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Frankie hi-nrg mc | Berlino

Frankie hi-nrg mc, la leggenda del rap italiano, arriva per la prima volta a Berlino per due appuntamenti imperdibili.
Il 6 febbraio il suo live act presso il club Urban Spree ed il 7 febbraio presso Istituto Italiano di Cultura per la presentazione del suo libro « Faccio la mia cosa ».

6.2 Live act @ Urban Spree (opening: BJRG)
Apertura ore 20
Inizio ore 20,30
Tickets: http://bit.ly/2sYSNIL

7.2 Presentazione libro « Faccio la mia cosa » @ Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Berlino. Modera l’incontro il giornalista Mattia Grigolo.
A seguire, solo su iscrizione, workshop di scrittura creativa con l’artista a cura de Le Balene Possono Volare)
Inizio ore 18 – ingresso gratuito
Info: iicberlino@esteri.it
Info e iscrizioni workshop di scrittura creativa: lab.lebalene@gmail.com

Frankie hi-nrg mc (Francesco Di Gesù) è nato a Torino nel 1969.
E’ un rapper, autore e compositore. Ha anche maturato ottime
esperienze come fotografo e videomaker.
Ha all’attivo 5 album su etichetta RCA ed il sesto “Essere Umani”
è uscito come indipendente per la propria discografica Materie
Prime Circolari.
Autore di alcuni dei rap più importanti della storia musicale
italiana, tra cui ricordiamo « Fight da faida », « Potere alla parola »,
« Libri di sangue » (1993), « Autodafè », “Quelli che benpensano”
(1997), Raplamento » (2003); nel 2008 ha partecipato al Festival della Canzone Italiana di
Sanremo con « Rivoluzione » e nel 2014 con “Un uomo è vivo” e “Pedala”, scelta dalla RAI come
sigla del 97° e 98° Giro d’Italia e contenuta in “ESSERE UMANI”, il primo album da
indipendente della propria etichetta Materie Prime Circolari.
La sua canzone « Quelli che benpensano » (1997) ha vinto il premio « Canzone dell’Anno » di
Musica! di Repubblica.
La canzone « Fight da faida » (IRMA record, 1992) è stata votata come « Migliore Canzone Rap della Storia della Musica Italiana » dal mensile Rolling Stone.
Ha scritto ed eseguito brani per artisti del calibro di Fiorella Mannoia, Raf, Mimmo Locasciulli ed in ambito internazionale con RZA (Wu-Tang Clan) e Nas.
Ha supportato dal vivo artisti come David Bowie, Beastie Boys, Run DMC.
Ha collaborato con artisti teatrali come Vittorio Gassman, Franca Valeri, Arnoldo Foà, Paola Cortellesi e nell’ambito della musica contemporanea si è esibito con il M°Alvin Curran ed il M°
Fredric Rzewski. É coautore insieme a Marco Paolini di #ANTROPOCENE
Ha scritto e diretto – tra gli altri – i videoclip di « Quelli che benpensano », « La descrizione di un attimo » e « Due destini » (Tiromancino – Virgin 2001), insieme a Riccardo Sinigallia.
Ha condotto parte della stagione 2004 di Brand:new per il canale MTV e presenta il programma « Street art » sul canale SkyArte HD (2013).
Come attore ha recitato tra gli altri in « Paz! » (Renato De Maria, 2001) ed « I più grandi di tutti » (Carlo Virzì, 2012).
Affermato street photographer, nel 2015 ha realizzato la mostra monografica “Metrapolis”
Nel 2019 è uscito “Faccio la mia cosa” (Mondadori, Strade Blu), il suo primo libro.


Frankie hi nrg mc is one of the first and most appreciated italian rapper. Since 1991 he recorded 6 albums, wrote 1 book and collaborated with cinema and tv industry.
Hits like “Quelli che benpensano” and “Fight da faida” have influenced the entire italian rap scene.
He collaborated with artists like the american rappers NAS and RZA and italian musicians like Niccolò Fabi and Roy Paci.
In Berlin he will perform live in Urban Spree and present his first book « Faccio la mia cosa » at Isttituto Italiano di Cultura.



