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5th Pictoplasma Academy Group Show

For the 5th consecutive year, Urban Spree welcomes the alumni of the Pictoplasma Academy for a 1-week group show from May 2nd to May 6th, 2018, on the occasion of the 14th Pictoplasma Festival.

The vernissage will be held on Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018, between 16:00 and 19:00.


The Academy All Stars Group Show is the highlight show of the 14. Pictoplasma Festival, with works and installations by the alumni of the Pictoplasma Academy 2017.

Challenged by renowned illustrators, artists, animation filmmakers, and sculptors, participants explored and developed their personal, character-driven projects. The Academy All Stars group show presents their diverse talents and features sculptures, paintings, drawings, interactive installations, and a multitude of new character worlds.



May 02-06, 2018

Urban Spree Galerie

Revaler Str. 99

10245 Berlin

Wednesday-Sunday: 12:00-20:00

Saturday: 12:00-22:00. Nocturne for the Club Character Party

Vernissage on Wednesday, May 2nd, 16:00-19:00


The most extensive show of the 13. Pictoplasma Festival is held at Urban Spree, with works by the 22 alumni of the Pictoplasma Academy 2016.

Challenged by renowned illustrators, artists, animation filmmakers, and sculptors, participants explored and developed their personal, character-driven projects. The Academy All Stars group show presents their diverse talents and features sculptures, paintings, drawings, interactive installations, and a multitude of new character worlds.



May 10-14, 2017

Urban Spree Galerie

Revaler Str. 99

10245 Berlin

Wednesday-Sunday: 12:00-20:00



Featuring the works of:


Ana Jiménez (SP)


Ana Jiménez is a Spanish game artist, currently based in Berlin. Her main field of experience is in casual games for companies like Digital Chocolate or King. ‘Mercrominah’ is Ana’s alter ego—a personal project she started when spending a year in Sweden. The project has meanwhile acquired quite a following in social networks, and Ana hopes it will continue to make people laugh for a long time.

Anna (PL)


Anna is a Polish illustrator and designer based in London, and a fan of mixing digital and traditional techniques. She is interested in visual structures, life drawing and the expression that different tools imply. It can be a brush, a potato stamp or drawing software—each unfolds its particular aesthetics.

Brian Neong San (MU)


Brian Neong San is a character animator and designer. Born in Mauritius, he currently lives in Australia; as digital nomad, he is often found freelancing remotely from other places. This mobility inspires his inventive work, and he is passionate to bring characters to life through motion, emotion and storytelling. Frequently referred to as a digital character puppeteer, Brian delivers the artistic creation and animation of 2D characters for short films, motion graphics and interactive projects.

Camilo Vanegas (CO)


Camilo Vanegas is an animation artist from Colombia based in California. He holds a BFA in Visual Arts from Pontifical Xavierian University in Bogotá, and a MFA in Character Animation from the Academy of Art in San Francisco. For Camilo, exploring the characters’ personalities and how they deal with their internal conflicts has been the main source of inspiration. He currently works at Supergiant Games, where he has created characters for ‘Transistor’ (2014) and ‘Pyre’ (2017).

Christina Reck (DE)


Christina Reck is an art director based in Berlin where she works in digital advertising. She developed a huge fascination for drawing and painting at an early age, and illustration became her favorite form of expression while studying communication design. In her professional work, she focuses on digital design and infographics. Her personal work is more experimental, she is exploring different styles and techniques, both digital and analogue.

Eloi Costilludo (SP)


Eloi Costilludo is a video artist from Barcelona, where he works as video producer and VJ at legendary Razzmatazz nightclub. He started his career as computer engineer and graphic designer for the Barnamob collective for urban performance. Today, he is mainly producing video installations, and exhibits regularly in galleries.

Erika del Pino (UY)


Erika del Pino is a theater designer from Montevideo, where she encounters and plays with strange and rare characters. Inspired by animals and taxidermy, her creations are born from her inner world to explore the sensation of a distorted reality. She believes that everything that once had life can live again—transformed, deformed.

Ifiyenia Kamperi (GR)


Ifiyenia Kamperi is a painter and illustrator working in her studio in Athens. Her work ranges from painting and printmaking to comics, fanzines and doll making. She draws inspiration from her cats and dogs, politics, rockumentaries, the subconscious and life’s banality. Ifiyenia is co-founder of the drawing collective Urban Pencils, she has been featured in exhibitions and illustrated books, taught art to children and produced crafts under the brand Birds On Lemons.

Inga Seidl (AT)


Inga Seidl is an Austrian graphic designer and illustrator. For a decade, she has been running her independent corporate design agency for clients with an environmental focus. Inga has a strong relation to nature, where she spends as much time as she can. Obviously, her character design is influenced by her life long experience with animals— and especially horses.

Janine Krieg (DE)


Janine Krieg aka Jane War creates art to communicate with the world. Currently based in Munich, she works in post-production for movies, TV and advertisement, both in 2D and 3D. Jane is haunted by crazy creatures, which make her see characters everywhere. Her personal illustration and animation is all about her emotions, and as she stays curious to explore different styles and media.

Jon Dunleavy (UK)


Jon Dunleavy is a director of animated films, working in multiple genres with a particular love for characterizing. His narrative themes range from greed to comic tragedy and phone-based love triangles. His films have been honored with awards from the British Animation Awards to the Cannes Short Film Corner.

Kami Goertz (CA)


Kami Goertz is a self-taught multidisciplinary fiber artist who creates plush characters and soft sculptures for humans to enjoy. Forest walks and gardening, moods, textures and animals (real or imagined) all inspire her creative process. Her work has been exhibited in the US and Canada as well as published in magazines focusing on the creation of plush toys.

Larissa Honsek (DE)


Larissa Honsek aka Novemberkind is a Berlin-based graphic designer, photographer and illustrator exploring the intersections of these fields. Her tribe of bright and colorful characters is born from experimenting with a multitude of mixed media: clay sculpting, photography, digital and analogue collage, painting, drawing, printing, scanning… Larissa is currently working as a graphic design freelancer, and she is the co-founder of NiNo kreativ, a small company that produces kids stationary and creative school supplies.

Negyedy Virág (HU)


Negyedy Virág is currently studying animation at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest. Her passion is character design, and she finds it very exciting to bring her creations to life in animated form. She likes to experiment with different media and techniques, and she is committed to learn as many things as possible while searching for her place in the world.

Oliver Téllez (MX)


Oliver Téllez is an architect and illustrator from Mexico City, who has liked to spend his time drawing and day dreaming since childhood. He is keen to create wild places with saturated imagery in order to test the behavior of his characters—and understand his own. Oliver usually incorporates elements of architecture into his illustrations as his interest extends to constructing visions of time and space.

Paulina Rasińska (PL)


Paulina Rasińska is an artist from Warsaw, living and working in Antwerp. After graduating at Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in animation and photography, she focused on creating picture books for children. Until today, children are her favorite audience, whose knowledge and sensibility she aims to expand. She finds her strongest inspiration in the world of curiosities nature provides, and she loves telling stories about animals and plants.

Sabina Karasegh (AT)


Sabina Karasegh is an Austrian graphic designer and artist. Informed by her hometown Vienna and its particular attitude she always looks for recurrent patterns in every day life and correspondences between the micro- and macrocosm. Her graphic prints transform perspectives into black and white, working out contours and considering the white spaces.

Silvia Panicali (IT)


Silvia Panicali is a multifaceted creative talent born in Italy. Always looking for new forms of visual expression, she tries to represent the growth of her personality and her feelings by looking at them from the point of view of a child. Silvia has been strongly influenced by Belgian comics thanks to her mother’s origins, and she developed her style starting from photography and moving later to illustration and 2D animation.

Sjors Houkes (NL)


Sjors Houkes is a Dutch illustrator and voice over artist living in Berlin. As a film scholar interested in all aspects of visual culture he curated, promoted and exhibited independent video games and animation. These elements have found their way into his own work. Besides occasionally making games, voice acting or writing, most of his creative time is spent drawing: His honest ink and watercolor drawings are inspired by people, videogames, the beauty of nature and the quirks of the human mind.

Tomás Pichardo-Espaillat (DOM)


Tomás Pichardo-Espaillat is a Dominican illustrator and animator, with a profound love of telling stories. He sees his work as magic-realism, evoking his surreal experience of growing up in the Caribbean. His world is personal and intimate, with characters full of colors and textures, drawn into situations outside of their comfort zone.

