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Wolf City presents: Grave Miasma / Spectral Voice

Smell that? It’s the stench of this show reaching your nostrils.

Proudly putting together two of today’s best death metal bands in existence, UK’s Grave Miasma (back in Berlin after a very long break) and USA’s Spectral Voice (who played to a sold out crowd in this very venue last year) – this will be the last highlight of the year for Wolf City, to send 2019 properly spinning into its crypt.

As opener we welcome the Abrisskommando Mouth Of Madness, who will export their personal brand of pestilence from Görlitz.



Paradox x CPT.OLF 16-19

« Paradox x CPT.OLF 16-19 » – The Exhibition – shows for the first time the exceptional photographs of Cpt.Olf shot during his 4-year stint as resident photographer of Paradox, Berlin’s most secretive pixação writer and urban climber.

In addition to original artworks contributed by Paradox, the show will also display Cpt.Olf’s urban exploration photographs.


« CPT.OLF 16-19 » – The Book –  is the companion photobook to the exhibition, published in a limited edition of 500 books.

Published for the first time, the photographs of Cpt_Olf represent a milestone in urban photography as well as a first-hand account of the gest of Paradox.

Links to purchase the book (Regular Edition or Collector Edition with a signed and numbered 15×21 cm digital c-print)





« CPT.OLF 16-19 » – The Exhibition:

Urban Spree Galerie

Revaler Str. 99

10245 Berlin

Opening: Friday 18.10.2019 at 19:00

18.10.2019 – 16.11.2019

Exhibition: Tu-Sa – 12:00 – 18:30

Sold Out: Wolf City presents: Sulphur Aeon / Chapel of Disease / Vouna

It would be an understatement to say that these two bands have proven to be two of the most successful, accomplished and creative bands in the German death metal underground of the last few years. With both bands having dropped their respectively magnificent third release in 2018 under the egide of the ever attentive Ván Records, this is a package that should get everyone foaming at the mouth.

Whereas Sulphur Aeon faithfully carry on the work of Charles Dexter Ward to resurrect ancient horrors in the most powerful atmospheric death metal rendition of Lovecraft’s immortal work, Chapel Of Disease started their journey in the darkness of dilapidated crypts to land in territories flooded by the soothing, psychedelic and bluesy sun of classic rock – all without losing an ounce of impact or give in to the temptations of “mature” mass-marketed heavy metal. Two bands, both one of a kind and a testimony to the creative force of the current death metal scene.

They will be joined also by the Cascadian FUNERAL DOOM band Vouna



Wolf Mountains – « Urban Dangerous Tour »

Das dritte Studioalbum „Urban Dangerous“ des Garagen-Rock Trios Wolf Mountains stößt weitere Türen auf, die in die Welt von zeitlosem Pop führen. Die charakteristischen Eigenschaften wie der rollende Bass oder der 90’s Highschool-Rock Gesang sind zwar noch vorhanden, dafür wird eine Spielwiese aus Soundexperimenten und Skits erschlossen. Das Songwriting wirkt erwachsener, die Riffs frecher, der Spaßfaktor ausgeglichener, sodass die einzelnen Songs um den Faktor „Hit“ verstärkt werden.
„Urban Dangerous“ versprüht eine Energie die das Laune Barometer erheblich steigert und ist zudem in allen möglichen Lebenslagen zu genießen. Der R-O-C-K Faktor spielt dabei eine große Rolle ob verpackt im Western-Look, treibendem psychedelic Blues oder mit klassischer Indie Punk Attitüde, die Wolf Mountains verleihen dem Genre den Esprit den er 2019 bitter nötig hat.
„Urban Dangerous“ erscheint am 27. September bei Treibender Teppich Records

Einlass: 20:00 Uhr, Beginn: 21:00 Uhr


Support: Bencin


Wolf City presents: Coffins + Drowned

Coffins -> Listen 
+ Drowned -> Listen 

Japan’s Coffins have been celebrating that particular disease of the underground that goes by the name of death/doom for over 20 years now, releasing a ton of splits, EPs and four full lenghts and the wheel hasn’t stopped turning in its murderous course, crushing countless bodies on its trail. After their last Berlin apparition was sadly called off by higher powers, we are very happy to be able to host them at our humble palace of horrors.

To make them feel right at home, we summoned one of Berlin’s most revered death metal ancient wizards, the almighty Drowned. Going since the 90’s, this band should need no introduction. Frugal with releases but more than adequately making up for it in sheer quality, Drowned are masters in the ways of yore when it comes to pure, proper grave desecration.

The poison chalice has been served, come drink and be merry, for tomorrow we might die!


Wolf City presents: Pissgrave, Necrot, Undergang

The rotten wood gives way, once exposed again to the fresh air of the cemetary, many years after being interred. A purulent ejection of filthy liquids pours out from the open casket. The river of sickness trickles down all the way to the garden of Urban Spree, where it coalesces to form a bunch of creatures, human only in shape. They take the stage. They seal the doors. Trapped in the venue, everybody is consumed by the hellish noise. Only Death is real!

Pissgrave and Necrot crossed the Atlantic to fill these lands with the stench of death, Undergang were summoned from Denmark to accompany them in this horrible journey. Pestilent death metal is the key to the gate. Rise, and join!



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