For their first show of 2020, Urban Spree Galerie presents « WALLS », a collective exhibition featuring 30 international artists and dedicated to the notion of the « wall ». 

Curated by Fabrice Douar and Cyrille Gouyette (Le Louvre Museum, Paris) and co-curated by Pascal Feucher (Urban Spree Galerie, Berlin), « WALLS » invites prominent artists from both the comics scene and the street art scene to create graphic works of fiction related to walls, interpreted either as simple architectural elements, ominous symbols of segregation, canvases and vessels to convey meaning, textures, or imaginary playgrounds and labyrinths. 

Fragment of an antique wall, Pompeii. Courtesy Galerie David Ghezelbash


While some antique artefacts appear in the show to testify of their immortal, silent presence, in the 21st Century, the Minotaur doesn’t wait at the center of his realm but has clearly moved outside, demultiplied its presence, and is building more walls.

The exhibition’s direction is therefore resolutely multifaceted, contemporary and graphic-oriented, spanning several topographies (Europe, South Korea, Middle East, Hong Kong, Cuba…), and art forms (painting, photography, installations, videos). 

Levalet: « Voie de contournement », China ink on paper, 70x100cm, 2019

30 Artists: Alias, Andreas, Jim Avignon, Bault, Enki Bilal, Broken Fingaz Crew, Isaac Cordal (installation), Hendrik Czakainski, Christian Durieux, Philippe Écharoux (mapping installation), EVOL, Jean Faucheur, Flix, Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada, Miles Hyman, Kim Jung Gi, Levalet, Stéphane Levallois, Loustal, Marc-Antoine Mathieu, Mode2, Alexandra Novosseloff, Ernest Pignon-Ernest, Michal Škapa, Pen So, Thom Thom, Sam Tse, Santiago Valenzuela, Lars Wunderlich, Zevs.


Enki Bilal. Excerpt from the Portfolio « Die Mauer Berlin », Futuropolis 1982


In cooperation with Galerie David Ghezelbash, Galerie Huberty & Breyne, and Galerie Lelong & Co.



Urban Spree Galerie

Revaler Str. 99

10245 Berlin

Vernissage: Friday, January 17th, 2019 from 18:30

Exhibition: 17.01.2019 – 29.02.2019

Wed – Sat –  12:00-18:30 or by appointment

info and catalogue: galerie@urbanspree.com

To download the Press Kit: https://www.urbanspree.com/press/

Sold Out: Molchat Doma (additional show)

~ Due to high demand, we have added a second show ~

Swamp Booking, Urban Spree & Molchat Doma present:

thursday 24th october

Detriti Records
Minsk, Belarus

Molchat Doma (translated as “Silent Houses”), founded in 2017 in Minsk, Belarus, stands at the intersection of post-punk, new-wave and synth-pop. Dark yet danceable, and with a heavy dose of goth ethos, their music is reminiscent of the masters that predate them, but make no mistake: Molchat Doma creates a sound and meaning that is immediately recognizable as all their own.

The band is comprised of Egor Shkutko, who sings the Russian lyrics in his deep monotone, Roman Komogortsev on guitar, synths, and drum machine, and Pavel Kozlov on bass and synths.

Their second LP, Этажи (pronounced Etazhi, meaning “Floors”) was released in 2018 on Berlin-based Detriti Records. It has sold out four times and is currently on its fifth repressing due to outstanding demand. Этажи has garnered over one million views on Youtube.




entrée: the right to enter or join a particular sphere or group.
*synonyms: means of entry, entrance, entry, ingress, opportunity to enter; route, path, avenue, way, key, passport; access, admission, admittance, acceptance, right of entry

dBs Berlin class of 2019 is here! We celebrate with a showcase of some of the finest from our students, tutors and alumni at Urban Spree, 26.09.2019.

