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Four Fists aka Astronautalis & P.O.S

FOUR FISTS aka Astronautalis & P.O.S
23.01.2019 Urban Spree
Einlass 20:00 Uhr, Beginn: 21:00 Uhr
Tickets: https://bit.ly/2LNMkJa

Bereits seit über 10 Jahren unterstützen sich Stef Alexander und Andy Bothwell, besser bekannt als P.O.S und Astronautalis gegenseitig auf ihren Platten. Vor fünf Jahre veröffentlichten sie dann unter dem Namen Four Fists gemeinsame Tracks. « This is something Stef and I have been working on and dreaming about since we became friends in 2004“, sagt Andy. Nun sind die beiden endlich zurück! Ohne Zweifel sind die Freunde zwei der stilsichersten Rapper aus Minneapolis – ohne Angst vor Neuem. “Nobody’s Biz” heisst der Opener der langerwarteten VÖ: « It’s fucked up, we all know it baby/the question is, why the fuck we waitin’? » Hip-Hop trifft Indie-Punk am 23.01. live im Urban Spree.



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Urban Spree celebrates 10 years of the Astronaut Cosmonaut Wall

To mark the 10-year anniversary of the iconic « Astronaut Cosmonaut » mural painting in Berlin Kreuzberg, Urban Spree Galerie invites the French street artist Victor Ash for a special pop up exhibition.

The exhibition will be centered around the cult figure of the Astronaut with numerous original/stenciled works on paper and a mural at Urban Spree. A series of screen prints is expected to be released as well.

Alongside Blu’s now gone white characters on the Cuvrybrache, Victor Ash’s « Astronaut Cosmonaut » has achieved a cult mural status for Berlin.

Standing in Berlin-Kreuzberg near Kottbusser Tor and painted during the legendary Backjumps Festival #3 in 2007, the painting of a floating astronaut on 22 x 14 meters strikes a particular chord in Berlin.

For the parisian artist born in 1968 and fascinated by the Cold War, space exploration, graffiti, subcultures & electronic music, Berlin was to become from the mid to late 80s and since then a focal point of his attention, with regular trips to the city alongside artistic projects and residencies.

Victor Ash photographed by Soren Solkaer in 2013

In 2007, the Backjumps Festival – brilliantly curated by Adrian Nabi, gives Victor Ash the occasion to paint a big wall. Victor wants to concentrate and express his past experiences and vision of Berlin, the space race between the USSR and the USA but also the different Berlin subcultures and the desire to escape reality. « I got inspired by the song from David Bowie « Space Oddity » from 1969 in which he tells the story of a astronaut who gets lost in space and later on with the song « Ashes to Ashes » in 1981 where Bowie tells us that the spaceman was in fact a junkie on a trip ».

For the artist, the « Astronaut/Cosmonaut » represents the will to escape to other universes, « like as a little child, I escaped to a fantasy world with my space drawings and as a teenager, I escaped to subcultures to find my identity in the urban environment where I grew up ».



Urban Spree celebrates 10 years of the Astronaut Cosmonaut Wall

Urban Spree Galerie

Revaler Str. 99

10245 Berlin

Opening Reception: 17.11.2017 from 18:30

Exhibition: 17.11.2017 to 10.12.2017

Tuesday-Saturday 12:00-18:30 or by appointment

Gallery and Press enquiries: galerie@urbanspree.com



instagram: victor__ash // #victorash


Urban Spree Galerie proudly presents « LETTERS », an international group show featuring 10 artists engaged in the practice of urban calligraphy. 



LETTERS focuses on European and Mediterranean artists whose practice is strongly influenced by their graffiti years, past or current, their passion for painting, lettering, abstraction, and the use of brushes.

This first chapter covers artists nourished  by the classical European calligraphy tradition (roman, runic or cyrilic scripts) as well as arabic calligraphy, but first and foremost by their contemporary practice of muralism and abstraction: muralism or « street art » is an integral part of the practice of « calligraffiti » – the holy alliance of calligraphy and the urban landscape, shaped by graffiti, whereby speed, precision and abstraction converge to give birth to this particular urban flow.

Whereas letters and alphabets are consubstantial to graffiti, urban calligraphy diverges with the use of a particular reference to traditional calligraphy and use of specific contact tools like brushes instead of aerosols.

Artists are using calligraphy as a materia prima. However, the final result is a substantial evolution from the traditional corpus of calligraphy with serious inroads into abstraction, where letters are turned into abstracted shapes and signs, dissolved, essentialized, obfuscated and cyphered.

LETTERS is a show about post-calligraphy and post-graffiti. About signs, mutations, strokes and freedom.


