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Redscale – South Grove – Heavy Heavy | Urban Spree

Church of Moon – Swamp Conspiracy – DUSTOWN presents
„A Danger Can Of Thounderous Sludgy Headbangs“
FFO: Stoner, Blues, Sludge, Doom, Punk, Psych & Heavy RAWK!

„REDSCALE deliver large in tone and tonnage, bearing enough resonant mass to sate beast king and listener alike. Colosseum-sized chordage, hippodrome-heavin‘ hooks and ziggurat-rockin‘ rhythms are hammered and tempered in the grand sonic forge, until a set of eight amplified artifacts emerge. High-octane riffage and groovin‘ emissions host a vocal conquest that is potent and total, bringing hard rain to a cold dawn and warm song to all there beyond.“
New album FEED THEM TO THE LIONS available on all digital streaming services, limited edition black vinyl in sleeve case with handmade printed labels now available on Bandcamp:

South Grove are four friends that grew up in Athens, who came together in Berlin to share something they love.
The fundament of their live performances is the energy, on which a mixture of stoner rock riffs and blues rhythms breathe through melodic breakdowns that end up tasting soulfully intense.

Berlin’s HEAVY HEAVY formed in early 2019 by members from the Ukraine, Finland and the US. Inspired by bands like Royal Blood, All Them Witches, Highly Suspect, Death From Above, they set out to rediscover dirty rock music, armed with gritty riffs and thunderous rhythms. DEBUT SINGLE OUT NOW!

20:00 doors (open – not the band!)
21:00 Heavy Heavy
22:00 South Grove
23:00 Redscale
00:00 The Ballroom Bang
feat. DJs Rob Monstar – Säsh Dustown – Gustav Moustache
„BRO – do you even riff??“ – yeth, we spliff ’n‘ riff !!!


Prettiest Eyes • Berlin

Doors: 20:00 // Start: 21:00
Tickets: https://www.greyzone-tickets.de/produkte/460
… presented by: GreyZone Concerts & Promotion

Prettiest Eyes operates as a three piece. Members Pachy (Drums & Vocals) and Marcos (Bass) from San Juan, Puerto Rico met Paco Casanova (Keyboards & Electronics) from Juarez, Mexico and decided to form the second phase of the band after the original keyboardist Love Juice decided to leave the band shortly after its initial emergence.

Based in Los Angeles the band crafts a notoriously popular live show that blends elements of Psych-Punk, Noise, Krautrock and Industrial with a solid blues-based backbone. The final product is loaded with razor-sharp elements and buzzing keyboards processed through effect pedals for an excruciating crunch


Circus Electric • Berlin

Circus Electric
23.12.2019 Urban Spree
Einlass: 20:00 / Beginn: 21:00
VVK: 11,00 € zzgl. Gebühren
Tickets: http://bit.ly/2OnhhlQ
… präsentiert von: GreyZone Concerts & Promotion

Mit großer Leidenschaft für ihr Handwerk vereinigen diese drei jungen Männer die elektrisierende Energie des Rock ́n ́Roll mit den heilenden Qualitäten des Soul und Blues. Ihre Wurzeln gehen tief in Amerika ́s musikalische Schatzkiste, während ihr Spross am Ast der Gegenwart zusammen mit Bands wie Rival Sons und Royal Blood im Winde schwingt. Der Puls der Band ist ihre innige Verbindung, welche über ein Jahrzehnt zurückgeht.

2019 gründeten Oskar, Leo und Adrian Circus Electric, ein High Power Trio, bei dem die hörenswerte Unterhaltung auf ihren Instrumenten im Vordergrund steht.

„Wir haben nicht an der Hochschule studiert. Wir sind Learning-by-doing typen.“ – sagt Adrian, Sänger und Gitarrist. Der spezielle Circus Electric Sound kommt aus dem Studio des Schlagzeugers, wo die Band ihre Aufnahmen macht. Nach vielen, sagen wir mal „interessanten“ Erfahrungen im Musikgeschäft wurde ihnen bewusst, dass die Zukunft in ihren eigenen Händen liegt. Mit ihrem Low-End-Friend Oskar am Bass scheinen die Sterne nun richtig zu stehen, um das Maximum aus sich rauszuholen. Man spürt die Begeisterung und Liebe zur Musik in jeder Note, die aus dieser Klangstrahlen-Kanone namens Circus Electric geschossen wird.


