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Milk Me & Happy Endings presents: Happy Milk

London born queer extravaganza and her resident djs have been gurning to play some disco for you for months. They will explode in the Saturday night fever at beloved Urban Spree.

Prince Of Deptford


Simone Antonioni



Thumper – Berlin, Urban Spree

Support: Zörf

THUMPER come from Dublin and make fast-paced noise pop. The very young sextet started the year 2019 with a series of three singles « (You’re Bringing Me) Down », « In My Room » and « AFL », which were played up and down on British rock radio. This was followed in May by their first EP « Out of Body Auto-Message », a festival tour that culminated in an ecstatic performance at the Primavera in Barcelona, and an acclaimed UK tour with sold-out shows in London, Bristol and of course their hometown Dublin. Now the band are working very hard on their debut record, which they plan to present on their tour in spring 2020. read more >> fkpscorpio.com/en/bands-archive/thumper


Brass Ya Ass ! /w Dat Brass * Swing * Balkan Beats * Hip Hop *

Es wird wild, es wird laut und für einen ganz besonderen Tag, verwandelt der Elfenstaub aus Kreuzberg, das Yaam in eine bunte Spielwiese aus Jazz, Hip Hop, Swing und Balkan Beats.

:: LIVE ::

Dat Brass ( London / UK )

:: DJS ::

Karacho Rabaukin ( Club Balkanska )
Cup Of Jazz

** Jazz ** Hip Hop ** Swing ** Balkan Beats **

Dass ihr so schnell nicht ausser Puste kommt, dafür sorgen die Brass Punker aus London: Dat Brass ! Die 10 köpfige Brass Band wirbelt gerade den insulanischen Untergrund komplett nach links, und ist in aller Munde. Schillernde Hörner, treffen auf Pauken,Trompeten und messerscharfe Scratches und Rapeinlagen.

Für den allerletzten Zweifler, haben wir noch ein absolutes Dj Superduper Tag Team verpflichtet. Karacho Rabaukin & Cup Of Jazz konnten wir schnell davon überzeugen, bei diesem leicht übertriebenen Partymassaka beizuwohnen.

Am besten ihr nehmt Euch am nächsten Tag nix vor, denn dieser Abend könnte Euch alles abverlangen. Risiken und Nebenwirkungen außen vor, das wird ein Abend, den ihr hoffentlich am nächsten Tag komplett vergessen haben werdet.


Elephant Stone – Europe Winter 2020 | Berlin

Elephant Stone
1 February 2020
Berlin, Urban Spree

>> Tickets: bit.ly/ElephantStoneBLN

Admission: 20 h / Start: 21 h

Elephant Stone announce their new album and go on UK/European tour in winter 2020
« Hollow » will be released February 14th on the London label Fuzz Club

Elephant Stone, that’s the highly respected sitar player Rishi Dhir, his long-time fellow musicians Miles Dupire (drums) & Robbie MacArthur (guitar) as well as guest musician Jason Kent (keys/guitar). The sixth album of the Psych-Pop-Creation, founded in 2009, will be released on February 14th.

Regarding the album and the new single « Hollow World », Rishi says: « I’m sure I’m not alone with this feeling. If social media has taught us anything, it is that there are many unhappy people out there trying to find a way out. They are looking for meaning and something to believe in… or nothing to believe in. We all want the same thing, but we try to achieve it in different ways. It was with this in mind that we wrote and recorded our sixth album, Hollow. I wrote a song suite that tells of a world of unhappy souls who have lost touch with one another. »

The result is an ambitious, dystopian sci-fi concept album inspired by « The Who’s » ‘Tommy’, Pretty Things’ ‘S.F, Sorrow’ and the second side of the famous « The Beatles » ‘Abbey Road’.

In winter 2020 the band from Canada will go on a big UK & Europe tour, with many dates in hip cities – including Paris, Berlin and London.

RBK FUSION presents:

Europe Winter 2020

01 February 2020 – Berlin, Urban Spree

(Admission: 20h / Start: 21h)

Tickets are now available through Reservix, Tickettoaster and Koka36.


Shopping – Urban Spree, Berlin

New album All Or Nothing out on 7th February 2020

The DIY ‘supergroup’ Shopping formed in 2012, respected players on a young, queer, East London scene that counted basement venue Power Lunches (RIP) as its hub. Their sound – kinetic, minimalist dance-punk inspired by the likes of ESG, Gang of Four, Slits and Au Pairs – has won them glowing press from all quarters (NME, Pitchfork, NPR), impressive co-signs (Sleater-Kinney’s Corin Tucker is a fan) and a loyal, cross-continent following accrued over three, acclaimed albums: self-released debut Consumer Complaints [2013], a short-run, DIY-distributed release that sold out in a matter of months and was subsequently reissued by FatCat; Why Choose [2015, FatCat], which saw the band touring the States for the first time; and The Official Body [2018, FatCat] – produced by indie pop legend Edwyn Collins.

Along with cleaner, new production values, their brand new album « All Or Nothing » (out on February 7th, 2020 on FatCat) sees Shopping experiment further with the sonic additions that coloured The Official Body. Jubilantly ‘80s synths and electronic percussion add new textures to their signature minimalist dynamic, flourishes that show up on the accelerating zooms of ‘Follow Me’ and the frenetic, propulsive robotics of ‘For Your Pleasure’. “We introduced both of these sounds on the last album and just decided to be more liberal with them this time,” explains Easter. Aggs – feted for her dexterous, Highlife-inspired fret work – went so far as to down guitars for a number of tracks (‘For Your Pleasure’, ‘Follow Me’, ‘Lies’). “It’s been so fun developing quite a specific guitar style within Shopping, but I think we were all getting a little sick of it to be honest! It felt very stale to just have every song be the same formula so I’m glad we did away with the guitar for a few songs.”


• Sneaky Snake Festival •

obnoxious ouroboros
presents the
SNEAKY SNAKE all-nighter

(Liverpool, Britain)
Experimental Space Noise Kraut Doom

(Brisbane, Australia)
Psychotic Weirdo Hardcore Punk

(London, Britain)
Hip Hop Drill Trap Punk

(London, Britain)
Acid Punk Grunge

(London, Britain)
Trippy Grime Fuzz Punk

(Trondheim, Norway)
Noise Rock Sludge Punk

(Berlin, Germany)
Heavy Experimental Electronic Freak Wizardry

(Berlin, Germany)
Experimental Noise Rock

(Braunschweig, Germany)
DJing Trippy Twerk Tunes

presale (in 3 simple steps):

1. send 12€ per person to obnoxiousouroboros@googlemail.com via paypal (AS FRIENDS!)
2. include the date of the show and the full name of each ticket purchaser and print the paypal transaction
3. you can then enter the show by just showing the printed paypal transaction at the door

presale ends thursday september 19th 18:00
limited to 250 spots
15€ at the door

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