To visit the Letters Show: 
To schedule an appointment for the LETTERS Show, please follow the link below. For those who already made an appointment per email, no need to go through the process again. we are looking forward to your visit!


LETTERS feature new works by:

Niels « Shoe » Meulman

eL Seed





Michal Škapa


Lukas K Stiller




23.04.2021 / 29.05.2021

Opening: Friday, April 23rd 2021

Wednesday – Saturday 12:00-18:30 and by appointment

Catalogue and Info: pascal@urbanspree.com



ANNULÉ // In der Fremde / Pictures from Home — Photobook Launch Event

Urban Spree and Hatje Cantz invite you to the indoor/outdoor photobook launch of Romeo Alaeff’s, “In der Fremde: Pictures from Home,” published by the esteemed German arthouse publisher, Hatje Cantz.

Romeo Alaeff is a Berlin-based artist from Brooklyn, NY. After moving to Berlin eight years ago, he began a long-term photographic series about migration, belonging, and the universal search for home. Through haunting, cinematic images of Berlin, he charts a new city topography in the context of a complex family history spanning from Yemen to USSR, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Israel/Palestine, and the United States.

The photobook « In der Fremde: Pictures from Home » is composed of eerie nightscapes and Kiezszene in familiar Berlin neighborhoods, but, as the oxymoronic title suggests, strangeness and unfamiliarity lurk in the shadows.

The nocturnal photographs are framed by inspiring essays from Romeo Alaeff, Yuval Noah Harari, Eva Hoffman, Joseph Kertes, Rory MacLean, Christian Rattemeyer, and Charles Simic.

The artist will present his new photobook at Urban Spree, which will unveil an outdoor exhibition consisting of three mural-size photographs (300 x 200 cm) and a series of medium format photos disseminated throughout the garden. The photographer will sign his book and engage with the audience in partnership with the publisher.

The exhibition will be on display in the garden until January 23, 2021.


Saturday, November 7th
17:00 – 21:00
Outdoor Event / Free Entry


Romeo Alaeff, « In der Fremde: Pictures from Home:

Hardcover, 180 pages.
Editor: Nadine Barth
Graphic Design: anschlaege.de
44 Euro


The Hamburg-based duo LOW BROS (formerly based in Berlin) is no stranger to Urban Spree, having painted the Wall two times and having been regular guests here.


However, « CON.TEXT » is their first solo show with the Gallery. The starting point of the exhibition is to study the white privilege situation enjoyed in the US (and elsewhere) and – again – highlighted by the death of George Floyd, which triggered a worldwide massive awareness and protests.

« CON.TXT » opens on Friday, August 7th, 2020 at 18:30 in presence of the artists.


« With the #BlackLivesMatters movement sweeping the global community, it is now, more than ever, that white people need to acknowledge their responsibility to dismantle oppressive, racist systems. Influenced by the book ‘Exit Racism’ by Tupoka Ogette & Robin DiAngelo’s ‘White Fragility,’ Low Bros have partnered with IDB (Institut für diskriminierungsfreie Bildung), Josephine Apraku and Jule Bönkost for this exhibition. As an educational starting point, this exhibition aims to amplify and continue the conversation surrounding white privilege and asks questions of how it can be better utilized in institutions, as well as private & public spaces. While the search for answers is ongoing, the artworks aim is to highlight the problems of unchecked whiteness, especially when it is being recognized as a default perspective in society. By debunking the concept of privileges and problems, the context of this exhibition aims to engage whiteness as an ally to the BIPOC community. Join the conversation to learn, unlearn and relearn about this topic at Urban Spree, Berlin, on 07.08.2020 ».  Anna Ptasinska


About the artists:

Low Bros are a German post-graffiti artist duo made up of brothers Christoph (b.1984) and Florin Schmidt (b.1982). With a background in street culture and an interest in contemporary developments, they explore a self coined ‘Retro-Futuristic’ vibe. From their collective memory of the 80s and 90s, the Low Bros create a vantage point from which to reimagine the present future; a perception which refocuses the conflicts they embody in the modern age. The Low Bros live and work in Hamburg, Germany.







Orsten Groom: Chrome Dinette

Du 23 Octobre au 23 Janvier 2021, la galerie berlinoise Urban Spree est heureuse d’offrir au peintre Orsten Groom sa première exposition personnelle en Allemagne, « CHROME DINETTE ».

Veuillez noter qu’en application des règles de confinement en vigueur dans le Land de Berlin, la galerie est fermée jusqu’au 31.01.2021, sauf sur rendez-vous (contact@urbanspree.com)




Artiste radicalement indépendant et autogéré, Orsten Groom s’est imposé en quelques années comme un acteur incontournable de la jeune scène picturale française, entre milieux alternatifs et institutions muséales.