Sold Out: Wolf City presents: Sulphur Aeon / Chapel of Disease / Vouna

It would be an understatement to say that these two bands have proven to be two of the most successful, accomplished and creative bands in the German death metal underground of the last few years. With both bands having dropped their respectively magnificent third release in 2018 under the egide of the ever attentive Ván Records, this is a package that should get everyone foaming at the mouth.

Whereas Sulphur Aeon faithfully carry on the work of Charles Dexter Ward to resurrect ancient horrors in the most powerful atmospheric death metal rendition of Lovecraft’s immortal work, Chapel Of Disease started their journey in the darkness of dilapidated crypts to land in territories flooded by the soothing, psychedelic and bluesy sun of classic rock – all without losing an ounce of impact or give in to the temptations of “mature” mass-marketed heavy metal. Two bands, both one of a kind and a testimony to the creative force of the current death metal scene.

They will be joined also by the Cascadian FUNERAL DOOM band Vouna



Wolf Mountains – „Urban Dangerous Tour“

Das dritte Studioalbum „Urban Dangerous“ des Garagen-Rock Trios Wolf Mountains stößt weitere Türen auf, die in die Welt von zeitlosem Pop führen. Die charakteristischen Eigenschaften wie der rollende Bass oder der 90’s Highschool-Rock Gesang sind zwar noch vorhanden, dafür wird eine Spielwiese aus Soundexperimenten und Skits erschlossen. Das Songwriting wirkt erwachsener, die Riffs frecher, der Spaßfaktor ausgeglichener, sodass die einzelnen Songs um den Faktor „Hit“ verstärkt werden.
„Urban Dangerous“ versprüht eine Energie die das Laune Barometer erheblich steigert und ist zudem in allen möglichen Lebenslagen zu genießen. Der R-O-C-K Faktor spielt dabei eine große Rolle ob verpackt im Western-Look, treibendem psychedelic Blues oder mit klassischer Indie Punk Attitüde, die Wolf Mountains verleihen dem Genre den Esprit den er 2019 bitter nötig hat.
„Urban Dangerous“ erscheint am 27. September bei Treibender Teppich Records

Einlass: 20:00 Uhr, Beginn: 21:00 Uhr


Support: Bencin



entrée: the right to enter or join a particular sphere or group.
*synonyms: means of entry, entrance, entry, ingress, opportunity to enter; route, path, avenue, way, key, passport; access, admission, admittance, acceptance, right of entry

dBs Berlin class of 2019 is here! We celebrate with a showcase of some of the finest from our students, tutors and alumni at Urban Spree, 26.09.2019.

// Live
Half alien and half human, Emme is a composer of science fiction electronic music
>> www.emmemoises.com

With a UK-underground-influenced production style alongside jazz lilted vocals, Lamia creates an aura of accomplished musicality with a cinematic, low-fi edge. Orchestral trip-hop meets noughties film scores.
>> www.lamiamusic.co.uk

Ljósvaki combines electronic music and R’n’B with ethereal and quirky beats, woven together by the thread of his velvet voice. Dreamy, spacey and experimental, driven by groovy beats and catchy vocal hooks he touches on everything from heartbreak to the esoteric, dancing on the lines between the mainstream and mysterious.
>> soundcloud.com/ljosvaki

// DJ sets
Kemback is a Berlin-based producer whose music is rooted in house and techno but often treads into the weird and wonderful worlds of jazz, soul, folk and blues.
>> soundcloud.com/kemback

Robin Koek
Robin Koek is active as a composer, musician and designer of artistic systems. His works explore states wherein acoustic, digital and analog signals intertwine and merge into one body of sound.
>> https://robinkoek.nl/

The uncharted chaos of alys’ mind is the (non)foundation of her sound, making it possible to travel through techno, breakbeat, acid, industrial and electro in a unique flow.
>> soundcloud.com/alys-alys-alys/alysmambanegra

Producer and craftsman of sound, Chlär shines through his unconventional approach to techno. Through a scientific and meticulous approach to sound he believes in the impact alternative sounds can have, with melancholic and powerful creations that are made to guide the crowd through an oppressive and exhilarating journey.
>> soundcloud.com/chlaer

Doors: 20:30
Entrance: €5, free for dBs Students & alumni (with ID)