// Live
Half alien and half human, Emme is a composer of science fiction electronic music
>> www.emmemoises.com

With a UK-underground-influenced production style alongside jazz lilted vocals, Lamia creates an aura of accomplished musicality with a cinematic, low-fi edge. Orchestral trip-hop meets noughties film scores.
>> www.lamiamusic.co.uk

Ljósvaki combines electronic music and R’n’B with ethereal and quirky beats, woven together by the thread of his velvet voice. Dreamy, spacey and experimental, driven by groovy beats and catchy vocal hooks he touches on everything from heartbreak to the esoteric, dancing on the lines between the mainstream and mysterious.
>> soundcloud.com/ljosvaki

// DJ sets
Kemback is a Berlin-based producer whose music is rooted in house and techno but often treads into the weird and wonderful worlds of jazz, soul, folk and blues.
>> soundcloud.com/kemback

Robin Koek
Robin Koek is active as a composer, musician and designer of artistic systems. His works explore states wherein acoustic, digital and analog signals intertwine and merge into one body of sound.
>> https://robinkoek.nl/

The uncharted chaos of alys’ mind is the (non)foundation of her sound, making it possible to travel through techno, breakbeat, acid, industrial and electro in a unique flow.
>> soundcloud.com/alys-alys-alys/alysmambanegra

Producer and craftsman of sound, Chlär shines through his unconventional approach to techno. Through a scientific and meticulous approach to sound he believes in the impact alternative sounds can have, with melancholic and powerful creations that are made to guide the crowd through an oppressive and exhilarating journey.
>> soundcloud.com/chlaer

Doors: 20:30
Entrance: €5, free for dBs Students & alumni (with ID)

Anna-RF @ Urban Spree Berlin

Endlich. Nach 4 Jahren kommt ANNA RF zurück nach Berlin.
Das orientalische Elektro-Phänomen bringt den puren Spaß direkt aus dem Mittleren Osten.
ANNA RF ist eine elektronische Ethno- Reggea-Band in dessen Musik traditionelle und moderne Instrumente mit elektronischen Beats verschmelzen.
Konzerte von ANNA RF sind bekannt für gute Partys, bei denen Menschen jeglicher Couleur zusammenkommen um zu tanzen.
Die Band hat schon auf vielen großen Festivals auf der ganzen Welt gespielt. Unter anderem auf dem Ozora Festival in Ungarn, Reggeaenwalde in Polen, dem Kiental Festival und Am Schluss Festival in der Schweiz, dem Fringe Festival in Schottland, sowie dem New Healing und Ancient Trance Festival in Deutschland.

Links for anna-RF Music:

Stand for your right – https://urlzs.com/cmUBi
Gözleme – https://urlzs.com/CcgF3
anna-RF live – https://urlzs.com/6AP58
Spotify – https://goo.gl/FWh8cB
Check out our website – https://www.anna-rf.com


Arabs Do It Better • Summer Edition

Arabs Do It Better
Electronic Hafla • حفلة الكترونية
Summer Edition • نسخة الصيف

SoulKebab Festival | Open Air Music & Food 6.7

ELECTRONIC FLOOR | Electronic Hafla
الساحة الرئيسية | حفلة الكترونية
MARWAN HAWASH (Arabs Do It Better)
DAVID PEARL (Arabs Do It Better)

SOUL KEBAB FLOOR | Funky sexy vinyls
ساحة السول كباب | موسيقى على اسطوانات
katscha & show kati (radio reudnitz / minibar)

Visuals by Oriana

Berlin, Arabs Do It Better are back in town for another round of some amazing electronic hafla and Jaffa realness spread on 2 floors.
SOULKEBAB FLOOR dedicated to funky sexy vinyl from all around the Middle East and beyond played by katscha & show kati ((radio reudnitz / minibar)
ELECTRONIC FLOOR with our special electronic hafla played by the Arabs Do It Better crew: Marwan Hawash & David Pearl and our very special guest from Haifa: Hiba Salameh!
Get ready to dance and sweat until the morning to our special mixture of Arabic and Middle Eastern Electronica, Funk and Classics from all around the world!

Listen • استمعو
HIBA SALAMEH > https://bit.ly/2W1FHnC
SHOW KATI > https://bit.ly/2Hy7tlx
KATSCHA > https://bit.ly/2WNViYn
MARWAN HAWASH > https://bit.ly/2oNWwUJ
DAVID PEARL > https://bit.ly/2C82Xeh