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Future Archive: Blockhead, Little People, Sun Glitters, Arms and Sleepers…

Future Archive Recordings presents…

Label Showcase featuring:

The Real Blockhead (USA)
Little People (UK)
Sun Glitters (LUX)
arms and sleepers (USA)
Yppah (USA)
Il:lo (FR)
Rome In Reverse (DK)
drab (USA)

BERLIN | 18 OCT 2019 | Urban Spree


Listen to ‘Future Archive: Vol. 1’:

Electronic / Hip-Hop / Future Bass / Chillwave / Downtempo


Future Archive Recordings is an artist-run record label and music brand that was founded by Arms and Sleepers, Sun Glitters, Little People, and CNJR. Discover more at http://futurearchiverecordings.com.



Statiqbloom / Kollaps / Imperial Black Unit

(US / Translation Loss Records)
www.statiqbloom.bandcamp.com – European Debut –

Kollaps live
(AUS / Silken Tofu)

Imperial Black Unit
(FR / [aufnahme + wiedergabe])
www.aufnahmeundwiedergabe.bandcamp.com/album/state-of-pressure DJs

Blockhead – Funeral Balloons – Record Release Show

The Real Blockhead | 17.Oktober | Urban Spree

In Zeiten von EDM und vollgepackten Produktionen ist der Instrumental HipHop von Blockhead fast schon ein Anachronismus. Aber was für einer! Blockhead lässt mit seinem organischen Groove und den liebevoll verarbeiteten Samples Kopfkino entstehen. Innovativ, vielseitig einsetzbar und auf subtile Art und Weise tanzbar kommt Blockheads neues Album „Funeral Balloons » daher. Endlich ist der New Yorker Ausnahmeproduzent zurück und stellt die Platte, die bei Backwoodz erscheint, in Berlin vor. Sein letzter Gig im Berliner Yaam war schon gesteckt voll und auch für die Record Release Show im Urban Spree empfehlen wir ausdrücklich sich frühzeitig Tickets zu sichern. Denn der überschwappende Untergrund des Instrumental HipHop von Blockhead macht dem EDM fette Konkurrenz!


Leæther Strip + Ben Bloodygrave

proudly presents

◄ Live in concert ►

Leaether Strip (DK)
Zoth Ommog Records era Old School set

Ben Bloodygrave (DE)

◄ DJs ►

Dj dRiLL (Terror Dance)
DJ PuPPe (WGT EBM Warm-Up)
Philipp Strobel [aufnahme + wiedergabe]
Ian P. Christ (Ceremonies – Club Night)

◄ Tickets ►

www.koka36.de (soon)

◄ Venue ►

Urban Spree
Revaler Str. 99
10245 Berlin

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Pablo Tomek: Solo Show « Thank You Boss »

As part of its Art Residency Program, Urban Spree Galerie has invited the Paris-based artist Pablo Tomek in February 2017 to invest its Berlin space for 2 weeks to create large-format artworks in situ.

A couple of months after his participation to the Palais de Tokyo’s Lasco Project, Tomek is invited by Urban Spree in Berlin to propose « Thank You Boss », a solo show around 5 large-format artworks and installations.


For Tomek, the construction and building sites scattering the city are endless sources of materials and plastic inspiration, whereby the relationship between building and demolition seems like a paradigm of the modern world, an aesthetics prone to détournements and dérives.

The materials flow in, the materials come into confrontation, the colours are damaged, the accidents shape, and things are born.
The exhibition « Thank You Boss » is a homage to the unknown and undetected aesthetics and « paintings » of construction workers, to the graffiti artists who ransack palisades, to the glass cleaners, to the roadside accidents that reshape the space, to the posters paste-ups, and time, that pulls them away.
Tomek’s first published monograph, « Teren Alchemia« , published by Classic Paris in January 2017, will be on display in the Urban Spree shop.


About the artist:

The art of Pablo Tomek (b. 1988 in Paris) originates in graffiti for which he has developed a rough experimental approach, which is further refined in his studio practice. Tomek studies the relationships between graffiti and abstract expressionist painting, the techniques and aesthetics of manual street workers (whiting with sponges, use of construction materials, remix of the fluorescent marks made by architects, abandoned objects, high-pressure cleaning tools), in a way to transmute objects and mundane practices into a new purpose and meaning, against a backdrop of an ever growing gentrification process.

His art stems from the hectic repetition of the gesture that drive the mechanical, anonymous practices of tagging and cleaning, which are part of the daily life of cities. By confronting the body and painting with space, between constant energy and fatigue, Pablo Tomek creates a painting which toys with its own destruction, resulting in a dance of pictorial ghosts.

Pablo Tomek’s work has been presented at several solo and group shows: at the galerie du jour agnès b. in Paris (“Etat des lieux”, 2013), the Frac Nord – Pas de Calais (“Toy”, 2014), in an illegally occupied industrial wasteland (“Expressiv Tag Painting”, Pantin, 2015), at the HLM in Marseille (“Honte”, 2015), the Bateau Lavoir (“Après Coup”, 2015), the Mini Galerie in Amsterdam (“Worker Games”, 2016), the Lasco Project #7 (Paris, 2016) where he produced a 500 sqm outdoor mural at the Palais de Tokyo, and Urban Spree Galerie in February 2017, following a 2-week in situ residency.


Pablo Tomek

« Thank you Boss »

Residence + Solo Show at Urban Spree Galerie

Opening: 18.02.2017 / 18:30 – 22:00

Exhibition: 21.02.2017 – 12.03.2017

Opening Times: Tuesday to Saturday 12:00 – 18:30

Stony Sugarskull’s Album Release w Hello Pity/Victorious Secrets

We’re celebrating the release of Stony Sugarskull’s first debut album « Lioness », a mix of rock, kraut, electronic, psych and a bit of pop recorded at Impression Recordings Berlin, supported by Initiative Musik. It’s gonna be a magical night with two mind-blowing Berlin bands joining:

Hello Pity
Hello Pity is the result of visceral incarcerations and pseudo-intellectual inspirations.
Expect Sonic deflagration, brutal punky pop structure and a sense of sensuality never reached since the heyday of Sonic Youth.


Victorious Secrets
bad kids love it. good kids love it. don’t be afraid. it’s only rock & roll. it’s not supposed to be safe! Think Ramones meets Eagles of DM!!

Stony Sugarskull
‘Show me your sex and I tell you my genre!’ say Berlin and sometimes sunny L.A. based trio Stony Sugarskull. From dreamy shoe gaze post punk to hitting edgier grungy notes. (Louder than War)