Zarella Solís (PER)


Zarella Solís is a graphic designer from Lima. Her toys, designs and art pieces are handmade with the traditional techniques of sewing, embroidery and textile application. The intention of her work is to further the interest in and appreciation for crafts in the digital age.

Zeynep Solakoglu (TUR)


Zeynep Solakoglu is an artist and illustrator based in Istanbul. She is inspired by mythologies, fairytales, and indigenous stories from all parts of the world. She believes they all represent universal themes and connect us holistically, so when people look at her work, they will all find parts of themselves. Zeynep has been drawing characters and writing stories since she was a child, and she likes the idea of having one part of her in every character, evolving with them as years pass.


Post-Pictoplasma Character Club Night

The Post-Pictoplasma Character Club Night returns to Urban Spree on Saturday 13.05 for the party climax of the Pictoplasma Festival. Everyone is invited to shake off the overload at the closing party, with one of Debruit’s rare performances in Berlin—a wonky fusion of Congolese sound systems, weird L. A. block parties and freaky Tunisian backstreet souks, all powered by a fat hip hop engine. Opening acts are live performances from Maxwell Farrington and François Club, DJ sets by Henning Specht (Hypnolove) and Le Feu will take the raving crowd through the night.


François Club (FR)

François Club creates a type of rétro-futuristic music, with 80’s style sonorities, somewhere between Sébastien Tellier and Elli et Jacno.



Maxwell Farrington (AUS)

A psychedelic crooner, inenarrable dandy, eloquent clown, Maxwell Farrington touches everything with his warped genius and laisser faire punk attitude–from raw folk to lo-fi experimental, from burlesque pop to the most refined sappy dance music.



Debruit (FR)

Debruit is a musical explorer who imagines alternate worlds and the way they would sound. He plays with time and disparate sounds, moulding static dimensions and geographical borders into new asymmetrical audio-forms. His style is a no hold barred assault through dark Congolese sound systems, downtown L.A. block parties gone wrong, haze filled Kingston recording studios and freaky Tunisian backstreet souks; all powered by a fat hip hop engine, resulting in what can only be described as the heaviest wonky fusions you will hear all year.



Henning Specht (DE)

Henning Specht is a Berlin-based DJ and composer, founder of the bands Hypnolove and France. He has worked on soundtracks, composed original music for exhibitions, and sound designed fashion shows. Expect your full dose of disco!



LeFeu (FR)

LeFeu is DJ and producer of electronic music, and collaborates with She’s Drunk through their SABRINA project.







SAMSTAG : 12:00 – 18:30

Das Kunst- und Kulturhaus Urban Spree in Berlin-Friedrichshain widmet sich auf 1.700qm urbanen Kulturen mit einem vielschichtigen Programm aus Ausstellungen, Künstlerresidenzen, Do-it-Yourself Workshops, Konzerten uvm. Ein Art Store und ein großer Biergarten gehören ebenfalls zum Konzept. 

Gelegen auf einem 70.000qm großen postindustriellen Gelände im Herzen Berlins, steht im Mittelpunkt des Kunstprogramms die 400qm große unabhängige Urban Spree Galerie mit Fokus auf zeitgenössiche urbane Kunst. Der Galerie kommt ihre Verwurzelung in einem künstlerischen Ökosystem zugute; ihr ambitioniertes Residenzprogramm bietet geladenen KünstlerInnen und FotografInnen einen idealen Raum zum Experimentieren.

Monatlich finden kuratierte Ausstellungen in der Galerie statt, die nicht selten auch die Außenräume miteinbeziehen. Eye-Catcher ist dabei die sog. Artist Wall, eine 15m lange und 8m hohe Außenfassade zur Warschauer Straße, die mit bis zu 100.000 Besuchern am Tag zu den frequentiertesten Verkehrsschalgadern Berlins gehört. Zu den KünstlerInnen, die diese Wand bisher bespielt haben, zählen Above, Klone, Zevs, Broken Fingaz Crew, Twoone, Low Bros, Nychos, 1UP Crew, The Grifters, Peachbeach, Rylsee, m-city, Johannes Mundinger, Anthony Lister, Daze u.v.m.

Der Urban Spree Buchladen befindet sich im Galeriegebäude und listet eine handverlesene Auswahl an Graffiti-, Street Art- und Fotografie-Titeln, deren gemeinsame Klammer eine Vision von Städten und postindutriellen, verfallenen Räumen darstellt. Der integrierte Art Store beinhaltet eine große Auswahl an Siebdruckarbeiten lokaler und internationaler Künstler, die eng mit uns zusammen arbeiten. Hier können ebenfalls T-Shirts erworben werden, die vor Ort designt und im Siebdruckverfahren bedruckt werden. Um unsere reichhaltige Auswahl an Fanzines und selbstveröffentlichten Publikationen zu erweitern, haben wir 2016 als neues Projekt unseren eigenen Verlag gegründet, um Eigenpublikationen voranzutreiben.

Die Künstlerresidenzen bilden das Herzstück unseres künstlerischen Ökosystems. Mit einer Mischung aus permanenten und temporären Ateliers und Gaststudios befruchten sich sich die KünstlerInnen stets wechselseitig und liefern mit ihrem Output einen erheblichen Beitrag zum künstlerischen Geist des Hauses. Zur Zeit bestreiten folgende KünstlerInnen eine Langzeit-Residenz in unseren Ateliers: Rylsee, Daniel Hahn und Johannes Mundinger. Die Siebdruckwerkstatt Mother Drucker von Dolly Demoratti rundet diesen Bereich ab.

Regelmäßige Workshops wie z.B. der monatliche „Make your Own Sign“ Lettering-Workshop von Rylsee und Otto Baum von KLUB7 bieten unseren Gästen die Möglichkeit, selbt kreativ zuwerden.

Der Urban Spree Konzertraum lädt ganzjährig zu einem ausgiebigen Live Musik-Programm ein, das quer durch verschiedene Genres von Garage oder Psychedelic Rock bis hin zu innovativer elektronischer Musik feinste Undergroundströmungen aufgreift. Mit den Summer Sessions holt das Urban Spree in den Sommermonaten zusätzlich die besten lokalen Musiker von Freitag bis Sonntag auf die Bühne des Biergartens.

Das Kunst- und Kulturhaus Urban Spree beheimatet zahlreiche Festivals und Events wie z. B. das Pictoplasma Festival, das Krake Festival, die ComicinvasionBerlin, das Berlin Seafood Festival, das Amaze Berlin, das Midsommar Festival, das Druck Berlin Festival oder die Berlin Graphic Days. In unregelmäßigen Abständen finden Filmvorführungen, Dinner Events, Food Festivals und vieles mehr statt.

In den Sommermonaten gehört der Biergarten zu den entspanntesten Hangouts Berlins und führt ein eigenes Sortiment an lokalen und überregionalen Craft-Bieren, Erfrischungsgetränken, Natur Weine, und lokal gerösteten Kaffee von Silo Coffee. Unser Street Food Container versorgt unsere Gäste mit hausgemachten Speisen rund um die Uhr.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass die Galerie zur Zeit keine unverlangt eingesandte Portfolios oder Ausstellungsvorhaben  berücksichtigt. Für alle weiteren Fragen die Galerie betreffenden Fragen wenden Sie sich bitte an galerie@urbanspree.com

Ihre Fragen zu Anmietungen für Festivals, Konferenzen, Caterings, Workshops oder algemeine Anfragen richten Sie bitte an contact@urbanspree.com

Anfragen zum Musikprogramm richten Sie bitte an  booking@urbanspree.com. Bitte beachten Sie, dass Booking-Anfragen über soziale Medien unbeantwortet bleiben.

Presseanfragen und richten Sie bitte an contact@urbanspree.com

Praktikumsbewerbungen nehmen wir unter der Adresse internships@urbanspree.com auf englisch und deutsch entgegen. Gute Kenntnisse der deutschen Sprache sind für ein Galerie-Praktikum zwingend erforderlich.

Weitere nützliche Kontaktadressen:



Urban Spree – Revaler Straße 99 – 10245 Berlin – Germany

Büro: +49 (0)30 74078597