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Deathrite + Abyssous

Direct Concerts, MAD TOURBOOKING & Zephyrs Odem present:

DEATHRITE + Abyssous

Presale: 14€ (plus fees)

YouTube: http://y2u.be/axi8w_vgQf0
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2GtQrGG
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/deathrite_band/

YouTube: http://y2u.be/bAqO6Bh_GAI

Deathrite are Beff, Andy, Tony, Tom, and Anton. But that wasn’t always the case. As with most bands lineups change, but the original core—Beff, Andy, Tony—started jamming together in Dresden in 2010. Informed by punkandhardcore’s pissed off mentality, inspired by the sounds—namely, the buzzsaw guitar tone resulting from the Boss HM-2 pedal—of early stage Entombed and Dismember, and totally in awe of the opposite ends of grindcore and sludge, Deathrite’s style was unlikely but stabbed strongly at the heart of it all. There was no pretense in Deathrite. Only a bunch of likeminded Germans bonded by thingshard, fast, slow, and heavy..

Conceptually, Nightmare’s Reignisn’t a metaphor. Deathritewrite about death and darkness—literally, the consummation of two themes—most of the time, but on their Century Media debut, the lyrics tackle the topic of nightmares and theirpowerfulinfluence. The Germansare keenly interested in the force of nightmares, what they’re capable of inside and out of dreams.Songs like “Appetite for Murder,” “Bloodlust,” and “Temptation’s Call” were written about the powerful and frightful conditions brought on by nightmares, and how they might influence real-life decisions. Whereas Motörhead’s “Like a Nightmare” scratches the surface, Deathrite’s “Demon Soul” and title track delve deep into the darkest corners.

Berlin Underground Fuzz Fest

Magical Mistery VAN Events, DUSTOWN, Elbsludgebooking, HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS & Burning Wax Productions are proud to present:

B.U.F.F. – Berlin Underground Fuzz Fest

The first underground, FUZZ dedicated festival that wants to promote the underground scene and new bands coming from different cities: Rome, Bielefeld, Berlin, Dresden. We will guide you into the Fuzz path, feed your head with Distortions, from 70s Fuzz Rock into scratchy Grunge Garage ’till the acid biting Sludge Doom.

BUFF ist das erste Underground Fuzz Festival, das Bands aus verschiedenen Städten wie Rom, Bielefeld, Berlin und Dresden auf eine Bühne stellt. Wir zeigen Euch den verborgenen Pfad vom qualmenden 70iger Fuzz Rock über knarzigen Grunge Garage bis hin zu lysergischem Sludge Doom.

Fvzz Popvli(Roma)
The Moonshine Brand(Bielefeld)
Scream Of The Butterfly(Berlin)

PRESALES ON KOKA36: http://www.koka36.de/b.u.f.f.+-+berlin+underground+fuzz+fest_ticket_87274.html

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