cinematic and intimate, dense but minimal. You could call them “post” something, “experimental metal,” or “math rock,” but none of that’s quite right and the band has thrown another
wrinkle into the mix with So Numb.
While they don’t write lyrics, they do write subtexts. They pen love letters, extended epistles, and suicide notes, all without words. With So Numb, Sannhet create a new
world out of very few ingredients.
The cover of Sannhet’s third album, So Numb, features a mother shielding her son’s eyes with her hands – an allegory depicting the protection one receives from their parents, but it isn’t meant to be sentimental.
As the mother shelters her child, she inadvertently creates a false sense of safety. The child, in turn, spends it’s life seeking comfort and escape in temporary solutions.
Though Sannhet meditate on life’s imperfect escapes, So Numb’s nine songs showcase the band facing
life’s pain and joy with their eyes wide open. The collection’s emotional landscape is one of existential
dread, melancholy, and loss – ammunition for escapists. Despite these existential conundrums, So Numb
has an uplifting, euphoric feel.

web links:
Twitter: @sannhetbk
Instagram: @sannhetbk


Switzerland’s Sum Of R R exists since 2008 and was created by Reto Mäder (URAL UMBO, RM74) to construct/deconstruct sound in ways that infest and cloud the interior of the mind. Sum Of R creates slow moving instrumental music with a sensibility for hypnotic and complex song structures.
Their intense and pulsating sound is influenced by lumbering doom, drone, post-metal, ambient, noiserock, psychedelic and cinematic post-rock. Sum Of R’s ritualistic take on expanding sound layers is deepened by the rawness of an unconventional metal atmosphere plunged into darkness, light and its reflection.
Their live performances as a duo are characterized by a cyclical process involving bass guitars, drums, effects, samples and drones to create a unique and dense whole which is more than the sum of its parts.

web links: