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Sicoer: Explorations

Urban Spree Galerie presents „Explorations„, the first solo show of the Krakow-based calligraffiti writer SICOER in Berlin.

„Explorations“ is the outcome of several working sessions at Urban Spree Berlin in January and February 2020, interspersed with intense studio time in Krakow during the lockdown, resulting in an unexpected dialogue in time and space.

During this time, Sicoer has conducted extensive research and experiments about form and flow, perfecting structure, balance, free flow and ultimately meeting a form of abstraction.

„Explorations“ is the outcome of a spiritual journey through letters.



Sicoer is a calligraffiti painter based in Krakow well known for his vandal graffiti as well as his handstyle studio works. Having started graffiti in 1998 and still active nowadays, Sicoer created in parallel a studio practice based on the combination of letters, geometric compositions, flow and a limited use of color range. Relentlessly exploring, Sicoer turned recently his graphic experiments towards calligraffiti abstraction.



20.06.2020 / 25.07.2020

Urban Spree Galerie

Revaler Str. 99

10245 Berlin

Info: contact@urbanspree.com

Vernissage: Saturday 20.06.2020 // 18:30 – 22:00

Opening on Sunday 21.06.2020 // 14:00 – 19:00

Opening Hours: Wednesday – Saturday // 14-00 – 19:00 and by appointment


T’ien Lai • Xenony

GreyZone Concerts & Promotion and Dawn of the Dance are happy to present

T’ien Lai (PL, band comprising Stara Rzeka) + Xenony (PL)

T’ien Lai is an electronic/organic band playing dirty rhythms. The quartet is comprised of musicians from Innercity Ensemble, Hati, Stara Rzeka, Alameda 5. The band played such festivals as CTM (Berlin), Phono (Odense), Mutek (Montreal), Luminato (Toronto) and Unsound (Krakow). T’ien Lai are known for their extraordinary live shows in which they combine radio sets, samplers, sythesizers, effects and vocals with congas, gongs, bells, horns and cymbals.

They are coming along with Xenony, an electronic trio conducted by Piotr Bukowski (Hokei, Stwory, Duży Jack) exploring the pioneer and imaginative fields of electronics of the early 80s and 90s. This will be the band’s promo tour for their upcoming record out on Instant Classic.

Nocny Kochanek

Kurwa mać – Nocny Kochanek – Polens Heavy Metal-Band #1, sind schon immer für ihre witzigen Texte bekannt – da bleibt kein Auge trocken.

Bisher haben sie zwei Alben aufgenommen: „Hewi Metal“ (2015) und „Zdrajcy Metalu“ (2017). In den Polnischen Charts auf Platz 2, überholte ihr letztes Album sogar Metallica innerhalb der ersten 2 Wochen nach Release. Nocny Kochanek füllen Hallen in Polen. Warschau, Krakow etc. pp. – alles restlos ausverkauft!

Sie spielten die letzten Jahre immer auf dem Woodstock Festival. 2017 werden sie es erneut wagen, auf dem Woodstock – dem größten Musikfestival in Polen.

Sie sind ohne Zweifel die Anführer der modernen polnischen Metal-Szene. Bühnenerfahrung bringen sie mehr als genug mit – bei mehr als 100 Konzerten in Clubs und Open-Air jedes Jahr.

Wir freuen uns unsere polnischen Freunde für eine Club Show nach Berlin einladen zu dürfen.

Cześć 2 piwo proszę!


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Scarlatti goes Electro , MDMS SPKR , Debmaster

Urban Spree late live shows !!!


Duetto for harpsichord and Synthetizers

SCARLATTI GOES ELECTRO is a duo formed by Antoine Souchav’ and Michel Bananes Jr, mixing baroque music and electronic music. With lots of frenetic rythms and bass lines (and in authentic costumes), in a free adaptation of the score, where the instrumental playing has a real importance, comes a generous and dancing music, always fast and heady.

„I was totally stunned when I heard them ! Their compositions are fantastic! They are remarkably skilled, and I predict that they will succeed incontestably in this fucking profession; they’ve finally found something to brighten up the obsolete and deteriorated state of current electronic music

And they do it with very new sounds, most importantly thanks to an overflowing imagination and also with the audacity and humour of youth, an attitude which greatly distinguishes them from the old guys… “


MDM SPK (London)

„MDME SPKR make and create for me the most unique and hard real punk music around -why you might ask ?because they pander to no one are lyrically poignant and above all do not have an identikit look that would appeal to the neurosis of a scene or the desire to be in one which what was punk was all about originally -this is a true organic band all on it’s own beautiful axis all 100% DIY- the music speaks for itself hard and visceral,i’ve said enough ..LISTEN !!!“ Cherrystones ( Touch Sensitive/ Brutal music ) ///

„Ego-destroying and powerful soul music in the true sense of the word“ Demian Castellanos (The Oscillation) ///

„MDME SPKR make a dirty fuzzed up noise that sends me back to a Seattle,New York,Chicago or Washington basement in 1987“ Chris Reeder(Rocket Recordings) ///

„Sludgy, apocalyptic doompunk of the highest order” Steven Krakow(Plastic Crimewave ) Drag City ///

„Discharge without guitar solos“ Utrillo (Comets On Fire) ///

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Debmaster dj set (Berlin )