Sa première rétrospective a été présentée cette année au centre d’art contemporain ACMCM de Perpignan (France) – à seulement 37 ans.

L’exposition berlinoise réunit près d’une quarantaine d’oeuvres, présentées en deux sections :

– le grand ensemble rupestre de 17 toiles « CHROME DINETTE » (accompagné de son proverbial Divan), ronde démente sur les liens unissant Sigmund Freud et Moïse par Égypte antique et caniches malades interposés – sous l’égide de Frank Zappa;

– Une vaste sélection récapitulative de grands formats emblématiques de l’artiste, véritable parcours «subconscient» aux allures de sarcophage pariétal.


ORSTEN GROOM: « TOPSY CHOW CHOW »  (CHROME DINETTE SERIES): 160 x 215 cm – Mixed Media – 2020


La peinture d’Orsten Groom se présente comme « Art pariétal post-historique ».

Le fameux artiste allemand Jonathan Meese a dit de lui : « Orsten Groom vient des grottes et du Moyen-Âge et garde l’histoire vivace dans l’art actuel. Il vient du futur ».

Fresques au fatras apocalyptique saturées de créatures tirées du Styx de l’oubli par enquêtes talmudiques délirantes, récapitulation carnavalesque de l’histoire depuis le flot des origines et l’histoire de l’art, sa peinture rugit sur de grandes toiles peuplées de figures enchevêtrées par mythologies et archétypes grotesques, Danses macabres glanées par un détective archéologue de la langue.Sa matière est dense, volcanique, habitée comme les foies antiques d’un rituel divinatoire.

« Ce trouble est semblable à celui que j’éprouve dans les grottes de Lascaux ou Chauvet, devant les tableaux du Greco ou de Picasso ou encore au XXe siècle devant l’oeuvre essentielle de Gérard Gasiorowski », comme l’écrit Olivier Kaeppelin, commissaire de sa récente exposition parisienne POMPEII MASTURBATOR – Pour laquelle le Parc archéologique de Pompeii en personne s’est fendu d’une plainte.

Orsten Groom a subi en 2002 un anévrisme qui l’a laissé amnésique et épileptique. Il est diplômé de l’École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris en 2009 et du Fresnoy en 2011. Il est lauréat de plusieurs prix : Prix l’art est vivant (2019), Prix de Peinture de l’Académie des Beaux-Arts (2016) et Prix de Peinture Antoine Marin (2015). Le célèbre fabricant de peinture Marin fabrique une couleur à son nom, le Rose Groom.

Il est également musicien, auteur de recueils de poèmes cubistes anglais, cinéaste (Prix du jury pour son film BOBOK au festival Côté-Court 2011) et depuis 2012 auteur du cycle vidéo Les Ballets Russes.

Il a collaboré avec les commissaires et auteurs Olivier Kaeppelin et Paul Ardenne, le cinéaste Guy Maddin, le traducteur et poète André Markowicz, ainsi que l’écrivain Boris Wolowiec.


ORSTEN GROOM: « MÂÂT » – 210 x 140 cm – Huile et Glycero sur toile

Implantée en plein coeur de Berlin, La galerie Urban Spree est depuis plus de 8 ans une référence incontournable des arts urbains, entendus comme manifestation d’un art post-pariétal, qui inscrit le graffiti au coeur de sa pratique, sur grande échelle.

Ich bin der Dreck unter deinen Walzen / Ich bin dein geheimer Schmutz Und verlorenes Metallgeld / Ich bin deine Ritze und Schlitze / Ich bin der Autor aller Felgen Und Damast Paspeln / Ich bin Eier aller Arten / Ich bin alle Tage und Nächte / Ich bin der Chrome Dinette / Und du bist mein Sofa. – Frank Zappa

CHROME DINETTE est Divan ardent, Sphinx psychanalytique et Langue malade du Dieu Imprononçable.



« Divan, Divan, Weisst du, Wer Ich Bin? »

23.10.2020 – 23/01.2021

Vernissage: Vendredi 23.10.2020 à partir de 18:30 en présence de l’artiste


Urban Spree Galerie

Revaler Str. 99

10245 Berlin

Contact, info & catalogue: Pascal Feucher (pascal@urbanspree.com)

Horaires: Mercredi-Samedi 14:00-18:30

Ouverture dimanche 24.10.2020 (14:00-19:00)


INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/orsten_groom/

FB https://www.facebook.com/orstengroomglues/

WIKIPEDIA https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orsten_Groom