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The Rebel (ex-Country Teasers) + Spray Paint, Nova Blast

No Culture x Milk Me Present:

THE REBEL (ex-Country Teasers)

Urban Spree
22.08.17 – 20:00


The Rebel is best known as the frontman, guitarist, vocalist and songwriter for the band Country Teasers. His lyrics often deal with taboo subjects such as racism, sexism, and xenophobia from first-person standpoints–sort of like William S. Burroughs leading Joy Division or The Fall through a setlist of art-damaged country and western songs. With an insane discography on dozens of labels, most notably In The Red, Crypt, Sacred Bones, and Monofonus Press, one could legitimately argue he is the greatest living song writer today.


Austin, Texas-based trio Spray Paint deliver a discordant squall of no-wave guitars and stomping rhythms with a bitter, sardonic attitude. Their biting, jarring songs are inspired by the bleakness and desolation surrounding their habitat and human neglect of the environment in general. Spray Paint debuted in 2012 with an angular sound which quickly gained attention throughout the underground noise-rock scene. They’ve toured Japan, Australia, Europe, Mexico, and the United States, all the while releasing six LPs and five 7 »s on Goner, Upset the Rhythm, Monofonus Press, Homeless, and S-S Records.


Monk heavy floor tom oriented psychadelic proto Oi! With ex members of ur body.
On Static Shock records, sounds like Count Vertigo, Crisis, Bengal Boys .